11 Things That Still Happen Even When You Die

March 31, 2016

Everything is supposed to be finished when you die. When we think about what it means to die, you probably envision some sort of burial, where you are laid to rest forever. However, could it be possible that life continues in some way after you die? I don't mean anything religious in the sense that your spirit leaves your body and heads for the afterlife. Do our physical bodies continue to live after we've been pronounced dead?

It's true, parts of your body continue to live on and function even after death. You may think you know about a few things that happen to your body after you die, but some of these you definitely haven't heard about.

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1. You can still get erections... and ejaculate...

health24 | health24

Most often resulting from a sudden death, "angel lust" or "death erections" are quite common. It is more likely that angel lust will happen when a man dies suddenly in a vertical or face down position. Hanging deaths are known to cause these untimely erections. Muscle contractions that happen as your body progresses into rigor mortis can cause a dead man to ejaculate.

Death by public hanging was a very common form of execution in the past, and in some places now. Angel lust in public isn't the best way to go out.

2. Some muscle activity continues


Recently deceased individuals can sometimes give off small muscle twitches. Morticians have even reported that sometimes fingers move as if the person is playing piano.

3. Passing away = passing gas


Gas continues to move through your body after you die. Morticians commonly report situations where they are caught off guard by a big fart in a room full of only dead people.

4. Urination 

Gordon King | Gordon King

This happens very soon after one dies. Muscles in the body relax, allowing everything that is in there to come right out. Rigor mortis causes stiffening of the body at a later point after you die.

5. They can "say" things 


It has been noted that dead bodies often sound like they are still speaking, or groaning. Of course, they aren't actually speaking to anyone.

6. Brain activity persists.


When the heart stops, the brain is still using leftover oxygenated blood. In fact, near death experiences have been reported in people who have been deemed clinically dead from heart attacks. These individuals have memories from the period of time that they were considered deceased. Studies are being conducted to determine how long after the heart stops consciousness can be salvaged.

7. Digestion 


Bacteria are leftover in your body and continue to aid in digestive processes. So basically, you are still making poo after you are dead.

8. Pooping

BroBible | BroBible

Related to #7, the remaining gas in your body pushes all the remaining food matter in your body out. This often occurs right after death as muscle relaxation takes place.

9. Skin lives on... for a while

2kuu | 2kuu

Your skin cells can still be alive several days after death. Given that they are far away from the core of the body, skin cells are less reliant on the function of the heart than other parts of the body, like the brain.

10. Coffin birth

History and Women | History and Women

This disturbing phenomenon involves a deceased woman giving birth to a fetus that is also not living. Gas build-up in the body eventually reaches a point where the fetus is pushed out of the body.

11. Your skin sinks, making it appear as if your hair and nails are growing.

Images Of Cool Nail Designs | Images Of Cool Nail Designs

The myth that hair and nails continue to grow has been largely discredited. As your skin loses moisture, it may appear as if hair and nails have grown.