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23 Clever Details In 'The Incredibles' That We Genuinely Never Noticed

It seems like forever and a day since The Incredibles came out, and it is still a timeless classic.

We were so young and innocent when it was released, which is why I'm not surprised we all missed a whole bunch of Easter eggs scattered throughout one of the best superhero movies of our time.

1. After the plane crashes, Elastigirl realizes that the debris is about to fall on them by looking at its reflection in the water. 

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Here I was wondering why she didn't look up but still knew what was coming.

2. The holdup scene is a nod to Die Hard with a Vengeance, which also starred Samuel L. Jackson. 

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The only difference is that his character in Die Hard didn't hit the police officer with his freezing superpowers.

3. At one point, Bob comes across an article in a newspaper he is reading that states Simon J. Paladino is missing. This is the secret identity for Gazerbeam, who Bob finds dead in the cave.

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4. When Frozone is attempting to take a drink of water because he's dehydrated and can't use his powers, a close-up on his lips show that they are dry. 

Reddit | Riflekiller

If anyone's wondering why it took so long to get a sequel, it's these details that held it up.

5. The phone number on the business card that is given to Bob is 866-787-7476, which spells out SUPRHRO on a keypad. 

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I will not try to call. I will not try to call. I will not try to call.

6. When Bob's boss, Mr. Huph, sharpens his pencil, you can see that it reads, "Your Life is in our Hands." 

Epic Dash | Epic Dash

This will make you chuckle when you realize that Bob works for a life insurance company.

7. When Mr. Incredible first encounters Incrediboy, he mistakenly calls him Brodie, which is a reference to Jason Lee's character in Mallrats.

YouTube | Brandows Animations

Jason Lee voices Buddy, aka Syndrome. Dun. Dun. Duuuunnn.

8. The terrified boy in the waiting room in Finding Nemo is reading a Mr. Incredible comic book, and you can actually see him on the cover. 

Zimbio | Zimbio

That comic clearly wasn't enough to distract him from his upcoming dentist appointment.

9. When Mr. Incredible and Frozone are listening to the police scanner, we see a sign that reads "Andy's Restaurant" which is a nod to Andy from Toy Story and "Luxo's Deli" which is the Pixar lamp.

Tumblr | disneymoviesandfacts

10. Bomb Voyage, the mime-turned-villain, can be seen at the end of Ratatouille working as a mime. 

Tumblr | pixarratatouille

If you recall, Bomb Voyage managed to get away because Buddy interfered.

It's all your fault, Buddy. Good job.

11. All the superheroes who sit in the second row at Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's wedding are the ones who die.

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Dynaguy, Stratogale, Thunderhead, and Meta Man can all be seen sitting behind Gazerbeam, Edna Mode, and Rick Decker.

This is why:

I will always remember Edna Mode's advice for as long as I live, and will never wear a cape because of her.

12. The prison cell where Mr. Incredible is located is on level A1 and prison cell 13. 

The Disney Wiki | The Disney Wiki

Room A113 is the animation classroom at the California Institute of the Arts. Many Pixar animators attended this program and have included this Easter egg in most of the movies.

13. Another common detail scattered throughout Pixar films is the Luxo Ball, which can be seen sitting near Jack-Jack amongst his other toys in the short Jack-Jack Attack. 

Pixar Wiki | Pixar Wiki

The ball first made an appearance in the Luxo Jr. short as a prop and can be spotted throughout the Pixar-verse.

14. A young Incrediboy (aka Syndrome) took his superhero costume super seriously by coloring in the space around his eyes under his mask. 

Reddit | Superipod

This. This is why this movie tops all other superhero movies. I'm looking at you, Infinity War.

15. When Lucius is calling after his wife about his super suit, we all thought he was using a pet name by calling her "honey." Turns out Honey is her actual name. 

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When Lucius stops by to pick up Bob, Helen tells Lucius to say "Hi!" to her as we're left open-mouthed.

16. In Coco, an Incredibles poster can be seen in the background but with the dead versions of each character displayed. 

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This just confirms my suspicions that Coco is a perfect movie, and now I need a rewatch.

17. In Cars 2, the movie playing at the drive-in theater is The Incredimobiles, and I need to see this made-up movie right freaking now. 

World of Cars Wiki | World of Cars Wiki

If Pixar isn't working on a Cars version of The Incredibles, then honestly, what's even the point?

18. The suit that Bob wears looks a lot like his original super suit from the old days. 

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Even the detail of the red tie which mirrors the red circle in the center of his chest.

19. The church where Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl get married has the Incredibles "i" hidden in the stained glass.

Reddit | _i_am_root

Did the animators just go frame by frame, wondering which little Easter eggs they could throw in?

It sure seems like that.

20. During the fight between the Incredibles and the Omnidroid, you can spot Doc Hudson from Cars parked on the street. 

Pixar Planet | Pixar Planet

Hopefully he didn't get destroyed by the monstrosity, but I have a feeling he was okay.

21. There's been some debate about when the movie takes place, but thanks to high definition technology, we can see that the newspaper Bob reads has the date May 16, 1962. 

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Color. Me. Shook.

22. One of the items dumped out of the purse that the robber steals is a Mr. Incredible Pez dispenser. Clearly, someone is a fan, and where can I get that dispenser? Asking for a friend. 

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23. The two random old men on the street at the end of the movie are actually an homage to Disney animating legends Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, who voiced the characters.

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