13+ People Who Are Totally Over Today

The world works in mysterious ways. You could think you've been a decent enough person to get some good karma, but honestly, it's all up in the air.

The people you are about to see probably didn't deserve to be dealt this much struggle, but unfortunately, they were. So instead of letting their strength and perseverance go to waste, we're going to use their hardships as entertainment.

1. Okay, but you aren't supposed to be in the handicap stall in the first place. 

Reddit | Mikesam201

This wouldn't have happened had this person just stayed in their lane like a civilized human would.

2. Sure, you think matching your cat is cool, but he obviously isn't feeling it, so...

The Chive | The Chive

His furry features are not your fashion statement, Janice. Can you please give it a rest?

3. This calls for a strong drink.

Reddit | Diggajuu

Oh wait, I guess since you're locked out, you probably won't be able to get into the fridge to retrieve said chilled drink. What a shame.

4. This is why you do everything for your children until they move away.

Reddit | endortech

How are they supposed to not set the house on fire if they've never been taught how to use a dryer?

5. There should've never been a first time, but whatever. 

Reddit | caffina

I guess what's done is done. Just try not to eat tomato-soaked pasta dishes while operating motorized vehicles in the future.

6. Finally, a t-shirt that's grounded in actual reality.

Sizzle | Sizzle

I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for a day like this. I'll take 17 in every color, please and thank you.

7. I guess you have to sit around and be stone-cold sober now. 

Reddit | CaptainBaldBeard

That, or you can just smash the top off the bottle and hope that you don't swallow glass.

8. I see what they did there. I see it, and I don't like it.

Reddit | btarthur01

I seriously believe this is enough justification to call the police and report a robbery. I'll be damned if I sit back and watch a corporation get away with such a thing.

9. Apparently this progression happened in one day, which makes me really uneasy.

Reddit | octowilli

I cannot live without my phone, so I need at least a five day notice before my phone conks out on me so I can make some arrangements.

10. Whoever put gum on this on the toilet's flush handle should be imprisoned, effective immediately. 

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

We just can't have people walking around and messing with the health and safety codes of public bathrooms.

11. This is me literally every day at the office. 

Sizzle | Sizzle

And if you don't like it, you can either get a new office, or ignore me. I have zero preference on the matter. You decide.

12. Sometimes you just gotta go limp and let nature take its course. 

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

One of those times is when you've been ejected off a tube and sent flying 10 feet into the air. Don't fight it, girl.

13. This gentleman either doesn't understand how pie eating contests work or simply wasn't willing to forgo his table manners. 

Reddit | ios_k

I'm no expert, but I don't think that this particular strategy is going to win him any medals.

14. Whoever returned this cart clearly gave up on their day and just wanted to go home. 

Reddit | PaulSharke

I can practically hear the person responsible for this monstrosity walking away from their cart and saying, "Meh, close enough."

15. Only someone who has truly given up could have come up with an idea like this.

Imgur | haqimyzaidi

I'm not sure if this is super lazy or super genius, but I'm pretty sure I'm impressed.

16. Well, that's one way to reset the clocks after the time changes. 

Imgur | Jfrkc

Have you ever looked at an analog clock and thought, "Clocks are cool, but I wish there was a way to make telling time more needlessly confusing."

Well, this one's for you.

17. I would love to make fun of this concert-goer, but I have too much respect for them.

Reddit | dutchy4233

This guy is a gentleman and a scholar.

As a short person, I relate to this on a deeply personal level.

18. I have a few questions about what's going on here.

Twitter | @Carlos__Arroyo

Initially, I assumed that whoever was responsible for this mess was just 100% done with work that day. However, now I need to know what kind of monster mixes Skittles and M&Ms?!

19. Who knew that a store mannequin could be so relatable.

Twitter | @Boikoteadora

Why is this mannequin me?

This mannequin looks like she's sick and tired of shopping, but her mom keeps making her try on new outfits.

20. Everything about this Verizon advertisement screams, "I'm totally over this."

Twitter | @enzwiler

From the lackluster slogan to the hyper-minimalist design, whoever is responsible for this ad was definitely phoning it in that day.

21. It's a really sad, sad day for some unlucky pizza lover out there. 

Reddit | undertippedwaitress

Don't worry. I'll be sending my meaningless and ineffective thoughts and prayers your way. I know it won't help you, but it'll make me feel better.

22. This is just another example of a company packaging up air and selling it to us as a low calorie snack.

Reddit | shelbsless

I'm on to you Halo Top, and you too, Lays!

23. If you haven't pulled the shake and pound on a few of your shampoo bottles, then you don't even know how hard life be.

Instagram | @theurbansombrero

Sit down, Bethany. You haven't even seen struggle.

24. The sad part is, I don't understand what's wrong with this picture. 

Twitter | @HanaMichels

No seriously, what is wrong with the toilet paper? If anything, I'm just upset that she's wrecking her gums with that toothbrush.