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Viral Security Camera Footage Has People Thinking Dobby Is Real

More and more people are installing security cameras around their homes. You used to need some serious tech skills or an expensive security package to have them, but now you can buy a WiFi connected one for practically pennies.

Really, the only reason I don't have one yet is laziness.

With more security cameras around, we're seeing more and more strange stuff.

Paranormal Maine

A lot of it is shared on Reddit or in specific conspiracy or horror communities, but occasionally one is weird enough to hit the viral mainstream.

The latest was shared on Twitter by @jadynbee_, who credited "a lady" as the original source.

At the time of this writing, the post already has 65,007 retweets 198,207 likes, and more than 17 million views.

It starts as a pretty bring driveway cam, but then a shadow appears in the bottom left corner.

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A strange, inhuman creature walks out into frame. Its walk is a bit wobbly, but it appears to do a quick chicken dance before disappearing entirely.

Some people were clearly muggles and tried to find a normal explanation for it.

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Everything from pranksters, to sleepwalking kids, to puppets were raised as possible answers.

Others just found it creepy.

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It was actually surprising to see how many people appeared to be seriously scared by the idea of this strange gremlin being outside in the dark.

But it was Harry Potter fans that took the thing viral.

There's no question in the mind of any Wizarding World fan that the creature in the video is a house elf.

Most people identified the figure as the beloved free elf Dobby, but I have to admit that this one commenter has a point.

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If any house elf would be found sneaking around in the dark, it's Kreacher.

The post was originally shared on Facebook in a post by Vivian Gomez.

facebook | Vivian Gomez

She is the "lady" that Twitter user @jadynbee_ is referring to.

The post has been shared over 130, 000 times.

"The other two cameras didn't pick it up for some reason."

Hmmm...I wonder what that reason could possibly be?

If you're yelling at the screen about this being totally fake... duh?

People were quick to note that the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) starts this coming Tuesday and we've all been eagerly awaiting word of a release date for the mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The viral video is awfully similar to other promotional materials perviously released for the Pokemon Go-style game, which is being made by the same developers, Niantic.

So is Dobby real? No, but this is fun, and now you know what the next crazy mobile game obsession is about to be.