11+ Pics To Make You As Curious As George

Diply 24 Aug 2018

I'm a very curious person. I mean, I think we all are, but I just ask a lot of questions. I'm actually sure I would be a much faster writer if I didn't fall down threads trying to figure what else is going on.

I just can't help that I want the answers that no one has!

1. There are a few things that don't quite make sense here, and I want to move past the very strange chip flavor and focus on the random bag of tea.

Reddit | gigimooshi2

Do Pringles and tea go together? Is this a tas_tea_ trend that I'm behind on, as usual?

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2. How did this person manage to leave a permanent mark where they sit every single day?

Reddit | jonnyb253

Like, yes, they've sat there for years, but it looks like their shadow has been burned into the wall. Who are they, the Human Torch?

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3. I fully understand that the answer to this is one Google search away, but I have yet to commit to that search.

Reddit | doosldorf

What keeps liquids from sometimes not spilling over the edge, and why can't we just always have that happen?

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4. How did this chip get a perfect circle? Better than anything I can ever draw.

Reddit | coolbreading

I would want to freeze this little chip and wear it as a fine piece of jewelry. And then I would be a snack, literally.

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5. Is this a delish snack or a little shout-out to our fave yellow man?

Reddit | ivanms1

And hopefully, you get that I mean Homer Simpson, but who else knows what cartoons are out there these days.

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6. Shopping would be so much easier if all carts came with a little map like this.

Reddit | caspii2

I would be able to get in and out without wandering the aisles getting hungry and buying random snacks.

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7. Why are they taking a photo when a dragon fire-demon is clearly rising right before their eyes?

Reddit | JF1847

If that's not a sign to get the heck out of there, then IDK what is. I'd be running.

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Reddit | MooseBridge

Does this not look like a gorilla is about to morph out of this cone and take over the entire city, swinging from buildings and all?

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9. And this is how you go from having a pet cat to wondering where your cat went in about two minutes.

Reddit | DigitBeast

Matching animals to fur things should never be allowed.

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10. TBH, I thought this was a giant die, as I really don't understand how a chess game can be this small.

Reddit | Mandorism


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11. Why do I feel like this needs to be in a hair commercial?

Reddit | LordGurtington-II

My hair would never form a heart — it doesn't even like me all that much, let alone love me.

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12. This picture went from a classic beach sunset shot to a trippy photo in one second.

Instagram | @course

And all for the 'Gram. I am so sure of it.

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13. These carrots are in a better relationship than I am.

Reddit | Carter_JD

Look at them, showing off all that PDA to the whole farm. I want to know what the root of their relationship is.

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Reddit | lottiereddit

It can't, right? Or it would be giant! Why don't they make giant ones to have as snacks, too? SO MANY IDEAS!

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15. Did the person who made this mess mean to play such a cruel trick on the world?

Reddit | timmah11

I don't know, but if this was my stop, I would fix it myself. I'd have to.

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16. Why do we all do this, and who started the trend?

Twitter | @shutupmikeginn

Homework: Go home, check in your fridge, and see if you also have a butter penthouse.

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