12+ Hilarious Pics For Those With Degrees And No Dollas

Diply 4 Sep 2018

Everyone knows the hardest part of getting an education isn't passing finals, it's paying off your debt.

From my experience, you technically have more money when you're still in school, cashing in those loans and living irresponsibly. As soon as you put that cap on your head and walk across the stage, everything changes.

Sure, being an adult may seem cool at first, but have you ever tried doing your taxes on time? That crap ain't fun. The worst part is that you don't know how good you have it in school until you're paying rent, wearing blazers, and commuting to an office job at 7 a.m. every morning.

1. If you keep your student card in your wallet for too long, your face could transfer onto your wallet, making you a student for life. 

The Chive | The Chive

Or at least until you get rid of that wallet.

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2. Just think, most of us will never know what this feels like. 

Me.me | Me.me

And if we do finally pay off our student debt, we'll probably be too old and senile to remember what it felt like to be this carefree.

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3. Just when you think you can take your mind off of your troublesome financial situation, you draw this card. 

Reddit | pontusbrink

Sadness is never that far out of sight or out of mind, people.

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4. You may not know what Loteria cards are, but you'll definitely get the jab at millennials. 

Twitter | @kellyyloovee

I mean, none of these are wrong, so I can't really complain.

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5. If it's on your graduation cap, you may be starting off on the wrong foot. 

Reddit | dontshakethat

I know it's tempting to give in to the anxiety and fear, but at least try to think happy thoughts until your first terrible day as an intern.

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6. I wish I could laugh this off or say it wasn't accurate, but everyone with a degree knows how real this Snapchat is. 

Reddit | SPlDER_MAN

It's so real, it practically slaps you in the face.

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7. If advertisements were accurate to begin with, someone wouldn't have to vandalize it.

Reddit | Sloth_Reborn

Why not just tell people what they're getting into? It seems like the much fairer option.

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8. I guess I have something in common with a coyote now. 

Me.me | Me.me

He's lucky he didn't stop by the library. That place nickel-and-dimes you for breaking in their musty, old-book–scented air.

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9. If someone asks you what you majored in and you don't make this face, then congratulations on making practical decisions as a teenager. 

Imgur | rustyroof25

I, on the other hand, am still convinced that my humanities degree will serve my documentary filmmaking career well one day.

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10. Considering the boat I'm in now, I don't think I'm prepared to win this argument. 

Me.me | Me.me

I mean, I'm happy about where I am in life, but I still can't afford to fill my gas tank up or refill a prescription, so...

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11. I used to be afraid of death, but now I welcome it. 

Me.me | Me.me

In fact, knowing that I will never be able to pay off the loans I have acquired makes me wonder why I should even work at all?

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12. If I could use any image to describe how baby boomers engage with the youth of today, this would be it.

I Waste So Much Time | I Waste So Much Time

Instead of using emojis, could we possibly use some of that education we paid so much for?

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13. The only financial plan I have is to one day have a financial plan. 

Instagram | @flannelfinance

Say what you want, but sometimes the only way to deal with a problem is to pretend that it doesn't exist.

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14. If it was written on a wall, then it's basically a fact. 

Reddit | sarahkaty_t

I mean, you can argue if you want, but you'd look pretty stupid arguing with a wall.

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15. People like to say that dogs are man's best friend, but when it comes to school, they seem to really drop the ball. 

Twitter | @KLJones_Science

However, if he even knew what money was, I swear that dog would apologize right away.

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16. So much truth in one picture — and so much sadness.

Imgur | Barnitz

It's like waiting for impending doom. You know it's gonna happen, you just don't know when or how.

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