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Trump Tweet Seems To Claim The Moon Is Part Of Mars And Laughter Ensues

Amy Pilkington 8 Jun 2019

Whatever you may feel about President Donald Trump as a leader or a person, I think we can all agree that he could stand to have someone check over his tweets before he sends them.

Not to censor them or anything, but simply to make sure that the tweet is actually saying what he thinks it's saying.

The latest lack of clarity has people questioning the president's understanding of basic astronomy.

In the tweet, Trump expresses dissatisfaction with how much focus NASA has been placing on plans for going to the Moon again.

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But it's one particular part of the tweet that's distracted from the issue he was probably hoping to highlight.

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When pointing out that Mars is one of the things NASA should focus on instead, the president's use of parentheses really makes it look like he thinks that the Moon — Earth's Moon — is part of Mars.

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Which it isn't, for the record.


Mars actually has two moons of its own, named Phobos and Deimos after the sons of Aries in Greek mythology.

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This, of course, led to some fun on Twitter at his expense.

Well, duh. Why else would they call it a Mars Bar? Of course it's made of chocolate!

Really, Twitter was on fire when it came to memes.

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Others were simply baffled by the tweet itself, which seems to contradict another Trump sent only a month ago.

In that one, Trump praised NASA and announced he was giving them a ton of extra funding to go back to the Moon, and then onto Mars.

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Vice President Mike Pence even made a big speech about going back to the Moon.

The plan is to get astronauts back to the lunar surface, including the first female astronaut to go there, by 2024. which is pretty darned cool.

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While it's still odd to berate NASA for focusing on something he was previously praising, it's likely Trump does know the Moon isn't part of Mars.


Likely, he was referring to the Moon landing being part of the Mars mission, rather than the satellite belonging to the other planet entirely.

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Ultimately, while I don't think Trump is quite that dumb, I do think he brought this particular ridicule on himself.


Twitter has a 280 character limit and the tweet is only 246. That leaves plenty of room to have worded it in a clearer, less hilarious way.

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