Helpful DIY Project Turns Terracotta Flower Pots Into Space Heaters

Cold winter weather is no joke, especially when you're experiencing a power outage. If you don't have any other source of power to heat your home, listen up.

There is an easy way to create a makeshift heater with only a few simple household items. I'm going to show you exactly how you can do it, too. So keep reading below.

Did you know that people are actually making mini heaters using terracotta flower pots?

Unsplash | LUM3N

Oh, yes, you heard me right. That's exactly what they're doing. If you've never heard of this idea, you're not the only one. I hadn't heard of it before, either.

The idea is very simple and easy to accomplish at home.

Unsplash | Micheile Henderson

The best thing is that you only need a few items and many of them are probably in your home right now. One of them is a terracotta flower pot.

The next thing you will need are some votive candles or tea lights.

Unsplash | Rebecca Peterson-Hall

You will also need something to prop the pot up, like a brick or another heat-resistant surface. Some people use glass baking pans, too.

Now on to the instructions to make this makeshift heater.

Turn your flower pot upsidedown on top of your elevated surface made from bricks, so the opening of the pot is at the bottom. Then, place your candles on an even surface that's heat-safe. Insert the candles under your upside-down flower pot.

The bricks used to elevate the flower pot will also insulate the heater.

Alternatively, you can hold the flower pot in place using nuts and bolts attached to the pot's saucer to make a stand of sorts. Either way, it will work out well. You just have to try it yourself.

Now you have created a portable mini-heater that can heat a whole small room in your house.

In fact, the internal temperature of this heater can get as hot as 500-degrees Fahrenheit, so you need to use caution when operating this.

Make sure you never leave this heater unattended and keep an eye on it.

Don't leave small children or pets around it either. It can be very dangerous and can obviously burn someone or cause a house fire. Safety first!

So, how does it really work, you ask?

The terracotta pot absorbs the thermal energy of the candles and converts it into radiant space heat. Wow, isn't that so cool or what? The temperature can reach anywhere between 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit and the heater can stay hot for hours.

Check out how cool it looks here in this video.

Wow, isn't that so interesting? I have to admit I would never have thought of making something like that. The fact that it can heat a small room is absolutely fantastic.

Who knew that you could do a makeshift heater using just a few simple items around your house, huh?

I bet this is going to be very useful for those that find themselves without power. I feel awful for anyone suffering through that.

I like this version, too. It's simple yet pretty effective.

Yes, it might be small, but it will do in a pinch, no? At least you can warm yourself up while you sit under some blankets.

And if you happen to have a lot of votive candles on hand, put them to work.

This way, you can get a little bit more heat out of it. Some people even used it to heat their bathroom while they take a bath.

Get a load of the contraption this person made.

Wow! Is that not impressive or what? Perhaps this option isn't used for an emergency heating situation but more as a stylish option. Either way, I think it looks really amazing.

Isn't this such a fantastic idea?

I can't get over how easy and simple this is. Most of us already have all the items needed to make this at home. And if not, you can probably find the materials lying around or at your local dollar store. What do you think of this DIY project?

h/t Totally The Bomb