14+ Photos That Prove There's No Such Thing As Bad Timing

Those "one in a million" moments have happened to the best of us.

While, most of the time, they can be kind of annoying or inconvenient, it's sometimes best to step back and appreciate the fact that they happened at all.

1. Could you imagine getting a chance to snap a photo with the one and only Phil Dunphy, only to have it photobombed by Walter White?

Funnyjunk | Funnyjunk

The nerve that some people have, honestly.

2. I always just assumed that those scoreboards they cast during the Olympics or other sporting events were just computer generated images.

Reddit | Zenturian

This seagull proves me wrong, apparently.

The birds win again.

3. I'm no mathematician, and even if I was, I wouldn't spend my time calculating this. But what are odds that the "infected" subtitle would line up so perfectly with the sign?

Reddit | ReverendSnowman

But really, can someone do the math for me? I'm curious.

4. This poor guy came home from work early to find another Persian in his litter box, so he packed up his belongings and hit the road.

Reddit | PHIL-yes-PLZ

It's what any self-respecting cat would do.

5. CTRL + C, CTRL + V.

Reddit | xRoyalBlood

Am I the only person who gets embarrassed if I get caught wearing the same thing as somebody else? Are there really people out there trying to coordinate like this on purpose?

6. Just like 12/12/12 or waiting for your odometer to hit 123,456 miles, this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities you have to just stop and appreciate.

Instagram | @kalesalad

7. Good thing it's a rooster stealing this girl's ice cream and not a duck. You know this guy's not quacktose intolerant.

Reddit | Hexidian

Otherwise, things would get pretty hawkward, wouldn't you agree?

8. On the one hand, I feel pretty bad for the cat who's about to get pounced on.

Reddit | IAmASimulation

But on the other, this purrfectly timed photo is currently paying my bills, so I don't feel that bad.

9. This girl had zero chill and swore in front of the one and only Captain America. Honestly, how dare sh—

Instagram | @course

Hang on, someone just told me that this isn't the actual Captain America.

I...I need some space.

10. You just know that this kid is going to have a snot-filled meltdown in the next 0.56 seconds.

Reddit | lucassommer

But, in the meantime, let's just enjoy this floating banana for what it is, shall we?

11. Some people might freak out that they just caught a mouse in their home.

Reddit | meltshake

But those people would be morons for not realizing that they really just caught Special Rodent Ethan Hunt in the middle of a top-secret mission.

He does his own stunts, you know.

12. Ah, another cat about to have its day ruined. Or is it?

Reddit | pastermil

I'm choosing to believe that it got a little too curious during playtime and is now down to eight lives.

13. This photobomb is next level. 

Imgur | crtoontv

This turtle looks completely unimpressed with this whole situation. Can't a sea creature swim in peace? He's constantly dodging straws, so why must he also dodge tourists?

14. If you know you're sitting right behind the broadcaster, it's pretty much your responsibility to come prepared. 

Imgur | gunnLX

You need to have props ready and routines planned, because the audience deserves a laugh.

15. I know it's easier to take off your makeup and your bra and chill at home, but if you push through the exhaustion, good things can happen.

Reddit | Tresis55

For instance, this girl ran into Michael Cera in the wild.

16. If you're photobombed by the Queen herself, then it ain't your photo no more. 

Imgur | steve699

Consider yourself a guest in your own selfie, because now it's her portrait of pure perfection.

17. This is why it's important to book your excursions early. 

Reddit | epic676

Resorts book up fast, so if you want to swim with the dolphins, you need to book ahead or you'll wind up with this.

18. I doubt that this cat understands how rude his rear-end photobomb of this wedding portrait is. But even if he did, he'd probably still do it anyway.

Reddit | Pass_the_lolly

What can I say? Cats are jerks.

19. When there is a glitch in the matrix on your way to work...

Imgur | etekusat

It's a little too early in the day to begin the cloning process, don't you think? Can we at least wait until I'm done my coffee?

20. When the universe aligns and you actually take a picture at the perfect moment, it will most definitely be hilarious.

Imgur | catinthefez

This little ferret has got me feeling all kinds of funny.

21. "Hello, yes, I would like three puppuccinos and eleventy dognuts, and make it snappy!"

Reddit | conversingwithoceans

Real talk, though, you guys don't know how badly I wish dogs could drive. Just IMAGINE.

22. Sure, it's unfortunate that this newscaster got all the Gatorade to herself and the player didn't even get any.

Reddit | SomebodyYaUsedToKnow

But we all know that orange is the worst flavor anyway, so at least nobody else had to suffer.

23. Little does this man in the striped sweater know that he is the chosen one.

Reddit | Grouphon

The bowler hat is a symbol of wisdom, strength, and Charlie Chaplin's dance moves. What a lucky dude.

24. You might think receiving this as an anniversary gift is crazy, but it turns out, it's really comfy! Count me and my milk-missiles in!

Reddit | Kvas_HardBass

No, really, where can I get one of these bad boys?