32 Legit Beauty Hacks Definitely Worth Having Up Your Sleeve

You don't need me to tell you that life is frickin' busy. And trying to keep up with the latest beauty trends can be downright exhausting. So if someone offered you an extensive list of tried and true beauty hacks, why wouldn't you take them?!

From hair to makeup to that perfect manicure, the following hacks are something that every beauty lover should know. They'll save you time and money, and most importantly, they'll have you looking and feeling your best.

1. Apply deodorant to your inner thighs to avoid chafing. 

Instagram | @dutchtwins_

Shorts and cute miniskirts are the best parts of summer fashion. But the sweat and chafing that are often part of wearing them are certainly not. To avoid chafing, just swipe some deodorant onto your inner thighs.

2. Dot shimmery shadow in the corners of your eyes.

Instagram | @brittsully

Want to instantly appear more awake after a sleepless night? Simply apply a dab of shimmery eyeshadow in the corners of your eyes. It will help make your peepers look more bright and alert.

3. Test foundation shades on your neck.

Instagram | @maxfactorcolombia

We always see beauty bloggers testing foundation shades on their inner arms and faces, but neither of these places are actually representative of your true skin color. Inner arms are generally paler, and your face can look discolored because of blemishes and sun. So instead, test out that foundation on the side of your neck.

4. Add peppermint oil to your favorite gloss. 

Instagram | @patrickta

Want to instantly plump up your lips without getting fillers or buying an expensive new product? Just add a few drops of peppermint oil to your favorite gloss for an immediate plumped-up pout.

5. Use green and orange concealers. 

Instagram | @mayalofficial

You may think this one sounds weird, but bear with me. Green concealers are perfect for neutralizing red skin, including acne and scarring. Orange concealers are excellent tools for fighting dark, purplish under-eye circles.

6. Spray your bobby pins with hairspray. 

Instagram | @yaz.xo.xo

If your hairstyle of the day includes bobby pins, you obviously want them to stay put. For extra holding power, spray your bobby pins with a bit of hairspray before fastening them in your hair.

7. Apply white shadow first to make bright colors pop.

Good Housekeeping | Kathleen Kamphausen

If you're planning on rocking a bold, bright eyeshadow, swipe on some white eyeshadow or liner to your lids beforehand. The white will make your bright shadow look even more pigmented.

8. Master the five-minute makeup routine. 

Instagram | @nataliadanayova

If you're in a serious time crunch, choose one feature (and one feature only!) on your face to play up. Opt for a bold lip or a striking eyeshadow look, but don't do both if you're rushed!

9. Add moisturizer to a too-dark foundation.

Instagram | @betsy_wtw

If you accidentally buy a foundation that's a shade too dark for your skin tone, try adding a bit of moisturizer to it. Usually, this will help to lighten it up.

10. Know where to spritz your perfume. 

BeautyMNL | BeautyMNL

I don't know about you, but I feel like five minutes after applying perfume, I can't even smell it anymore. Consult this handy guide to see where to spritz your favorite scent that will have you smelling like a dream all day long.

11. Your mascara can also be eyeliner. 

Instagram | @benefitcosmetics

If you're in a crunch for time or money, your mascara can work double-duty. Just dip a small angle brush into the bottle, and voilà! You've got yourself some liquid eyeliner.

12. Foundation first, concealer second. 

Instagram | @beautyvideos_daily6

It's a common misconception that you should apply concealer and then your foundation. But applying concealer first will just make it smudge away once you swipe on your foundation. Apply foundation first to ensure your concealer stays where you want it to.

13. Set your mani with ice water. 

Women Daily Magazine | Women Daily Magazine

Painting your nails can be fun, but waiting for them to dry is a massive pain in the butt. Soak your nails in ice water after painting them to dry them super fast.

14. Make your own cream blush.

Instagram | @glossier

Cream blush is all the rage right now, but you don't need to drop a pretty penny to get in on the trend. Just mix some Vaseline with a bit of powdered blush to make your own, cheaper version.

15. Invest in a setting spray.

Instagram | @urbandecaycosmetics

There's nothing worse than spending a long time on a makeup look, only to have it slowly melt from your face as the day goes by. Invest in a high-quality setting spray to ensure that your makeup masterpiece stays put.

