12+ People Who Earned Our Respect Whether They Meant To Or Not

Have you ever noticed that the less you care about getting other people's respect, the easier it is to get it? Like, it's certainly possible to try really hard to impress somebody and finally do it, but the guy with the tattoo of Batman riding a bear got the same results without working nearly as hard.

So, with that in mind, I'm not sure who these people were trying to win over (if anyone), but they can count us as members of their fan clubs.

1. My money's not on this person in their fight against the sun, but I can appreciate their guts for even entering the ring.

Reddit | KaiTheFox03

Besides, it has to know that we want it to tone down this heat somehow. Call this a violent, metal suggestion box.

2. This may seem a little redundant, but I can appreciate how this person's grandparents would find those "no" barriers helpful.

Reddit | Ph0nies

However, the mute button is also covered in tape, and telling them they can't shut those obnoxiously loud commercials up is just cruel.

3. Shout-out to this man for being ready for any Skype interview that comes his way, but I'm honestly more impressed by the confident way he's standing.

Reddit | billyballe

It's like he thinks that if he stares at the board hard enough, they won't dare delay his flight.

4. There's no better way to make those who did him wrong regret it than with his tasteful use of Bristol board and that classy number he went with.

Instagram | @will_ent

Plus, what kind of person disrespects somebody who has the name "Titus"? You don't say that name — you proclaim it.

5. I don't know about y'all, but I can respect the effort to get people to stop hounding us about exercise like some sort of pushy Fitbit.

Reddit | ScorpionFishCow

Even if it doesn't work, somebody can still distract people by saying they're the problem if they recognize a McDonald's this quickly.

6. If that face didn't tell you this man's chill is nowhere to be found, the bold step he's taking here should.

Reddit | El_Emperor_Penguin

Dude is about to step into work and tell them exactly what he thinks it is, and all without talking. If the boss fires him, they're lame.

7. This is the only way a guy dressed like a giant corn cob could look like one of the coolest homies on the planet.

Reddit | andybanana

It's not just the unicycle, either. He's so confident about riding it that he's got both thumbs up and his shades on.

Peak unbotheredness.

8. The fact that he's riding a bike like this is cool and all, but not as cool as the part where he made sure all the shoes looked fresh.

Reddit | swarf_

And let's not forget that he made his own shoes coordinate with his wheel-shoes without matching them.

Real boss.

9. Look, regardless of why they put this kid in the bag, nobody can deny that's he's being a team player about it.

Instagram | @tank.sinatra

Actually, his face seems to say that he's proud of himself for managing to climb inside. Well, that just makes it even better.

10. Man, I really wish I had thought of something like this back when I still played Pokémon Go.

Instagram | @nochill

Not because I'd be any less likely to run into people, but because I'd much prefer to get confused stares than rolled eyes.

11. Cosplaying is cool, but it's hard to bother when you realize you have to top this totally rad N64 knight.

Reddit | BigCballer

Still, I hope nobody challenges him to combat because the thought of those games getting smashed is making me wince like I touched a live wire.

12. This person has exactly as much of my respect as anybody who tries to pop this magnificent creation stands to lose.

Reddit | basshead541

Everybody better be as quiet as a chef cooking a soufflé unless they want to be exiled from anywhere I visit. I have that power, you know.

13. I've seen some well-trained dogs, but I'm not sure what kind of magical whisperer can get one to stand upright for a whole train ride.

Instagram | @kalesalad

If we suddenly hear news about the first talking dog, I would not be surprised if it was this big fella.

14. Hmm, I guess it would be better if they didn't bring a sign at all, but at least this guy actually spared a thought for those behind him.

Reddit | MovementPrepMaster

He's definitely gonna lose any points he gets for that if he leaves it up all game, though.

15. My heart has melted a few times in my life, but I've never seen a couple act so cute that they made a whole pile of snakes chill out. 

Reddit | Stheno_of_Gorgon

That's probably because I've never seen anyone cuddle on a snake pile to begin with, but still...

16. This guy's situation has improved a little. People still have him making that face, but now he doesn't have to talk to them.

Reddit | navy308

I do love how he's letting everybody take photos with him, though. Now they can say, "Look, I disappointed a very tall man!"

17. It's always beautiful to see someone finally live out their lifelong dream of making subtle pee jokes. 

Instagram | @kalesalad

As someone who spends a lot of his time making significantly more unsubtle ones, welcome to the promised land, homie.

How are they gonna follow this up, though?

18. This Boston sign's strategy to get people to pay attention to it is just crazy enough to work.

Reddit | TooShiftyForYou

I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it to tell you to "Pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd," though. According to my very annoyed Bostonian friend, that's illegal.

19. Aww, it was really nice of them to think of those of us who didn't really want anything.

Reddit | fortegod

As much fun as sitting around and trying to find something interesting on my phone is, I'll definitely take the opportunity to mix it up.

20. I may end up eating my words, but I think I'd still respect this guy a little even after he delayed my flight.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

I mean, dude went out of his way to have no protective gear on for this. I wouldn't recommend this, but it's hardcore.

21. Is this supposed to be a prank? Because I'd actually love the idea of driving around in a giant Fisher-Price car.

Reddit | WelcomeToTheDZ

It's probably for the best that nobody's done this to me, though. The other drivers will be much less enthused once those sticky notes start flying.

22. Ooof, if I were asked the question that made this sign necessary often enough, my smile would definitely be fake, too.

Reddit | ClashIdeas

If her eye isn't randomly twitching by the end of the day, she has a way higher tolerance for jerkish customers than I do.

23. Hmmm, the guy on the right must look incredibly slick in an antique car to shake the confidence of somebody with a mustache that big.

Instagram | @sciexpatmasyas1

I mean, Mustache Man looks like he's one second away from admitting he just bought it at the party store.

24. If there's one thing I will never stop respecting, it's people who can find a way to relax anywhere.

Reddit | ylajaliIsNotMyName

I'm sure pulling up to the site like this would violate some kind of safety code, but the cool points for such an achievement make it really tempting.

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