24 Bizarre Fashion Trends That We Should All Be Ashamed About

Fashion is a form of self-expression. When words fail, we are able to express who we are through what we wear, and that is such a cool concept, isn't it?

Everyone has their own personal sense of style that develops over their lifetime, which means when it comes to sad, shameful, or strange fashion trends, all of us have fallen victim at one point or another.

These bizarre fashion trends are from the past and the present and aren't ranked in any particular order, but are strange nonetheless.

1. Plastic clothing


Plastic boots? I can get down with those. Sweaty, uncomfortable, and steamy in the worst possible way, but at least in photos and on celebrities who magically don't sweat at all, they look great.

Plastic pants, however? Not so much.

2. Crocs

Regardless of the real fur trim and geode accents in the designer collaboration, nothing could ever made Crocs look good. Ever. Period.

For the love of all that is good, please stop trying to make Crocs happen, they're not going to happen.

3. Gauchos

Tumblr | cherishedsoul

Back in middle school, I had two or three pairs of gaucho pants, and the general fit was loose, baggy, and strange. What made us want to wear these? I blame Miley Cyrus.

4. Cargos

Duluth Trading | Duluth Trading

These are still a thing amongst suburban dads today, and I don't know why. There is nothing flattering about having two pockets sticking out on the side of your shorts... it ain't cute.

Plus, don't dudes have enough pocket space as is? What do you even need to hold in those?

5. Skorts

Etsy | littleraisinvintage

A skirt with an unflattering, hideous surprise that no one wanted or asked for.

I haven't seen these make a revival since we buried them along with other monstrosities of the past decade, but considering how we're getting into a '00s revival, I wouldn't be surprised if I saw these make a comeback.

6. Random graphic tees

Chicks Rule

There is a time and a place for a good graphic tee. Feminist tees that fight the patriarchy with fashion? Yassss girl, work it! Funny graphic tees? Absolutely, love those!

Others, like Jen Aniston's Cookie Monster one? Ugh, no. Why?

7. Tie belts

Instagram | @stylevictoriaroberts

Every faux punk rocker raided their dad's closet and tied one of these around their waist. What was worse than the tie belt? THE TIE SKIRT! I won't even do an image for that one, it's too painful to relive.

8. Half-sweaters

Depop | nats15xo

These were also called shrugs, aka I'm shrugging off this trend until the turn of the next century, or maybe even the one after that.

Anyone else find it borderline offensive that Carrie Bradshaw ever wore one of these?

9. Sky-high platforms

Instagram | @psychodelic_gr6ng9

Like, as a fashion statement on Lady Gaga, I get it, and I love it. But for all of us normal folk, and for the sake of comfort, super high platform shoes have never been a good idea.

Remember flatform sandals? The ones your mother wore to make herself look a few inches taller, that were so unspeakably heinous you can't even? Yeah, I have to go.

10. Ponchos



It was a dark time in my life, okay? But, yeah, I think that explains all we need to know to remember this trend. Next!

11. Sweaters tied around the neck

Ivy Style

Would anyone care to discuss their golf game, overpriced champagne, or their father's trust fund? Because anyone who still wears this trend probably would.

12. Sleeve parties

Twitter | @bobby

Aka a party that you were okay with not being invited to.

Layering short-sleeve t-shirts over long-sleeve t-shirts has never failed to perplex me and I loathe the look to this day, as I would assume most of us do.

13. Visible thongs

Tumblr | getdownliberty

For the love of god, if anyone out there is actually still participating in this trend, cut the thong, and cut it out.


14. Open tummy tops

YouTube | NellyFurtadoVEVO

Yeah... I don't know.

But there was a ton of this on the red carpet during the atrocious decade that was the '00s. Thank goodness we left it in the past. Now, it is either crop top or bust.

15. Anything Ashley Tisdale wore circa 2007 

Instagram | @ashleytisdale

Sorry, Ash. Loved you in High School Musical, obsessed over your general existence, stunning then and stunning now, but the outfit choices back then? Yeesh.

16. Speaking of Ashley Tisdale, another fellow blonde celebrity can be added to this list. And Miss Paris Hilton, I'm talking about you! 

Instagram | @parishilton

Even though she's pretty much iconic, basically anything she wore on The Simple Life should never come back in fashion. From oversized sunglasses to Von Dutch trucker hats, I don't ever want to see this trend again.

17. I know that fishnets had a revival in 2017, but this is one trend that has already faded into the background. 

Instagram | @donttouchmybacon

I know that Kim Kardashian rocked it, but sometimes celebrities make fashion mistakes, too.

18. I'm very guilty of rocking this bizarre trend. 

Instagram | @_fashionisalligot

Okay, even though I didn't have the real pair of Uggs, I had the knock-off version, and they pretty much looked the same. I'm so happy this phase of my life is over.

19. Sigh, I remember this trend like it was yesterday. 

Instagram | @avrillavignefanz

What better way to show your teenage angst than with this loose, edgy tie. What a throwback to when Avril was every girl's style icon. Especially mine.

20. Magic bubble shirts will always remind me of frosting. 

Magic Bubble Shirts

I guess the one great thing about them is that they are so small that they are easy to store. You could probably pack hundreds of them into a small suitcase.

21. Aside from the other iconic clothing Paris Hilton used to wear, she was also a pioneer of the low-rise jeans. 

Instagram | @2d93y

I will never understand this trend. Maybe it's because I love high-waisted jeans too much.

22. Denim skirts will always have a place in fashion, but thankfully they are not currently ruffled like this one.


Back in the day, the more ruffles your denim skirt had the better.

23. Disco pants are fun, shiny, and cute and all, but it seemed like literally every girl in my high school had a pair. 

Instagram | @pleatherfashion

One thing is for sure, disco pants definitely make a statement. All eyes will be on you.

24. I know that these velvet tracksuits are beyond comfortable, but wearing them outside of your house just doesn't seem right. 

Instagram | @themochaluxe_collection

Especially wearing the ones that say "Juicy" all over them.

25. Remember when guys wore baggy jeans down to their knees?

Instagram | @baggyboy87

I know I sound like an old person here, but how on earth could you possibly walk in them? It's more of a waddle, no?

26. Track pants with words on the bum were very acceptable at one point.

Poshmark | @ashleyr1983

I can guarantee they're going to make a comeback.

27. Puka shell necklaces were IT.

YouTube | supskeleton

They were the ultimate beachy accessory, but yikes. We locked them in the cringey fashion vault, and we don't want them out.

28. Is a popped collar not just a turtleneck?

These are the questions we demand answers for.

29. There's a lot we can thank Kanye West for, including shutter shades.

Instagram | @mcgrim_arte

They serve absolutely zero purpose for both fashion and eye health, but for some reason, we all thought they really elevated our look.

30. JNCO Jeans, anyone?

Instagram | @sil138_

I think you could fit at least 10 people in each leg!

31. What did people with broad shoulders do when the shoulder pad trend hit?

Instagram | @retroizmo

I'm glad I never took part in this!