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Chris Evans Is Just As Obsessed With Keanu Reeves As We Are

Keanu Reeves and Chris Evans have both been in the media lately for their blockbuster films.

Keanu has stared in John Wick and Toy Story 4 and Chris Evans has just closed his book on Captain America in Avengers: Endgame.

Keanu Reeves has had an impressive year.

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Between John Wick, Always Be My Maybe, and Toy Story 4, Keanu can basically quit Hollywood for the rest of 2019.

Then there's Chris Evans who was in the biggest movie of the year.


Avengers: Endgame shook the cinemas and the fans.

And Chris Evans was the star of the show as Captain America.

Chris Evans not only works for Disney, but is a huge fan of Disney.


If you know even a bit about him, then you know he's basically obsessed with the company.

So it makes sense that he'd be into _Toy Story 4_.


If photos got released of Evans at the premiere, we wouldn't be surprised.

Then, an exclusive look behind the making of the movie was released.

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It shows the actors behind the characters saying the lines for their scenes!

And Chris Evans just freaking loved it.

This is as pure as it gets folks.

And look at the Twitter account that he retweeted...

So Chris Evans follows a Keanu Reeves account?

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He's just as much of a fan as we are!

How endearing is that? Now we just need them both in the same Disney film.

Will you be watching 'Toy Story 4'?

I know I will.

I'm just as much of a sucker for Keanu Reeves and Disney as Chris Evans is.