21 Facts About Paris Hilton That'll Totally Change Your Opinion Of Her

Paris Hilton, once known for her party girl ways and scandalous fashion, has always held a reputation for being a rich, spoiled heiress, earning her living by essentially doing nothing.

But what if I told you there's more to Paris than meets the eye? That she's actually a charming, business savvy woman that you might even admire?

The queen of the 2000s is more than just the girl that coined, "That's hot." Here are 13 facts about the heiress that'll surely change your opinion on her.

1. Paris only inherited $5 million.

Instagram | @parishilton

Okay, okay. I know this is a lot to begin with, but from this inheritance, she created a business empire that includes stores, perfumes, beach clubs, and more, all by the tender age of 30!

2. She played a character on The Simple Life.


Paris revealed that she created her character for the show."When I was developing the character, I just was like, 'This is your voice for the show, do it all the time.’"

"I think if you're actually like that in real life, it's, like, beyond. But if you're in on the joke, you know what you're doing, you're aware of it, and you're doing it purposefully, I think it's actually smart."


3. She has size 11 feet, and has admitted that she hates the size of her feet. 

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It would be a major surprise if you ever caught the heiress in anything but heels, because she has said, ""Okay, I admit it—I desperately hate one thing about my body: I have size 11 feet.Forget ever seeing me in ballet slippers or tennis shoes; I’d look like I was wearing canoes."

4. Paris won a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Scream Scene in House of Wax. 

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She also won a Razzie for the same role, so it's safe to say that fans were torn when it came to her performance in the film.

5. Paris was filled with school spirit, as she was a cheerleader in high school. 

Twitter | @ParisHilton

I'm just going to assume her cheer went something like, "Gimme an H! Gimme an O! Gimme a T! What does that spell?!"

6. She makes $1 million per night working as a DJ.

Instagram | @parishilton

Her hourly rate is $347,000. Wow. Currently, she's touring the world and has a summer residence in Ibiza. That's not a bad gig, Ms. Hilton. Not bad at all.

7. She legally trademarked her famous catchphrase, "That’s hot."

Giphy | Giphy

Paris's signature line is also registered as a trademark for all the products she's involved in, like clothing, electronic devices, and alcohol.

8. Paris had one of the first successful careers in reality television.


The premiere of The Simple Life had 13 million viewers — that's more than the highest ratings of The Hills and Keeping Up with the Kardashians combined!

9. She has a fashion line for dogs.

Instagram | @parishilton

Are you even surprised? Paris finds passion in many things, including fashion and her dogs. So naturally, she put the two together to make even more money!

10. She grew her wealth and popularity without a publicist, a stylist, or social media.

Instagram | @parishilton

A lot's changed since then! Paris shared, “Nowadays, I feel like it’s so easy becoming famous, anybody with a phone can do it.”

11. Paris is a big fan of the "For Dummies" series.

Instagram | @humble_messenger

In her library, she has Nutrition, Pilates, Poker, and The Bible For Dummies. She may not actually be a dummy IRL, but she never fails to stay on brand!

12. She’s following in her family’s footsteps and getting into the hotel business.

Instagram | @parishilton

She has properties planned for Dubai, New York, and Las Vegas. This year, she'll be releasing a book entailing how to be a businesswoman and build your own empire.

13. She has three siblings.

Instagram | @nickyhilton

We all know about Nicky Hilton, but Paris is actually the oldest of four children! She also has two younger brothers, Barron Nicholas Hilton and Conrad Hughes Hilton.

14. By 2014, she made over $2 billion in revenue for her fragrances alone.

Instagram | @parishilton

I can't even imagine what the company is worth today. She earns over $10 million a year from product sales. It's safe to say, she has no shortage of money.

15. Paris is obsessed with virtual reality gaming. 

Instagram | @parishilton

She has said, “I could do VR for hours; it’s so sick. When you put it on, it’s like you’re in another world. And when you take it off, it’s weird to be back in reality.”

16. She's come a long way from just one little pupper, and now owns a handful of doggos that even have their own Instagram.

Instagram | @hiltonpets

Some of her furry friends' names include Diamond Baby, Princess Paris Jr., Marilyn Monroe, Prince, and Harajuku Bitch.

17. Paris was related to Elizabeth Taylor by marriage. 

Instagram | @parishilton

The iconic actress was married to Paris' great uncle Conrad Nicholson "Nicky" Hilton Jr. from 1950 to 1951.

Paris revealed that it was her great aunt who inspired her to create her own perfume line.

18. She released a scrapbooking line in 2009. 

Armenian Princess | Armenian Princess

The line was called The Paris Hilton Creativity Collection, and included scrapbooking accessories and albums to add a little glam to your memories.

19. Paris' main squeeze, Chris Zylka, surprised her by getting her name tattooed on his arm in Disney font. 

Instagram | @parishilton

To top that romantic gesture, Chris proposed to Paris in Aspen on top of a mountain with a $2 million ring.

Did someone say #RelationshipGoals?

20. Paris is a best-selling author.

Amazon | Amazon

What hasn't Paris Hilton done at this point? In 2004, she released her book Confessions of an Heiress, which became a New York Times Best Seller.

21. She's signed to the same label as Lil' Wayne. 

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In 2017, Paris signed to Birdman's Cash Money record label, with plans to release a house album. Seeing as she's had multiple top 10 singles, it's a pretty good move.

Basically, she's taking over the world from right under our noses.


I think we've all underestimated Paris for way too long. It's time to give her the recognition she deserves. Loves it.

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