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10+ LGBT Actors Who Should Have Been Cast In Major Roles By Now

It's Pride Month! Get on your parading shoes folks, because it's time to walk the streets and celebrate your sexuality!

Gay, Trans, Lesbian, Bi, Queer, Etc, as long you're an ally of the alliance you're welcome.

So today...


We're talking about LGBT+ actors who should've been in major roles by now.

After all, it is Pride month, so let's celebrate some of the best gay, lesbian, bi and trans (amongst others) actors that the industry has to offer!

1. Tessa Thompson


I know that she was Valkyrie and it was kind of a leading role and call me crazy, but I think we need a whole Valkyrie movie.

She's the queen of Asgard now, so why not?

2. Ben Whishaw


So this gay actor has made us think as Q, and has melted our hearts as the voice of Paddington, so why hasn't he been cast in a leading role yet?

3. Sarah Paulson


While she may have had some starring roles in the past, it's been so long since I've seen Sarah Paulson in a leading role.

It's time to get her back in the spotlight.

4. Billy Eichner


Sure, he had his own game show or whatever.

He had that show where he was on the street. He's Timon in The Lion King. But it's time for this King of Comedy to get his own movie.

5. Ezra Miller


Sure, he's had some big roles in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Trainwreck and The Stanford Prison Experiment, however, we should see if he can carry a movie on his own!

6. Tituss Burgess


This guy is probably everyone's favorite character from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, so why the heck wouldn't you put him in a leading role?

Huh, Hollywood? I'm talking to you!

7. Cara Delevingne

DC Universe

She was terrifying and very intimidating as The Enchantress in Suicide Squad, so we know that she can do villainy well.

Maybe give her an anti-hero character as her leading role?

8. Asia Kate Dillon

Legendary Entertainment

They were really... kick-butt in John Wick 3, so we know they can do action really well.

And they were intimidating, so we know they can act decently. Maybe it's time to cut their teeth as a leading non-binary person?

9. Jesse Tyler Ferguson


Uh, I can't believe this guy hasn't been offered a leading role yet.

He's touched our hearts and made us keel over laughing in Modern Family, so please get on that leading role.

10. Andrew Rannells

Tony Awards, CBS

This guy slays on Broadway. Like, he was in The Book Of Mormon as Elder Price, and he was killer in it.

So, it's time to bring back the movie musical and put this guy in it.

11. Alia Shawkat


I, amongst many others, absolutely adored her in Arrested Development.

Now, it's time for the true test: she was awesome in that series, but can she carry an entire picture by herself?

12. Elliot Fletcher


You might know this guy from Shameless, or from Faking It, or from something else.

My point is that he should be more well known because he has a whole lot of talent.

13. Janelle Monáe


This woman killed it in Moonlight, so perhaps she should step out of the role of "leading lady" and take over the leading spotlight totally.

Give her her own movie, is what I'm trying to say.

14. Zachary Quinto


This guy was Spock, for frick sakes. Spock! If we aren't giving our Spocks leading roles, then what are we doing with our lives?

What happened to the world? To the people we were supposed to become?