We Just Noticed These Tiny Inconsistencies In 'Friends,' And Now We're Furious

I've seen every episode of Friends more times than any human should, so I think that gives me the right to criticize it from time to time.

I get that Friends was on the air for a super long time, but there's really no excuse for these frustrating inconsistencies.

1. Phoebe can speak Italian...except for when she can't? 


In one episode, Phoebe discovers that she can speak Italian after she is introduced to Joey's grandma.

This would be totally fine, but Phoebe had multiple interactions with Rachel's Italian ex-boyfriend and couldn't understand him.

2. Also, why did none of Phoebe's biological family come to her wedding? 

Rebloggy | Rebloggy

This has always bothered me because it makes no sense.

Phoebe's biological family was repeatedly portrayed as very important to her. She worked hard to have a relationship with her brother and mom, and she even acted as a surrogate for her brother's triplets.

3. Speaking of missing wedding guests, why wasn't Ben invited to Ross' wedding to Emily?

Tumblr | balagger

Ross is the most fairweather father in television history.

He rarely sees Ben in the later seasons, and he didn't even question the fact that Rachel was relocating his daughter to Paris.

4. Oh, and speaking of Monica: I guess we will never know if she actually believes in soulmates or not.

Twitter | @melody_adair

Monica and Chandler literally bond over the fact that they both don't believe in soulmates, but then, she talks about how Chandler is her soulmate in her wedding vows.

Come on, Monica. Get it together.

5. Rachel and Chandler meet for the first time on three separate occasions.

Friends Wiki | Friends Wiki

Any dutiful Friends watcher knows that Chandler and Rachel have both appear to have suffered from some serious memory loss because they can't seem to remember meeting each other.

6. Ross says that he hates ice cream because it's too cold, but then he eats it no problem.

We Heart It | @cappucinoMe

Ross happily shares an ice cream cone with his pet monkey and eats ice cream again while on a date with Elizabeth.

7. There's an episode called "The One Where Chandler Can't Cry" and it makes zero sense.

Randomly Relatable

We've seen Chandler cry, like, a million times.

It's honestly weird that they would write an episode about how one character can't cry when we've seen that character cry on the regular.

8. Ross doesn't know when his birthday is. 

Viralmeloud | Viralmeloud

Ross's birthday changes twice over the course of the show, and it's seriously frustrating.

Ross might have a Ph.D., but for some reason, he can't remember when his own birthday is.

9. Remember when Ross said that he has only ever slept with Carol? That was a lie.  

Comedy Central | Comedy Central

Later in the show, he tells a story about getting drunk and sleeping with the cleaning lady from his college dorm.

Honestly, this is just another reason why Ross is the worst.

10. I guess we are just accepting the fact that Joey forgot what an Adam's apple is? 

Viralmeloud | Viralmeloud

We all laughed when Joey referred to his Adam's apple as his "Joey's apple" in Season 7, but that actually made zero sense.

Back in Season 2, Joey complained about kissing a woman with a large Adam's apple, so he knows what they're called.

11. Remember when Chandler was shocked that Monica weighed more in high school when he saw her prom video?

YouTube | YouTube

Yeah, that didn't make sense because Chandler literally knew Monica at that age. He used to spend Thanksgiving with Monica and Ross's family!

12. If Phoebe is fluent in French, then why doesn't she understand what "sous" means? 

Twitter | @friends_quotes1

In the episode "The One With Rachel’s Date," a sous-chef has to explain to Phoebe that "sous" is French for "under."

13. Chandler and Monica don't actually end up getting married at the museum despite all the fuss. 

Bustle | Bustle

Chandler reveals that he is planning to propose to Monica after she put their names down on the museum's wait list.

It's super adorable but totally pointless because they don't even get married there.

14. Despite the fact that Joey and Chandler spend an entire episode palming money, Chandler forgets how in Season 7.

Richard taught Chandler and Joey how to palm money in Season 2, and the boys were obsessed with the trick for an episode.

15. I will never stop being angry at Monica and Chandler for forgetting to name their first child Joey. 

Twitter | @soupykaur

You two don't deserve Joey.

Instead of keeping their promise, they named their first child Jack after Monica's dad.

16. And finally, how did the dog statue get on the balcony? 

Twitter | @jenn_shevlin

It was way too big to have fit through that window, and I need answers because this has been driving me crazy for years.