24 People Giving It All They've Got And Then Some

We've all heard that succeeding in life takes, like, 110 percent effort. And even though it's pretty much physically impossible to give any more than 100 percent because, well, math, that doesn't stop some people for just going for it with their whole being.

Case in point: The following images.

Take a look at these all-star achievers, and applaud them for all that unnecessary, over-the-top effort.

1. Someone tried to smuggle a lot of cookies through airport security.

Reddit | Moviebrainrot

You might ask yourself why someone would do such a thing. But the better question is, why were they treated like a drug mule with contraband shoved up their...well, you know.

2. Dress for the life you want, not the one you have.

Reddit | Scaulbylausis

You have to admire his forthrightness. Sure, it's a little creepy, as is his over-eager expression, but you can't say you weren't warned.

3. Somebody is an expert photographer.

Twitter | @jennykershawx

One of those looks like a luxurious pool in a picturesque setting, and the other looks a whole lot like my bathtub. And that, folks, is marketing done right.

4. Nope, this doesn't sounds like spam at all.

Reddit | kevindongyt

Seems totally legit. I mean "no desirable thing to happen." It's clear this is an actual message from Apple Support, and you need to open that PDF immediately.

5. Some serious deathbed dedication.

Me.me | Me.me

Think how touched his 14 followers would have been to learn that in his final moments, he wanted them to know he died. So touching. *Tear*

6. Now I want some neapolitan ice cream.

Me.me | Me.me

And to think this whole situation could have been avoided with a smear of sunscreen or some pants. Still, you have to admire his dedication to that sun-kissed look.

7. Hey, at least she didn't set her teeth on fire.


The woman is 102! Cut her some slack! The fact that she's got enough lung capacity to blow out her own teeth should be enough for anyone!

8. You got this! Don't give up!

Me.me | Me.me

Also, maybe don't quit your day job. Unless your day job is sketching portraits of people wanted in criminal investigations. Then you should quit immediately.

9. Sitting behind this guy in class was worth it. 

Facebook | Welcome To The Internet

I'm happy to report that this guy has since dropped out of school and is making billions of dollars. This man is Mark Zuckerberg...and I'm totally lying. Chad is probably Googling where the nearest McDonald's is.

10. Every little girl's dream is to get married...in a discount tire shop. 

Reddit | AnalogSpy

Instead of returning a glass slipper, I bet this guy switched her tires from winter to summer. That's a real Prince Charming if you ask me... What? Tires are expensive!

11. "Allow me to romance you with the sweet music of my recorder, pretty lady."

Imgur | LaurenShapiro

Boxed wine, LED candles, laptop fireplace. Ladies, this man is ready for love. Just try to resist him.

12. That's farther than I would have gotten.

Imgur | mimblewimble

Mad props, biker person for persevering for like 20 feet of wet cement. Your stick-to-it-ness — and your stupidity — are to be applauded.

13. There's something to be said for not giving it everything you got.

Me.me | Me.me

Listen, statue guy, we've all been there. Although for most of us, it wasn't captured in stone for all time. Sorry, bro.

14. Way to use your head!


Well, it's probably more accurate to say your face. But hey, at least you were safe! You can't have a good baseball game without a little facial road rash anyway.

15. They're gonna fight for their right to party. 

Reddit | HaydanTruax

Tbh, I've never seen anyone more determined than the girl in the purple shirt. I bet she was just about to win at flip cup before the cops tried to ruin her night. NOT TODAY!

16. Well that's a...unique talent.

Instagram | @slendersphere

I'm not sure that advertising your "services" is really the right path here. A better option might just be to go see a doctor to get that treated.

17. When you've accidentally double-booked yourself for a concert and a raid, and you just can't decide.

Reddit | callumckt

Gotta make Kate Upton proud, living that Game of War life as hard as you can.

18. It's not just a music festival, it's a craft-itunity.

Reddit | Cyberclone1

I have to admit, even if I went to the festival every year and collected the hats, I would never have thought to make pants from them. So, hats off to this guy.

19. To be fair, dogs are the best.

Reddit | anshul_srivas

When I die and get reincarnated, I want to come back as such a universally beloved animal. I just love them so much!

20. I hope that's her own tailpipe.

Reddit | MahatmaGuru

You don't just stick your head up a stranger's tailpipe, do you? That would be rude. But still quite a show for all the gawkers.

21. When you absolutely, positively have to get that smudge off your window.

Reddit | Unkie_Herb

Can we all just chip in to get this guy one of those squeegees with a long handle?

22. Gotta get those steps in!

Reddit | MysteriousAdvisor

Fitness goals aren't going to achieve themselves! I hope this guy set up a little TV on the ceiling tile in front of him, though.

23. Updated Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm, unless it's only emotionally scarring for jokes.

Reddit | Stunning-and-Sublime

Okay, so there are worse things you could wake up to after surgery. But not many.

24. Onward, mighty steed, to victory in the arena!

Reddit | wifeyhahn

Honestly, if I saw them on the highway, I wouldn't know whether to be more weirded out or impressed at the dedication to the theme.

25. This divorce lawyer is really going in on his social media marketing strategy.

Reddit | @kalesalad

He really knows how to grab the attention of millennials with that last post.

26. These people are doing a great job of selling their mirrors online.

Reddit | Panasonsick

I love the sneaky one in the top left. They knew they would show up in the mirror if they took it face on, but they found a way around that.

27. How I imagine I sleep versus how I actually sleep when I'm then suddenly woken by my alarm.

Reddit | Bunchofcronenbergs

Both are terrifying and unappetizing, but at least one of them is cute.

28. This Nemo looks like he's been through some things, but he's not giving up hope.

Reddit | dubster2k

I have to admit, this is a pretty good Nemo costume. He's got the three white stripes, the orange, and even black to mimic the coloring of the fish's fins.

29. We've all experienced being stuck on an answer during a test.

Reddit | djmixman

The instructions do say "be creative," and I bet the teacher was not expecting such an inventive response as this one.

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