14+ Times Beauty Behaved Badly

Ah, beauty. The thing most coveted in this world, right after sustainable resources and human rights. Hard to get right and unclockable when done correctly, the very best artists achieve beauty through talent, hard work, and skill.

Those artists are not in this article.

Listen, we can't all nail a perfect brow or keep our manicure from chipping. But what we can do is enjoy the mishaps of others, which make us all feel a little better about not slaying the game 24/7.

Let's take a look at some fellow human disasters in training.

1. Not all heroes have eyebrows. 

Twitter | @katietalbert63

First of all, the masterful levels of trolling here cannot go unappreciated. Whether Katie used photoshop or some next-level coverup techniques, she deserves a round of applause for this prank.


2. What a tangled web she weaves.

YouTube | Fun Magnet

Tbh, I don't know how this happened? But for some reason, I can fully relate. Let's just hope she didn't like her hair, 'cause after this, she's not gonna have very much left.

3. Even angels can fall.

Twitter | @iamLollyhd

Rihanna, I love you. But I won't do it. I will not go back to the days of skinny eyebrows! Not even your BDE can convince me — I won't do it!

4. Stuff...is breakable.

Instagram | @elizabethhavsavage

Hi. Hello. Yes. If you're going to drop your makeup (I once dropped an entire eyeshadow palette in a toilet), at least do it aesthetically. This counts. This is a vibe.

5. Just because something is possible doesn't mean you should do it.

Twitter | @iamtay_tay

Trust me, stuffing your nose with eyelash extensions is not a good idea and it never will be, so don't even bother giving it a try!

6. Have you ever looked at something and experienced immediate chills?


That's what happened to me when I saw these ghastly things. Teeth belong in one place, and one place only — and it isn't your fingernails.

7. I have no idea how this look is achieved, but if it involves actually removing brow hairs to create the wave shape, is it really worth it? 

Instagram | @elmy_canada

Come on, people. If you already have fabulous brows, don't eff them up for a few likes on Instagram!

8. But wait, there's more!

Instagram | @microblading_innsbruck_tirol

Yup, if those wavey eyebrows made you want to throw your phone across the room like the Incredible Hulk, these matching wavey lips aren't going to help the situation.

9. "Let us do your makeup," they said. "It'll be so much fun," they said.

Reddit | charliemarkert

I really hope this woman has a good sense of humor because I have a feeling those kids knew exactly what they were doing. Their eyes totally give them away.

10. Seriosuly, what's with people doing weird and unnecessary things to their eyebrows?!

Instagram | @ilonarah

Do you know how long it took me to get my brows to where they are now? TOO LONG! So the last thing I'm going to do is go all mad scientist on them.

11. These nails are corny and you know it.

Instagram | @peggynoland

See what I did there? Dad jokes can make even the most horrendous beauty trends better, right?

Sidenote: How in the world is this person going to survive everyday tasks? Why would you make something like going to the bathroom so difficult for yourself?

12. There are just some things you shouldn't leave to chance.

Instagram | @miacarin

"#hairdyefail #notetoself DO NOT DYE YOUR HAIR BY YOURSELF THE NIGHT BEFORE A BUSINESS TRIP!!! And YES that is green - how the hell did that even happen?? ???"

13. Water marbling is not your future.

Twitter | @glittery_summer

I'm gonna give her the benefit of the doubt here because water marbling looks HARD. Who has the time to drop little beads of nail polish into water and then deftly dip their finger into that magical puddle? NAH.

14. The Joker wants his lipstick back.

Instagram | @swag_mummy

Kids: can't live with 'em, can't trust 'em to do your makeup. At least they tried, though, and that's all that matters. This mom is a great sport.

15. This isn't heavenly.

Instagram | @hannahdoesmakeupp

Halo brows. That's right! Halo brows. That's the whole concept. For those days when you want a unibrow and some separation at the same time. Issa look, that's for sure.


Instagram | @makeup_flops

WHY. WOULD. YOU. DO. THIS? You know what you don't need MORE of near your eyes? Hair! This look was amazing before someone glued that straw-looking mess to it! I can't. Go on to the next one without me.

17. Just when you think you're safe, makeup will do ya dirty. 

Twitter | @twaydabae

It's like when you've just finished putting on mascara and suddenly have to sneeze...except 10x worse.


18. Love the skin you're in, amirite? 

Twitter | @sarahnoless

If your genes didn't bless you with the ability to soak up the sun's rays...maybe science is telling you something.

This is a level of bronze I didn't even know was achievable.


Instagram | @jenna_jennaholt

Yes, it's art in its own way. But I'm also afraid of it, and would like to not look at it anymore, please and thank you.

20. This is not a look I wish upon anyone. 

Twitter | @ansleychilton

Please pray for my girl Ansley, y'all. She's not sick, she just has a really, really awful cosmetologist.

At least her brows look fleeky.

21. I am...absolutely at a loss for words. 

Twitter | @mikaelarayy

I...why...and for what reason...what led to this...I am without words. FYI, makeup wipes probably would have gotten the job done, but idk, maybe that's just me.

22. Is this allowed?

Instagram | @makeup_flops

Guys, I barely recovered from that hairy eyeshadow, and now there's this nonsense. Someone sat down and thought, "Oh man, you know where no one has put fake eyelashes before? IN THEIR MOUTHS!"

23. If you take my Fenty products, I will find you, and I will kill you. 

Instagram | @nail_sunny

If my $60 Body Lava goes missing, you better BELIEVE I'm going full Taken up in here.

Thank god it didn't have to get to that point.

24. GUYS! Miracles do happen! 

Twitter | @Frenchy6dy

Legend has it, for every 4,509,734 beauty fails, there's a magical moment where your makeup comes off in just one swipe.

I've never personally experienced it, but PICTURES DON'T LIE.

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