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15+ Then & Now Pics Of Long-Lasting Friendships

I've always said that friends are the family you get to pick, but it's not easy to hang onto your buddies as you grow up. There are all kinds of things that will come along in life and direct you into new and different areas, and it's incredibly common to drift apart at some point.

But the best of friends will never drift all that far. Here's your reminder that friendships can last, and it's worth it to keep those lines of communication open.

These brothers haven't changed a bit in 35 years.

Reddit | smokyartichoke

Clowning around for the camera never goes out of style, especially when you're already a close-knit bunch of goofs.

On the left, kindergarten. On the right, college.

Reddit | littleashtree

And if you can stay best friends through those years, the outlook has to be good for the future from there!

These two have been friends for 18 years!

Imgur | degruct

And there must have been plenty of adventures in there. The bromance is real, and adorable.

It's hard to believe there are two decades between these pics.

Reddit | sports_and_wine

These two besties since second grade sure don't look like they've aged that much between 1996 and 2018.

There's no way that tons of laughter wasn't involved in this re-creation.

Reddit | phathiker

The weird thing is how some of these fashions have come back around.

These best friends made this scene at ages 10, 17, and 29.

Reddit | downwarddawg

Apparently a lot can happen in 19 years! And it's cool for them to have this to look back on.

Just nine years separate these two pics of best buds.

Reddit | [deleted]

But obviously nine important years. They made it to grad at least!

Well done to these guys for re-creating their feast.

Reddit | LaserBeamPewPew

You have to be impressed that they either fit into the same, distinctive shirts, or they found adult versions.

These guys have been friends since the first day of kindergarten!

Reddit | Scottydew93

And by the last year of college, they were roommates. Now there's a sitcom waiting to happen.

Still got it!

Reddit | [deleted]

At 22, they can still re-create the facial expressions they had when they were 10. No birthday banner this time around, though.

Now there's a strong bond, with 38 years separating these pics.

Reddit | MuchoGrande

And you just know there's no way any of them are forcing a smile in either pic.

Definitely an appropriate way to celebrate turning 40.

Reddit | aaronisarun

Balloons! Also, having your best buds around, I suppose.

These guys are still happy to chill together 20 years later.

Reddit | SuccessIsNoAccident

The clothes may have changed, but the goofiness remains.

Staying friends for 59 years is truly impressive.

Imgur | Jkmiller20148

So many things could have come between these guys in that time, but they've always stuck together.

This crew must still be together today, right?

Imgur | irrelevantporpoise

It's tough after grad, but you don't go through your formative years together and just stop talking to each other.

Tub friends also share a special bond.

Reddit | [deleted]

Looks like the grew up a little bit — but not too much.

These best friends seemed to have an eventful time at high school.

Reddit | GlitchedForLife

The top is the first day of high school, and bottom is the last day, and holy smokes have they grown.

It's hard to believe that 17 years passed between these two pics.

Reddit | biccabong

But then, 17 years goes by in the blink of an eye!

These guys didn't look like their friendship would last back in the day.


But 19 years later, they're still going strong.

It's not too common for large groups of friends to last throughout the years.

Reddit | rcpopart

But time didn't stop this group from staying friends for over 50 years! That is a milestone worth celebrating.

This photo goes to show that with a strong group of friends, nothing changes much throughout the years.

Reddit | Kelbs_tx

The only things that seem to have changed here are their hair color and photo quality. Not too shabby!

Goonies never say die!

Reddit | Comlock

This photo really reminds me of the group of kids from The Goonies.

They really have all their facial expressions the same! Major props given here for A+ photo recreation.

Nothing much has changed here for these two bffs.

Reddit | JohnnyNobles

I'm sure he would be smiling a little bigger if she had brought him a gift like old times.

Same friends, different drinks.

Reddit | mjreans

No matter what time period, it looks like these friends know how to throw a raging party!

Many combat soldiers become super close friends after going through some of the hardest times in their lives.

Reddit | thunderbolt6D

They've been able to switch their scenery, though. But they're still just two friends enjoying a cold one together!

One of the best summer activities to do with your bestie is camping.

Reddit | Tittybanana

And these friends are still camping together, even though it doesn't seem like too many years have passed.

Life gets crazy, so this is an accomplishment.

Just because the years have passed doesn't mean your friend suddenly appreciates hugs and kisses.

Reddit | lanermss

Some things just never change!

Something tells me that this photo recreation was not done on purpose.

Reddit | ellissitzky

As in, I think this is how his friend still chooses to pose in every photo.

I'm glad he's keeping the side peace sign going strong.

A dirty day at the beach is childhood at its best.

Reddit | MisterOn

And that's definitely something that these buds didn't grow out of in over 20 years.

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