11+ Times Men Were Sorely Confused About Beauty

The beauty world can be daunting to those who are not prepared — it's not for the faint of heart!

There are a million different types of face primers, foundations, concealers, setting powders, bronzers, contour powders, blushes, and highlights. What about eye primers, shadows, liners, and mascaras? Do you want your setting spray finish to be dewy or matte?

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry, you're not alone!

1. Okay, okay, okay... We love the amount of foundation that has been purchased, but we don't love the brand repetition and shade variations.

Twitter | @fearlessbiebs

L'oreal True Match is always a win, but three bottles of the same shade? And a rando Covergirl foundation?


But wait, there's more. Like, way more. 

Twitter | @fearlessbiebs

Tbh, I can't really blame her daddio! Too much foundation over the wrong shade of foundation is a problem I'd be happy to have.

2. This dad is low-key so passive aggressive, but I love the NINE packs of makeup wipes that have been purchased!

Twitter | @lucybentlyxx

Anyone who wears makeup knows you can never have enough wipes, and as far as razors go? YEAH, I'll take 100!

I have to do a full body shave at leastthree times a week.

I am prickle town if I neglect my hair removal regimen.I'll need something strong than those BIC twin razors, tho.Where's my 5-blade men's razor at?!

3. Love a hella misdirected compliment.

Twitter | @EzeniaG

It's a cliché for boyfriends to tell their makeup loving GFs that they look "better without makeup," but is it just because they're cheap? Don't they understand snatched brows and crisp contour comes at a cost?

4. Even if these were considered a flip-flop — which they are not because dad sandals — they are heinous.

Twitter | @GeorgeLanc

Nothing about these shoes flip, but HONEY, they are a FASHION FLOP.

5. YAS to those Double Ups, daddy!

Twitter | @mikaylagarcez

What did women do before FaceTime? Just send the men out into the jungle of the beauty world and hope they made it out alive?

6. If this ain't the truth.

Twitter | @TheLindus

The look of a man who has been lost in Sephora is comparable to the look on my face when I get full-fat milk in my iced coffee instead of soy.



Twitter | @jessicahsiao412

I have known my skin type since birth, and honestly, it's so messed up to me that some men don't have the same knowledge!

Do you have combo skin? Oily skin? Sensitive skin? Dry skin?

Do you have acne prone skin? Do you need an exfoliant? Would you prefer a gel or cream cleanser? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

8. "Fancy" and "formal" are two words that should never be paired with fringed boots, OK? #SorryNotSorry

Twitter | @Maceface2468

It takes a certain woman to pull off a cowboy boot, but NO ONE could pull these suckers off.

9. This is a TRAVESTY! And in the color, "spice"? Absolutely not.

Reddit | @LivinnnLifeee

These are the type of knee highs that grandma's who are going to a fancy, formal occasion wear. THAS IT!

10. My sensitive, combo, acne prone skin just SHUDDERED.

Twitter | @abbyleblaanc

My hands get dry and cracked using those to clean — I can't imagine what they would do to a lady's cherub cheeks!

11. You have to admit tho, Lush masks do smell good enough to eat.

Twitter | @issylewis

But please, ladies and gentlemen, let this serve as a reminder to READ the labels of things before you shovel them into your mouth.

12. No tea, no shade, but we all know someone who has had jacked up eyelash extensions that look like these.

Twitter | @Leiaellen

I mean, I guess it is kinda strange to just have synthetic, dyed hair chilling on a board like that?

13. Okay, okay, okay. It's funny but I kinda see his vision?

Twitter | @maddiemooree_

Tbh, am I the only one that's shook he even knew what a Beauty Blender was in the first place?


Twitter | @jaduuhhhh

Is this technically a face mask? Yes. But shouldn't he ask more questions, like why his stepdaughter would need a paint sanding respirator in the first place?

15. No one's hands deserve a better skin regime than my face...that's a rule.

Twitter | @korrieriddle

I know it truly does look like a hand wash, but this is not okay

16. LOL, this dad was seriously looking to cause some trouble.

Twitter | @Liz_Medinaaa

Please, all parents, read the darn labels before you go and threaten to ground us. It is worth that extra time.

17. Pretty sure that's grounds for divorce, yes?

Twitter | @rohimamonnan

JK, JK. But that is a serious crime. Lip liners are to be treated delicately at all times, like anything else in our precious makeup bags.

18. Tbh, I have no idea how this "accidentally" happens.

Twitter | @_lxurra

Like...pretty sure you should always be reading labels before putting anything down there, BUT HEY THAT'S JUST ME.

I really don't think that conversation would have gone smoothly (hehe) at all.

Just a lot of questions. And hopefully a lot of demanding a brand new primer. Like ASAP.

19. I want to be mad at this BF, but I can't because I've done the exact same thing.

Twitter | @rosiepercy

LOL, please don't judge me, I just really wanted clean shoes!

20. Bless this BF, he thought it was for his body.

Twitter | @reemurrayx

And TBF, I do think that calling it a buttery balm is very misleading. I want that stuff from head to toe.

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