10+ Shows With Episodes That Scarred Kids

I'm sorry if you repressed these memories, folks.

However, the best way to face some really scarring moments in life is to, well, face them head-on. So put on your facing boots people. It's going to get scary.

"Courage The Cowardly Dog": "Perfect"

Cartoon Network

Listen, Courage The Cowardly Dog was known for it's horrifying imagery, and I can guarantee this won't be the last time it shows up on this list.

Anyways, this CGI monstrosity shows up and whispers "you're not perfect" to courage in a dream. Uh... what the heck?

Big Bird Vs The Demon


There are a lot of cool things you can learn on Seasame Street.

The Alphabet, a little bit of reading comprehension, how to defeat Ancient Egyptian demons that won't let the souls of certain dead children into the afterlife.

You know, kids stuff.

"Batman Beyond": "Earth Mover"

Warner Bros.

So yeah, this episode of a kid's TV show has a daughter confronting the radioactive corpse of her dead father. Who is, by the way, trying to bury her guardian alive.

And the corpse looks like this.

Pingu and The Seal

YouTube | Pingu Official YouTube Channel

Not only is the look of the seal traumatizing for kids, but the fact that the creature probably wants to devour poor Pingu is awful to think of for adults as well.

"Angela Anaconda"


Not like a single episode or anything, I mean in general.

This one is for our Canadian viewers out there who were probably scarred by this show's odd, janky animation.

The Slime Monster from "Ghostwriter"


YourMovieSucksDOTorg does a great YouTube video about this episode, in particular, called: "YMS Childhood Trauma".

Check it out if you have the chance, the episode is particularly creepy.

"The Powerpuff Girls": "Speed Demon"


This episode is both disturbing and bleak. The Powerpuff Girls accidentally travel 50 years into the future and see that their beloved Townsville has been destroyed by Him.

It's a truly chilling look at what the world would be like sans Powerpuff Girls.

"Boy Meets World": "And Then There Was Shawn"


This Halloween episode truly horrified a lot of kids around the world.

There's a creepy janitor, death threats written in blood oh, and yeah, a bunch of literal murder.

'Courage The Cowardly Dog': "King Ramses' Curse".

Cartoon Network

Aha! See, I told you that it wouldn't be the last time you'd see Courage The Cowardly Dog on this list.

Anyways, this is another episode where a 3D model scarred many children for life. Just look at that thing!

"Candle Cove"

Channel Zero

Like Angela Anaconda, this is another show, in general, we should talk about.

I just remember this thing, which appeared on Public Access, having a really creepy vibe. Does anyone else remember it?

The "Hey Arnold!" scene where his grandpa is seen decaying

YouTube | MrDubWorld

Seriously, how do people get away with showing this to children?

I mean, the guy's jaw literally rots off for flip sakes... That's gotta garner an R Rating right there!

The "Looney Tunes" episode where Tweety becomes a monster.

Warner Bros.

Oh god... I remember this episode. I thought I had suppressed all the memories of it yet here I am, reliving them all at once!

Ahhh! Get this evil tweety out of my head!

"Power Rangers" and the freaky clown

Saban International

A clown is always good if you want to scar some people for life.

In this episode of Power Rangers a clown kidnapped a kid, turned her into a cardboard cut out, and laughed wickedly.

Yeah, no thanks.

Babar's Origin Story


So, we all know about Babar, that cute little elephant with the crown.

Well, it turns out that his origin story involves his mother getting slaughtered by hunters. Can you say adorable?

"Rugrats": The goose with teeth


Wh... What the heck? Oh my god, get this horrifying creature off my screen. Seriously, this has to be the worst one of all!

Why does it have teeth? Why does it look so angry???