14+ Things We Didn't Predict We'd See Today

There are certain things in life you can basically set your watch to. The sun will rise and set, the bus driver will show up way too early and make me run for him, and it'll probably rain on the beach day you've scheduled way in advance.

But if there's anything the world seems to hate, it's being predictable. So just when things are getting routine, it'll throw something crazy in your path to spice things up.

Some of those spices are nice and zesty, and some of them are more like pepper spray — they're unexpected, they're unpredictable, and they're on this list.

1. I can see the logic behind this, but not all good flavors know how to get along with others.

Reddit | deadboy98

It's nobody's fault, but the point is that either the chocolate or the pizza will get an ego and the whole thing ends up getting spit out.

2. You know, a lot more people are putting this stuff on the outside of their cars when this is clearly the much better idea.

Reddit | iieeef

Because not only do they not fly off and hit people, but the driver doesn't lose their carefully collected crap either.


3. I'm really curious to know either how thick that wall is or how fast this car was going to punch through it in reverse.

Reddit | riversforever

Was somebody recreating that part in Talladega Nights where Ricky Bobby won in reverse? Looks like they found out what happens when you imitate him.

4. How is it that the only thing that didn't get overcome by this flood was the pool?

Reddit | AnAnonymousGamer1994

I'm sure there's an actual reason involving science and stuff, but I'm gonna guess that water gets into turf wars and the flood didn't want any beef.

5. You see a gross slug crawling in someone's cigarettes, but I see a concerned little buddy encouraging them to quit.

Reddit | lameuniqueusername

I'm not a smoker, so I don't know if slug slime would actually put anyone off these things. Still, it's a good effort all the same.

6. Man, I don't even wanna know how terrible these horns must sound to deserve this kind of treatment.

Reddit | mrnanovideos1

"For the crime of sounding like someone stepped on a cat's tail while scratching a chalkboard, we sentence you to eternal pee collection."


7. Before your brain and eyes have a fight over what this is, I'll just say that the spider isn't real.

Reddit | quatraine

However, that didn't make it any less surprising when this gecko suddenly crawled out of it. Presumably, to complain about how rubbery its giant meal was.

8. So am I crazy, or did each of those things (decorations? What purpose do they have?) seem a whole lot stronger than they apparently are?

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Like, I'd normally have assumed that only a woodpecker could punch through that, but I guess not?

What is happening?

9. I'm not sure how the kids on this corner are supposed to make it work. 

Reddit | JMayannaise

Because unless one of these just leads to Narnia, somebody is gonna spend their first day feeling very disappointed.

Actually, that's true either way. Imagine knowing Narnia exists but never reaching it.

10. I think this is the only time where you could call someone a furry and be wrong on a technicality.

Reddit | Missfreckles337

Sure, there could be many reasons why this person's dressing like their hypoallergenic homies, but don't you actually need fur to be a furry?

Are...are there rules?

11. I'm guessing that the only one who's chill about this situation is the bear itself.

Reddit | captainhowdy27

It seriously looks like it's wondering what everyone's problem is and just wants to use the bathroom.

"Fine, I guess I'll go in the woods like you people apparently think I should."

12. Apparently, this is what happens when you ask a Taco Bell employee for as much sauce as they're allowed to give you. 

Reddit | ThreadedPommel

Or at least, that's what happens when you make that request to somebody who doesn't care whether they get fired or not.

13. I'm not even sure where to start with this McDonald's mural. I'm normally baffled about what Grimace even is, but he's kinda the least insane thing about this.

Reddit | Zhapzhap

There's also the unsettling face Ronald is making as he milks that cow, but who is that dude on the left?

14. That must've been a real adjustment the first time this person's girlfriend started doing this.

Instagram | Instagram

If she acted normally before and after the gas station, I'd be straight-up convinced that I was living in a horror movie.

Like, are other people doing it too? Am I in The Truman Show?

15. I kinda wouldn't be surprised if this dude just wordlessly pulled this out apropos nothing.

Reddit | Batman__

Those eyes have the kind of focus that tells me he needs his pickle fix now and doesn't have time to explain.

Eh, as long as I can pick the music...

16. Yeah, this stance is basically what I picture Drake doing on those songs where he starts to get catty.

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

"These humans should be trying to be the best friend to me. Also, Kiki didn't text me back even though we peed on the same tree."

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