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13+ Times Celebrities Should Have Just Deleted Their Twitter

Twitter is a minefield.

If you're doing it right, it can be a fun, informative place to find memes, keep up with the news, and drag dumb, embarrassing or offensive celebrity tweets.

If you're doing it wrong, you are the celebrity posting those tweets.

Maybe they should have just thrown their accounts away, tbh.

Zac Efron celebrated MLK Day.

Twitter | @ZacEfron

Oh my god.


Zac later deleted this tweet, but the internet is forever, dude. What says respect more than bragging about your own Instagram follower count?

The black emojis were also a...choice.

Happy Father's Day from Lena Dunham

Twitter | @lenadunham

Listen, I know that there's the whole "wow she really said this on Father's Day" thing, but my big issue is this:

Girl, wtf were you doing saying "werk?" That's so cringe. Yikes.

Thank god Ryan Lochte is good at swimming.

Twitter | @RyanLochte

Because he would not win any spelling bees, I'll tell you that.

"Rock, paper, scissors" according to Ryan Lochte (circa 2012): At least two rocks, paper, and the latin verb "siccor," which I just learned is a word, but I am 100% sure Ryan did not know was a word.



This moment in Twitter history became so iconic that it actually has its own day now.

Each year, on the anniversary of April 28th, 2011, Twitter users tweet out "Ed Balls" into the Twittersphere.

Nicki Minaj should not be invited to sleepovers.


Ah yes, I too sometimes get on social media and admit to lowkey assault.

The best part of this is that she just casually finished the tweet with "Her name was Dameka." Idk why that's so funny, but it really is.

Mary J. Blige really tried it.

Twitter | @maryjblige

I'm speechless.

Mary J. Blige deleted this wildly embarrassing tweet, in which she really wanted people not to underestimate her intelligence.

Honestly, thank god she did that in 2009. In 2019, this would have been brutal.

Justin Bieber vs cartography.

Twitter | @justinbieber

You know what? As stupid as this question is, the man does have a point.

At the very least, why is it called "island?" Someone from Rhode Island, fill me in.

The gym is a weird place for Jessica Simpson.

Twitter | @JessicaSimpson

Y'ALL! I howled reading this.

Listen, the visual she paints is as incredible as it is nasty. But can we also stop and appreciate that she dropped the word "whilst" in there?

Iconic. Queen of vocabulary.

So...Nev Schulman did this.

Twitter | @NevSchulman

Like, where is this energy and when will it be used to call out his fellow white dudes for how much they catfish?

Nev deleted the tweet, but wow. He sure said that, huh?

Just a regular day for Jeffree Star.

Twitter | @JeffreeStar

This is the definition of "just throw the whole account away."

If Jeffree isn't causing controversies with James Charles, calling black women "rats," or deleting everything he says the moment he tweets it, then is it really a day ending in y?

Kim Kardashian had a new idea for the dictionary.

This absolutely incredibly tweet got the treatment it deserved, and I figured that I owed it to everyone reading this to show them.

Other tweets that I truly think deserve being on a mousepad:

Please don't leave small objects in Kanye's care.


I was looking for this tweet, and instead I found an image of it hand stitched and framed.

Etsy sellers are on another level.

Maybe if he'd deleted his Twitter after that tweet, we wouldn't be subject to the tirades he regularly goes on now?

That's more than I needed to know about Lil John.

Twitter | @LilJon

I mean, it's possible that this has happened to many reading this. It's also possible that it's happened to none of you.

You know what's also not possible? Me un-reading a detailed tweet about Lil Jon's bowel movements.

Martha Stewart forgot to finish her tweet.

Why did she tweet this? No idea. Am I glad she did? Yes. Does it have 40,000+ retweets and 38,000+ likes? Also yes.

Does this tweet's popularity surprise me? Hell no. It's Twitter. Rules don't apply there.

Donal Trump's relationship advice was prophetic I guess.

Twitter | @realDonaldTrump

Okay, first of all, pretty sure a ton of problems could be solved by him deleting his account. But that's just me.

Second of all, the assumption that Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart would take advice from him odd?