12+ People Who Desperately Need To Stop And Think For A Second

I'm not sure why it's so easy to go ahead and do stuff that even one second's worth of thought would tell us is a terrible idea, but we can all confirm that it is. And anybody denying this is apparently blessed with a very bad memory of their own embarrassments.

So, if we can call ourselves good friends, it's our duty to reach out and give our buddies the warning that they're about to do something really dumb.

But sadly, none of these people apparently had that kind of friend around.

1. Well, the good news here is that the bread actually looks like it turned out OK.

Reddit | basshead541

So at least somebody will have a nice, fresh snack while they're busy banging their head against the wall...and eventually scraping melted plastic out of the oven. They sure learned the hard way.

2. Sorry, but I don't think anybody can get me to trust this flavor combination.

Reddit | shoesaidhi

Even if I see people eating it and seemingly enjoying it in front of me, I'm still gonna think it's an elaborate ruse to get me to vomit.

They just developed an immunity.

3. Even though it's probably a bad idea, I still want to see someone try to grind this rail.

Reddit | Reddit

I'd recommend that anyone who reads this shouldn't do it, though. Just stand next to me and watch the show while somebody else tumbles.

Now you're getting it.

4. This guy's showing the truth behind his illusion, but I've seen people try this trick for real.

Reddit | KingPZe

Unfortunately, it always seems that somebody just happens to catch them in the act, somehow finds their social media, and drops off the real deal.

Don't get exposed, folks.

5. This works with lemons and cucumbers, but I think someone's banana water idea may be taking them too close to the sun. 

Reddit | MTheBigOne

I wish could see how full the other kinds are because I doubt that even a hot day could get people to drink this.

6. This bizarre scene means we've got a couple of folks who need to explain what their problem is.

Reddit | picklejuicing

Actually, I'm not sure we'd even wanna hear why somebody would peep through this. Whoever designed it had better have their story straight.

It's just creepy.

7. I know it's so hard to see, but this guy left this tag on his suit...right before a job interview.

Reddit | balf92

Granted, this isn't really a big deal. That is, unless he described himself as "detail-oriented" on his resumé — then it might haunt him.

"While we're at it, you're an expert at Excel?"

8. Somebody needs to tell this dad that Baby Driver was just a movie and not how you actually get genius-level drivers.

Reddit | Vertci

"The wife might get mad at me, but this is really gonna pay off in 18 years when we start planning bank heists."

9. This guy is just one of many people in this place who apparently couldn't care less about the flood waters around their ankles.

Reddit | ImaginingDragon

All I know is I definitely need to try the chef's special if it's worth paddling here for.

10. Unless whoever did this was literally raised in a cave, I can only assume they did this out of pure evil.

Reddit | NZPMJohnKey

But I still don't think they've thought this through. After all, it won't be long before someone notices the only person who's not grumbling about it.

11. I like how the mini door still has a lock on it, as though somebody's really worried about people breaking into the insane cubby they built.

Reddit | ScubaWaveAesthetic

Because if there's one thing people can't resist, it's banging their head when they attempt anything taller than an army crawl.

12. I don't know about y'all, but I can't really see another option here besides sacrificing this ladder to the construction ghosts.

Reddit | LMac8806

Because yes, technically they could undo all several hundred of those bolts just to retrieve that ladder — and anyone who suggests that solution just volunteered to do it themselves.

Haha, I'm just hearing crickets now.

13. I don't know what this dude is trying to accomplish, but I do know this goes against everything on vending machine warning labels.

Reddit | SidDarthVader4

If they don't want us to pull them over ourselves like a blanket, I doubt they'd be thrilled by this idea.

14. Yup, this seems like a solid demolition strategy...if real life worked like cartoons.

Reddit | 1memegawd1

I'm not even sure how they managed to get this thing up here, but I'll bet that involved doing something unsafe too.

Call it a hunch, I guess.

