13+ Interesting Pics That Require A Good Look, Then A Few Laughs

Sometimes, the best things in life require a little more investment. Whether it's your dream job, your soulmate, or the ending of a real page-turner, you have to put a little time in before you get to the good stuff.

Although these pics don't require a lifetime of hard work, they do require a little bit of thought before you get to the funny center. So don't give up on them too quickly.

1. I would pull off an Avril Lavigne outfit if it meant that I could day drink on the job.

Bored Panda | Bored Panda

I'm not the biggest fan of rocking a tie ironically, but I am a fan of rocking a giant head buzz.

2. This is the perfect package for all the single folk in need of potassium. 

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

Honestly, I waste like five bananas a week, so this is the kind of thing I can get behind.

3. Jesus has actually taken the wheel, and I couldn't be more relieved.

Reddit | jknc

Consider this the safest bus you will ever ride. How blessed could these passengers be? The answer? So blessed.

4. This is not the kind of thing that you want to see as you're leaving the dollar tree. 

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

This gives a whole new meaning to the term "clown car."

5. If you've never seen a naked tomato, now you have. 

Reddit | Gordon_king

Although it's not the prettiest thing to lay eyes on, it is kinda cool. It kinda looks like a tiny brain.

6. Consider yourself warned.

Reddit | captamtam

There's a reason why hotels tuck the sheets so darn tight, and it's not neatness. So next time you're letting it all hang out, kindly remind yourself to save your own soul.

7. This tree is looking at me, and I don't like it one bit. 

Reddit | dedoid69

It's peering into my soul, and I'm pretty sure this is the last thing I'll see before I enter an entirely different universe.

8. This seems like the last smell I'd want to be trapped with while I'm in a moving metal box. 

Reddit | MrAngryGnome

Especially if I was heading out on a road trip. I would much rather breathe in the scent of the old french fries that are scattered on my car floor.

9. Just because you're getting married doesn't mean that you need to grow up. 

Imgur | sakattack

Be like this guy and pull a Peter Pan at every turn. I'm sure his wife-to-be really appreciates it.

10. If I had a bed like this, I would have been sneaking boys in left, right, and center. 

Imgur | HowThisEvenWork

Of course I had a bunk bed, so clearly I was unable to be a rebellious teenager.

11. Is a bike path really a bike path if it looks like this?

Reddit | SGutman

This is basically a puzzle for people traveling on two wheels, and what could be more dangerous than that?

12. At first, I thought this girl was just joking around. Then I realized she was actually stealing syrup. 

Reddit | biscuitblue

It's a genius idea, but you have to have the guts to pull it off.

13. I'm way too creeped out by this.

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

The male gaze is always creepy, but this is specifically awkward because he won't even blink. Honestly, I'm continuously surprised that the world is so darn magical...and weird.

14. She paid two dollars for this cookie, only to have it mock her as soon as she got in the car. 

Instagram | @tearbiscuits

At least she'll get to devour it spitefully. I guess revenge really is sweet.

15. If I'm being completely truthful, I'd have to admit that I didn't even know about this until now. 

Twitter | @jesscont527

I've been using Gatorade at half capacity for years. Man, today's been packed with mind-blasting revelations.

16. If you're creative enough, you can always have everything you want and need. 

The Chive | The Chive

Take this guy, for example. Sure, he looks ridiculous, but now his back ain't itchy. So who's the real winner here?

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