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Jordan Peele's Next Horror Film Will Be About Toxic Fandoms

Jordan Peele is the director that has basically taken over Hollywood, from the moment he put out Get Out.

His movies truly shock us to our core and are horrifying and intelligent.

He plans on doing the same with Candyman.

Jordan Peele's horror films have taken over cinema.

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Simply said, the man is a genius.

He delivers horror in the most interesting way and makes sure that there's actually a plot as part of his films.

The new 'Candyman' is going to focus on the toxicity behind fandoms.


Perfect example: Game of Thrones fan petition.

A lot of fans do really take things to the next level.

Creative Director, Ian Cooper, was on a panel when he spoke about the concept.

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“I think my issue with fandom is that it’s really problematic. It’s probably the most problematic thing facing the genre.” Cooper said.

Are you excited for his new film?

The amazing thing about Peele is that he even makes non-horror fans want to watch his movies.

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