13+ Hacks To Make Your House Feel A Little Bit More Like Home

Diply 23 Aug 2018

Your home is your most important space. I mean, it's where you live!

Considering the amount of time you spend in it, it's important to have your place just the way you like it.

DIYs and hacks are everyone's friends — especially the ones that look great in your home!

Here's an awesome list of things you can do to really glam up your home life and make your house a place you love to spend time in. Enjoy!

1. Plain mirrors are boooorrrriiiinnnggg. 

YouTube | Dazzling Designs By Denise

Dazzling Designs By Denise really made her mirror super glamorous with dollar store items. That's right—this was made with popsicle sticks, decorative rocks, and string beads. Bougie on a budget!

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2. There's nothing more homey than some positive messages around the house. 

Jill Ruth & Co | Jill Ruth & Co

Take any picture frame and add burlap material inside. All you need is erasable markers to write with! You can even use it to create a grocery list like Jill Ruth & Co did!

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3. Don't you hate when your internet router and wires are all sticking out? It just looks messy.

Sewing Barefoot | Sewing Barefoot

With this hack, you can hide your router or wires. Cut up some old books and use the spines to make a box. This will take your living room from disorganized to pristine. Thanks, Sewing Barefoot!

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4. It's time your flower arrangements stayed in the exact place you want them to.

Home Is Where The Boat Is | Home Is Where The Boat Is

Who would have thought you could use garbage for something so beautiful?! Home Is Where The Boat Is just closed the mason jar lid over a mesh vegetable bag and added their flowers!

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5. This pom-pom rug is so fricken' cute, I wouldn't want to step on it!

Homedit | Homedit

However, it's a rug, and it'll be so soft on your feet! Homedit created this unique rug with some yarn, patience, and a mat grid. You can make it larger or smaller — it's all up to you!

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6. This is such a cute idea for the kiddo's bathroom. 

YouTube | Hometalk

Using lot's of those dollar store decorative rocks, you can make your own personal backsplash for your bathroom. Trust me, you don't need to be a DIY pro for this one. Just let Hometalk help you!

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7. Trivets are so important for protecting your tables, and you can make your own nature inspired one with stones.

YouTube | Pink Cloud

This is another complete dollar store hack. All that Pink Cloud used was a cork plate, felt, and stones. Bring your pots to the table in style!

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8. Shelves can be expensive and complicated. Lucky for us, there's a way to hack shelves that doesn't require a wood shop. 

YouTube | Jay Munee DIY

Jay Munee DIY glued together dollar store pics then spray painted them. You would never know that this was made with dollar store items!

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9. Make your bathroom a little more luxurious by having floating towels. 

YouTube | Lilly Flower

Not only will this make sure there is ALWAYS a towel for your guests, but it looks nice, too. Lilly Flower put this together with a pot lid organizer from Ikea.

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10. Get rid of that old shoe mat at your door, and do this instead!

YouTube | Rachel Talbott

Bring some nature into your home by simply pouring rocks onto a plastic mat. Then, set your shoes on top. Rachel Talbott says the rocks help to scrape dirt off your shoes, too!

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11. Ugh, this is my absolute fave DIY, and I need it in my home.

YouTube | Ella Darby

With some marble stick-on wallpaper, you can actually add this marble effect onto any of your furniture. Ella Darby put it on the surface of her desk for a modern and chic look!

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12. Who needs plain tiles when you can do this?! 

YouTube | The DIY Mommy

Honestly, this is fricken' adorable, and all The DIY Mommy did was paint her old tiles using a stencil! I didn't know you could repaint old tiles until now. No assembling required for this look in your home.

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13. Spice up any ol' room with a polka dot accent wall. 

The Lil House That Could | The Lil House That Could

This DIY from The Lil House That Could will add some warmth and personality to any room! All you need is some painter's tape, paint, and an old laundry basket.

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14. If your thing is vintage, then this look would be great in your home! 

Fabulous Decor Ideas | Fabulous Decor Ideas

Vintage doorknobs make great hangers for your bathroom or front foyer. To get that real vintage look, Fabulous Decor Ideas mix and matched the doorknobs. I love this idea!

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15. Don't throw out those old paint cans from your last home renovation. They may still be useful! 

YouTube | Rachel Talbott

Rachel Talbott created a rustic look by adding another pot of flowers inside an old paint can. She didn't do anything with the can — it's all natural rust. Hang it wherever you wish!

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16. You know your house is way too glamorous for regular tissue boxes.

YouTube | Nava Rose

You need this in your life, and you can make it on your own. Nava Rose created this fancy tissue box by breaking pieces of a mirror and using silver string beads. Just restock it as needed!

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