12+ Easy Lifehacks That Stopped Us Right In Our Tracks

Diply 13 Aug 2018

Once in a while, I stumbled upon a new lifehack that literally stops me in my tracks. It's hard to believe that people came up with something so creative, but they have indeed!

It also takes a lot of courage to post about a creative hack you've tried out, especially since people can be ruthless if they think it's lame. Heck, even I get heckled when someone doesn't like the hacks I've posted!

1. If you are a student, or were a student, I think you'll enjoy this next hack.

Reddit | mji888

You know how some teachers let you have a one-sided cheat sheet?! Well, get the most out of it by using different colored pens so you can write over and over and see all the words.

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2. If you've ever lived somewhere with a thermostat that works solely based on the heat, you'll wanna try this.

Reddit | UnleashTheJoe

Put a cup of hot water near the sensor so it *thinks* it's hot. This should trigger the A/C! This can also work if you want to turn the heat on, just use ice cubes instead.

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3. Need a drink cozie but don't have one on hand?

Reddit | christmontgomery551

If you wanna keep your hand from freezing when having an ice-cold beverage, a Pringles or Lays Stax container makes for the perfect solution!

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4. I know a lot of people are worried that their phone might break or explode if they overcharge their phone battery.

Reddit | Matt_Lee123

Fair concern, I'd say! You know those timers you see at Christmas that turn your lights off at night? Those works for chargers, too.

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5. I don't have to shave my face, so I guess I can't really vouch for how great this is, but I think it's genius.

Reddit | HeyDudeKator

I know if my boyfriend were to use this, I'd certainly be happy!

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6. I don't have kids, but I assume these little walkers would make some solid dents in furniture and walls.

Reddit | roswellc

It probably also wouldn't feel great if it hit your legs, either. Pool noodles are the key to solving your problems!

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7. I actually think this is why grocery carts have these hooks.

Reddit | Souljuuh-The-Gamer

So maybe this is less of a hack, and more of a "you've definitely been doing this wrong" kinda thing. That being said, I know what they're for now and still don't properly use them.

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8. My boyfriend saw Jonathan from Queer Eye showing one of their clients a water pick, and now he wants one desperately.

Reddit | Revenant20

I think they are supposed to replace flossing, but a clever person put mouthwash in it instead of water! Just make sure to clean it out really well afterwards.

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9. Use a slinky to stop chipmunks from crawling into your bird feeder and stealing all the food.

Reddit | dillhole73

I actually recommended this to someone yesterday after seeing this hack on Reddit!

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10. It's been a hot summer where I live, and even with air conditioning you sometimes need a little extra help.

Reddit | lardparty

A frozen water bottle with a spray nozzle works great!

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11. Organize your cords in an over-the-door organization center.

Reddit | vrroomvrroom

This is definitely pretty useful, especially considering I just toss all of mine in a bag that I'll never look inside again.

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12. This pizza place knows what's up.

Reddit | oldmate81

It's always a good idea to think about what you're going to eat for lunch when you're buying your dinner. Plus, I absolutely love cold pizza, so it makes the perfect leftover lunch!

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13. Need to disperse your light a little bit further than a head lamp will allow?

Reddit | SwitchItOnAndOff

Use a water bottle to get your glow on! This is perfect for camping or for emergencies.

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14. No one wants to drink a cold soda!

Reddit | GrouchyManner

Wrap your bottle of soda in a damp paper towel, then toss it in the freezer for a few minutes. This will cool it down much faster. Plus, it can be used with beer, too!

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15. Use different colored zip ties so you know which cord powers which product.

Instructables | mikeasaurus

Now you won't have to worry about unplugging your coworker's computer when they're literally about to save their work!

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16. A cotton swap and two elastic bands can help you get the most out of your tube of toothpaste.

Instructables | Powerpointed

Add an elastic band to each side of the swab, and use it to roll the toothpaste to the nozzle.

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17. Need a hand putting on your favorite bracelet, but don't have anyone around to help you out?

Reddit | GrouchyManner

You can use a paper clip to put it on yourself, no friend required.

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18. Okay, so before you use your Pringles container as a drink cozie, you're gonna want to eat them, right?!

Reddit | CreativeAirline

Well, if you're struggling to get the chips out, use a piece of paper to easily slide them into your hand.

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19. I'm always losing my small screws and nails, especially the leftover ones you get when building furniture.

Reddit | Ariyverd

Using pill organization containers is such a smart way to make sure everything stays where it belongs.

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20. Next time you're trying to put something in a Ziploc bag and it doesn't fit, use two!

Reddit | honeydoozy

You can turn them inside out so that you can still utilize the zipper feature. How smart is that?!

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21. Isn't it your worst fear when walking into the washroom that you will sit down and then realize there is no toilet paper?

Reddit | anonamouse504

Well, lucky for you, someone is trying to save us from that. Honestly, this saved me!

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22. Sometimes, I like to sleep with ear plugs to keep the loud city sounds out.

Reddit | meatsaredelicious

I really don't know if I just have small ears, but they're hard to get in! If you stick them in straws and freeze them, one end will go in much easier. Someone needs to tell me these things!

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23. Okay, it might seem silly, but next time you're going grocery shopping, just take a photo of your fridge and cupboards.

Reddit | NaiveFlamingo

Then you'll know what you have! Although if your fridge looks like this, you might miss some things.

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24. Have a cold toilet?

Reddit | SarcasticSaltine

That sounds like a big problem to me! I definitely don't want to go to the bathroom and sit on a cold seat in the morning. Use socks to keep that bad boy warm, and then throw them straight into the wash when you're done.

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