15. There's nothing quite like flying down the road and feeling the wind in your...entire left side.

Reddit | Rhianu

I hate to break it to this person, but they kind of need a door. Even trying to make one out of duct tape would at least be an effort.

16. You know, I think I'd rather watch someone violate everything in the table manners rulebook than even suggest doing this.

Reddit | sc47

Like, play with your food all you want, but that pizza is staying all the way out of that milk. Not in this house, fam.

17. Hmm, you know what? Maybe I was a little too hasty about the hard and fast rule I just laid down.

Reddit | Insecure_potato

Mixing pizza and milk is intolerably gross, but at least you're actually supposed to ingest both of those things.

This is just pure madness! Stop everything.

18. Wow, I guess somebody is really confident that they're never using their car's CD player again.

Reddit | SwiftlyDemise

Either they've managed to get Spotify to work on this old-school media center or they're just great at conversation. I honestly believe it because this certainly isn't a boring idea.

19. Uh, it might be a good idea to get around to replacing that spare tire at some point. Just a suggestion.

Reddit | notafedora

I don't know, maybe they're thinking that if they utterly destroy the wheel, the mechanic will give them some kind of two-for-one deal.

20. Man, I'd have to spend a long time to think of someone braver than whoever parked next to this monstrosity.

Reddit | journeyman369

"Eh, just ignore that broken window falling from this urban wreckage as we speak. Our patented prop-up solution is perfectly safe."

21. Unless this is someone's big gambit to make people stop hating on socks with sandals, I can't understand what the point of this was.

Reddit | UnwantedTelemarketer

Do you like wearing shoes, but really hate the part where you don't trip over yourself every four steps?

Then, here's something for you!

22. I suppose I've seen cars with worse decorations on them, but I don't think anybody will be hanging this on the fridge.

Reddit | UserNameIsBack

And yes, smarty pants, I know they couldn't if they wanted to. But unlike you, they're too busy sobbing to correct me.

23. OK, I'm gonna say it right now. There's no shame in having to make a second trip.

Reddit | TheCulpretzel

And before anybody tries to argue with me, just look at this pic and say you'd be perfectly fine with driving behind this truck.

I didn't think so.

24. I don't know how this guy got caught faking the funk. He was being so subtle that he should've just blended into the background.

Instagram | @will_ent

I have to give whoever spotted him credit for figuring out what he was doing, though.

That wouldn't be my first guess.

25. Well, maybe this dude has done the whole stop and think bit because this looks like an existential crisis in progress.

Imgur | danarino

Which is pretty drastic, because there's a lot of bread but no cheese, and grilled cheese always helps.

26. Wow. "Hello, fellow kids, may I interest you in some orthodontic work?"

The Chive | The Chive

"You're gonna love it. Pretend I'm that foul-mouthed talking raccoon you all love so much. Ha ha! Marvel!"

Seriously, I couldn't care less if I have a lame dentist, because I know at least they're focusing on the...y'now, tooth stuff.

But if you show up in bad Avengers cosplay, this appointment is canceled.

27. There are so many reasons why this is just terrible. I wish I had space for them all, but I'll just pick one at random.

Imgur | danarino

It's a waste of both a good banana and a questionable hot dog.

28. Dude, you do realize you can't take that umbrella with you, right?

The Chive | The Chive

And not just because it's obviously too big for your car. I'm just pretty sure the bar's gonna want it back.

29. Kudos on the inventive solution to your problem, but I feel like it could've been someone else's problem.

Twitter | @davidgcant

Like, not someone who's hanging precariously from a crane right now.

30. Now, this dude. He's taking fewer chances, but I'm not gonna say it's no-risk.

The Chive | The Chive

I mean, it's at least a risk for me to catch a whiff of whatever if I get too close to that grate.

31. There has to be a way to record this dude from the waist up, right?

Gorilla Feed | Gorilla Feed

Is this just the camera person trying to ruin my day? At least put him in a Speedo or something — let's spice this up.