10+ Beauty Inventions That Are Seriously Changing The Game

Diply 14 Aug 2018

Don't get me wrong — I love a good facial from time-to-time, but keeping up with all things beauty can be difficult.

I mean, not only do you have to worry about your skincare anymore, but there's nails, hair, makeup, and so much more. Any other girls wish they could just go o'natural?

Well, to make your beauty routine easier, there is some unique technology out there! It's time to enjoy beauty, so check these out.

1. Heatless hair curls? Yes please! 

YouTube | Lindsey Rose

Maybe you saw these on Shark Tank. The Sleep Styler curls go in your damp hair before bed, then when you pull them out the next morning, you have beautiful, voluminous curls!

Anything that takes minimal effort is A-OK with me!

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2. Stop making those microdermabrasion appointments, and just do it at home! 

Amazon | Amazon

With the Trophy Skin MicrodermMD you can buff away wrinkles and dead cells. It may be expensive, but so is going and getting a treatment done at the salon.

In the end, you're saving time and money!

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3. Finally! A way to see if makeup styles actually will look good on me. 

YouTube | ModiFaceCEO

You may have seen the ModiFace app in some stores like Sephora. Similar to Snapchat, the app will apply different filters of makeup over your face so you can see different looks on you!

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The app has facial recognition technology, so the filters get applied properly. 

YouTube | ModiFaceCEO

With help from this app, you won't have to spend time and money testing products that won't suit your look. Check out makeup for eyes, lips, cheeks, eyebrows, and more.

This sounds like a true life saver to me!

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4. Hair can be super tricky to work with, and that's why this hairbrush was created! 

L'Oréal | L'Oréal

L'Oréal created the Kérastase Hair Coach to help people improve the quality of their hair by monitoring their hair care routines.

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There's a microphone on the brush, which can tell you if your hair is frizzy, dry, or damaged. 

L'Oréal | L'Oréal

Check your phone to see your hair score and what you can do to improve it! You'll get special product recommendations and brushing tips. Having healthier hair will make you so happy.

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5. Sleep already has provides so many positives for beauty, and apparently, so does a copper pillowcase. 

Instagram | @harleyvivacious

Bed Bath and Beyond sells pillowcases with cupron technology. For under $70, your pillowcase will release copper ions to improve the quality of your skin while you sleep!

Sleep away your wrinkles and enhance your glow.

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6. An almost-silent hair dryer? My mind is blown. 

YouTube | TrinaDuhra

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is the most-talked-about new hair invention of recent years, and for good reason. Not only does it dry hair super quick, but it also has built-in extreme heat protection, and features a super quiet motor. While it's not completely silent, anything that takes blow drying my hair from an hour to minutes is a plus!

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7. What if you had a mirror that could tell you how to improve your skin? Well, you can! 

Instagram | @missmackyg

Sometimes, you can't see everything going on with your skin, so let HiMirror tell you. The mirror will analyze problem areas on your skin and help you make the changes you need.

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HiMirror will point out wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, complexion, roughness, and pores. 

Instagram | @himirror_us

I know you may not want to hear these things, but It will also track your changes over time so you can see how much your skin is improving! Besides, it's just you and your mirror.

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8. When your mom isn't there to help, how the heck are you supposed to reach your back?! 

Instagram | @katieslavin

Well, I guess that's why Do My Back was invented. It's meant to help people apply sunscreen and moisturizer easily on the back.

Slather up, baby!

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9. Indulge your laziness and let a machine wash your hair for you. 

YouTube | IEEE Spectrum

Panasonic created a robotic hair washing machine for hospitals and nursing homes. It's meant to help the elderly and give those with disability an easy way to wash their hair.

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10. Get the sheet mask treatment without the frustrations of the actual sheet mask. 

YouTube | Bethanymew

Sheet masks slide around and never fit right, so Foreo created the UFO Smart Mask Treatment. In 90 seconds, you can get a full facial treatment.

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The UFO also has LED light therapy that's UV-free! 

YouTube | Bethanymew

There's red, green, and blue LED light wavelengths that help improve and rejuvenate your skin. The light therapy works while the T-sonic pulsations massage in the mask treatment.

Ugh, I'd love to do this morning, afternoon, and night!

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11. In a perfect world, you would have shampoo that is created especially for your hair type. And let me tell you, this world exists! 

Instagram | @kamryn.law

Function of Beauty has a quiz that you can take online about your hair. Then, they create a shampoo and conditioner combo just for you. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

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12. Finding foundation that matches your skin perfectly can seem impossible sometimes. bareMinerals is here to help! 

Instagram | @Heathababe

The company came out with an app that helps match you to your perfect foundation color. For under $50, they will make your color and mail it to you. No more noticeable makeup lines!

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