24 People Who Use 'Extra' As A Starting Point

Every now and then, we'll see some fellas lamenting when some dedicated boyfriend raises the bar for his girlfriend...again. And that got me thinking. The bar is only gonna keep getting higher because some people's idea of extra is someone else's bare minimum.

So when that person charges up and makes an effort, the bar is suddenly in the stratosphere and those same "bare minimum" fellas go into mourning.

Instead of trying, it's probably easier to just look at these people and enjoy their masterpieces of extraness.

1. Honestly, if everybody started doing this, we'd never have to figure out which suitcase is ours again.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

As fun as it is to settle luggage disputes by one-on-one combat, we should really strive for something better for future generations.

2. I can't say I'm that wild about the idea of having to mow my racing stripes, but this will definitely turn a few heads. 

Reddit | Picax8398

It's like Xzibit found out somebody who needed a tricked-out ride was also a landscaper, so he just let his imagination soar.

3. You know what? Any boss who turns up their nose at this guy's tattoo isn't worth working for anyway.

Reddit | dburg35

Like, I know company policies exist, but if they can't bend the rules for a truly majestic giraffe, the world at large will leave them behind.

4. Any delivery person who's ever just given up and put a giant package under the mat has been put to shame.

Reddit | Jadenmu

If it looks out of place to the owner but is still a scavenger hunt for any lookie-loos, they've done their job perfectly.

5. I love how these guys aren't even trying to be extra since they seem to genuinely be wondering what we're all looking at.

Reddit | callcybercop

Which begs the question: Did that monkey hitch a ride without any of them noticing, or is it just their buddy "Frank"?

6. Either this woman has expert-level control of that suitcase or it has wheels of steel, because even walking a little too quickly makes mine go offtrack.

Reddit | callcybercop

And since this bike isn't surrounded by cars with middle fingers poking out of them, they're probably not going very slow either.

7. That guy better keep a good grip because this rig is probably hitting breakneck speeds of a whole 10 miles per hour.

Reddit | AmidaRose

If he falls off, he might have to do a slight jog to catch up, and who needs that in their life?

8. It's nice that this kid found a little buddy, but I'm not sure what these pictures will do to the owl's tough guy image.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

If those birds find out their feared adversary is cuddling with a little girl, they'll never leave the porch alone.

9. This is likely just as photoshopped as the other "mid flight" pilot selfies, but the mask was a nice enough touch to make us doubt ourselves ever so slightly.

Reddit | flyingfrig

Also, you can't even see the reflection of the runway in the windows. This guy thought of everything.

10. I'm not able to run from the police at the best of times, but I wouldn't have a chance if more of them wore those battle stilts.

Reddit | Noideawhatjusthappen

It's gotta be freaky to get in a high-speed chase, only to have these drop down on your hood.

11. Obviously, this guy found his dream project when he came across this abandoned trailer.

Reddit | LizardOrgMember5

I'll admit, I'd be among the people telling him he's pointlessly straining his back by carrying a TV and a generator everywhere, but he sure showed me.

12. Haha, now here's a guy who knows how to avoid the drama.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

While others guys are walking around with phones that will be locked for the next three months thanks to snooping, he's using his to make sure his bae is never suspicious.

13. I suppose that if these guys can wow even this tough crowd with their performance, they know they're ready for prime time.

Reddit | DroxxTheFox

Sure, the swans might not be pecking them only because they expect the humans to have food, but I'm pretty sure that's not how the guys will interpret the situation.

14. Haha, anyone who has a sibling who tries to make them look as bad in pictures as possible is wondering how they can trade theirs in for this brother right about now. 

Reddit | flyoverthemooon

Actually, maybe the brother wasn't extra enough, because if he were, his sister might've had better lighting.

15. I was wondering why the kid was being such a hater, until I realized that's probably his popcorn the other guy's eating.

Instagram | @will_ent

Like, dude, I'm pretty sure I ate popcorn out of that thing when I saw Toy Story for my 5th birthday.

16. I have absolutely no idea what's going on here, but I can confidently say that I like how colorful it is.

Reddit | Titch123

I can't even tell if these guys actually know what they're doing because it seems like they're looking at each other in confusion.

17. This is refreshing, because some people think it's really weird to stay friends with an ex. 

Twitter | @hayley_stamper

Really, I have no idea why that might be...it isn't like it can sometimes make things weird, right?

18. Everyone has dreams of being an interior decorator at some point, but so few of us follow through.  

Twitter | Twitter

I admire this person for putting themselves out there. Honestly, I would hire them.

19. Cats are so wonderful and majestic and probably the exact definition of extra.

Twitter | @LionessElise

This cat's human seems to understand that and is sharing it for all the world to see.

20. This is so true, like I still have a bag from traveling to Europe in the fall sitting in my closet. 

Twitter | @desusnice

We can't make things easy for ourselves. That doesn't make any sense, now does it?

21. I would love a set of these so that I could invite people over who think they're my friends, but clearly don't know any better.

Twitter | @deapoirierbooks

You gotta keep everyone on their toes.

22. What would we do without dogs? Honestly...look at this guy.

Twitter | @sophieinnes_

He is cool as a cucumber with his sunglasses on, picking up all the hot chicks. We could all learn something from him, big time.

23. There are some people in my life who would definitely do this.

Twitter | @BMCarbaugh

I would feel bad if I stressed the people in my life out like this. I would feel guilty all the way in heaven.

24. Well, this just isn't very nice, is it?

Imgur | Imgur

Although, I do have to say it's hilarious...imagine getting one of these cookies? I would probably laugh and then upon further reflection cry.