16. Stick your mascara in your...bra?

Instagram | @brittsully

You might feel a little silly doing this, but warming your mascara up in your bra before applying it will make the formula smoother and less clumpy, which will make your lashes look longer and more separated.

17. Use nude eyeliner to look more awake. 

Instagram | @lexcbeauty

To make tired eyes instantly look more alert, line your upper and lower lashlines with a nude eyeliner (not a white one, like we're often told) that matches your skin tone.

18. Sleep with two pillows instead of one.

Instagram | @afsegerstadinterior

There's nothing worse than trying to fight a tired, puffy face. Do yourself a favor and sleep with two pillows instead of one — the slight elevation will help to drain unwanted fluids from your face.

19. Say goodbye to foundation stains. 

Harper's Bazaar | Harper's Bazaar

Anyone who owns foundation and white t-shirts knows that the two things are a dangerous combination. Get rid of those inevitable foundation stains by applying a bit of shaving cream to the marks before tossing the shirt in the wash.

20. Make your foundation brushes work double duty

Instagram | @selfcare_angeel

Clay masks can be a gift from above, but they're really messy to apply. Instead of using your fingers, save yourself time and a huge mess by using a foundation brush to apply the mask!

21. Stop pumping that mascara wand. 

Instagram | @katty_cat_beauty

It's a common misconception that pumping your mascara wand will help to make the formula stick to the brush better. But pumping the wand actually invites air into the bottle, which will dry out your mascara super quick. Do yourself a favor and stop pumping your mascara!

22. Skip the salon and do your own shellac. 

Brick and Glitter | Brick and Glitter

Getting your nails done can be expensive, but not if you do them yourself! Apply one coat of Gelous nail gel, one coat of polish, one coat of Gelous, one more coat of polish, and then one coat of topcoat (letting each coat completely dry in between) for a flawless shellac mani.

23. Make hair appear thicker with eyeshadow. 

Fashion Weekly | Fashion Weekly

To make your locks appear instantly thicker, apply a bit of eyeshadow that is the same color as your hair to your roots. It's one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it works wonders.

24. Set your lipstick 

The Every Girl | The Every Girl

There are a lot of ways to make sure you're not reapplying your lipstick 345 times a day (who has time for that?). Simply apply your lipstick, lay a tissue across your lips, and brush on some translucent powder to set the color.

25. Use A Dewy Foundation, Not A Matte One 

Instagram | @narsissist

If you've gotten no sleep, chances are your skin may be looking dull or blotchy. Instead of using a super heavy, matte foundation, try a lighter, more dewy one. This will help even out your skin tone without making it appear chalky.

26. Hoard Those Samples 

Instagram | @collectionofvials

I mean, who wouldn't want free stuff? Free samples are great because, yes, you can use them, but they also help you to determine which products are worth investing in and which ones you can definitely do without.

27. Use a makeup spatula to get every last drop. 

Instagram | @the_spatty

Think of the money we lose by not getting every last drop out of our expensive makeup products. Grab yourself a makeup spatula to scrape every last bit of product out of your bottles.

28. Use a fork to get the most out of your products

Instagram | @makeupartists_worldwide

What's more frustrating than not being able to get that last bit of product out of the tube? Nothing. The answer is absolutely nothing, but this handy tip works wonders!

29. Always Have Rosewater On Hand 

Instagram | @mariobadescu

If your complexion is looking dull or tired, rosewater spray is an instant fix. It'll wake up your skin, even out your skin tone, and bring some glow back into your face.

30. Dry your hair with a t-shirt, not a towel.

Pinterest | Stephanie Winchester

Say goodbye to frizz and hello to pretty, beach-inspired, and wavy hair. Towels have lots of loose fibers that can cause hair to snag and become damaged. Dry your wet hair with a cotton t-shirt instead to keep it smooth, shiny, and frizz-free!

31. Save money on blotting sheets

Coffee and a Stroller | Coffee and a Stroller

Don't waste your time or money shopping for fancy oil blotting sheets when a coffee filter does just as good of a job! Just remember to blot and not rub the sheet into your face for the best results.

32. Take a few seconds to run an ice cube over your face before you put on your makeup.

Hair And Beauty Talk | Hair And Beauty Talk

It will close your pores and help your makeup look flawless. Plus, it's a good way to help wake you up in the A.M.