A Beauty Blogger Was Outed For Racist Tweets, And People Are Effing Pissed

Diply 22 Aug 2018

Hi, welcome to 2018, where beauty gurus/bloggers/Youtubers exist in a never-ending cycle of "he said this, she said that," for all of the world to watch.

The freshest tea involves the seemingly always in the news Jeffree Star and his ex-friend, Laura Lee. Once a happy trio with fellow YouTuber Manny MUA, the three went their equally separate, petty ways after a rocky 2017.

Though the greater beauty community is still in the dark about what happened between the three, it seems that some particular chickens have come home to roost for Laura, whose Alabama Southern Charm is allegedly hiding a nasty interior.

Let's take a look.

Laura got caught in the middle of some drama early last week.

YouTube | shane

With the conclusion of Shane Dawson's The Secret World of Jeffree Star series, positive attention began to pour in for the controversial beauty mogul. In fact, Jeffree picked up 700,000 new subscribers in the last two weeks alone.

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So, what is a group of ex-friends to do when they see a chance for attention? Well...

Imgur | Imgur

The resulting backlash of Gabriel Zamora attempting to shade Jeffree Star actually wound up casting a shadow over Laura and Gabriel's careers.

Within minutes of Gabriel's tweet going up, older tweets from Gabriel, Manny, Nikita Dragun, and Laura were surfacing for the internet to feast on.

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Jeffree's fans went off. This little gem surfaced around the same time as Trayvon Martin's death:

Imgur | Imgur

Even if Laura didn't mean it to be in reference to police brutality incidents happening at the time, the tweet is still wildly inappropriate.

And this is just one of the tweets.

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Of course, the beauty community had opinions about everyone involved in the drama...

Twitter | @chelletweets

But we're here to talk about Laura.

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So what did she do in response to being exposed? First, she began mass-deleting her tweets.

Reddit | Meeshyah

Then, when that wasn't enough, she deleted her entire Twitter.

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Laura returned to the internet the next day with an "apology."

Twitter | @Laura88Lee

Written in the notepad of her phone (you know, like all good apologies from YouTubers are), she claimed that her "Alabama upbringing" kept her worldview small.

Girl, it's not Alabama's problem... Next!

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Needless to say, fans weren't impressed.

Twitter | @rosecupnarry
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At all. 

Twitter | @LeahOsbern
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Her next move was to go silent again.


While bloggers, gurus, and drama enthusiasts alike waited to see what would happen next, Laura decided that her apology was enough and went back to uploading regular videos.You can guess how well that went.

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The tea is particularly good today.

Twitter | @highkeyho
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Laura finally uploaded an "apology video."

YouTube | Laura Lee

We'll let you be the judge of how genuine it is, but something tells me this video is only the beginning of the great guru dam-breaking of 2018.

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All of this exposes the ugly underbelly of the beauty community.

Twitter | @BriHallOfficial

YouTube's biggest beauty stars have racially-insensitive, harmful pasts that fans seem fine to dismiss or attribute to extenuating circumstances, such as age or upbringing. For the most part, Jeffree, Manny, Laura, and yes, even Nikita and Gabriel have been given passes.

As long as they're entertaining, people will watch them. And as long as they watch, nothing is going to change.

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Moral of the story? Be a good person and you won't have anything to apologize for.

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