This New 'Infinity War' Easter Egg Could Prove A Doctor Strange Theory, And Whoa

Diply 31 Jul 2018

If you're as deeply obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as I am (why else would you be here?), then you probably heard about Avengers: Infinity War getting released on Digital HD today.

Naturally, fans have already begun sharing some of the film's Easter eggs, at least one of which directly supports a recent theory about Doctor Strange and the Time Stone.

Earlier this month, I got super excited about a theory from Reddit user LoL-Guru.

Twitter | @annakforever23

There are a lot of working parts to this theory, but essentially, it submits that Doctor Strange sent the Time Stone through time itself in order to prevent Thanos from actually possessing it.

Strange sent the Stone into the future to be used by the Avengers who survived Thanos' snap, and they, in turn, used it to ultimately defeat Thanos.

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Of course, we all saw Strange physically hand the Time Stone over to Thanos on Titan.

Reddit | Razorwing23

But according to this theory, Thanos is "using a Time Stone from a reality where the Avengers have already won and sent it back in time."

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And upon closer inspection of the film by another Reddit user, davidmanwel, it appears as though Strange actually pulls the Time Stone through space itself.

Reddit | davidmanwel

Looking at the scene progression, it seems as though the Time Stone comes from a star in the sky.

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In other words, this tiny detail could prove the theory that the Stone is traveling back in time into Strange's hands and then into Thanos'.

Reddit | jackalman2000

And if that's indeed the case, then Thanos is going to be in a world of trouble come Avengers 4.

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