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23 Fun DIYs That Deserve Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Diply 28 Mar 2018

Getting ready to start a brand new DIY project makes me want to sing out loud and dance like no one's watching! And if that sounds a bit dramatic to you, I'm going to suggest you go elsewhere, because us crafty people don't have time for that kind of negativity in our lives.

However, if getting creative and diving headfirst into a fun craft also puts you in a good mood, then check out the stash of amazing ideas below for some quick inspiration!

1. Tie-Dyed Watercolor Napkins

I Spy DIY | I Spy DIY

Cloth napkins make any meal feel extra fancy, so why not give this bright and vibrant DIY a try so you can wow guests at your upcoming get-together?

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2. DIY Hanging Shelves

Why Don't You Make Me? | Why Don't You Make Me?

Shelving is a lot easier to make than you probably realize, so stop scouring the web and local hardware stores for premade ones and create some all on your own!

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3. Custom Toddler Artwork

The DIY Village | The DIY Village

With the help of some peel-and-stick vinyl decals, your little one can create stunning artwork that you'd proudly display on mantels and walls for any special occasion.

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4. Desk Magazine Holder

eHow | Francesca Stone

Keep your workspace neat and tidy without breaking the bank by turning an empty cereal box into a holder for magazines, files, or anything else that's creating unwanted clutter.

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5. Travel-Themed Mason Jar Bank

Pillar Box Blue | Pillar Box Blue

I find it a lot easier to save money when it's going towards something special, like a trip or a new pair of shoes. With a little bit of Mod Podge and strips of patterned napkin, you can easily transform a mason jar into a bank for something that's special to you.

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6. DIY Lawn Dominoes

Iron And Twine | Iron And Twine

I don't know how to play Dominoes, but if I saw this fun, oversized set in someone's backyard, I'd certainly find the time to learn the rules!

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7. Antique Glass Insulators Coat Rack

Domestically Blissful | Domestically Blissful

Antique shops and flea markets always have these glass insulators in stock, and a thrifted coat rack shouldn't be all that hard to find! That means you can whip up one of these pretty shelves in no time.

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8. Jumbo DIY Confetti Poppers

Sugar And Cloth | Sugar And Cloth

Sure, regular sized confetti poppers are fun, but why not make them even better with some good ol' supersizing action? If you have a birthday party or any other special event coming up, you have to give this DIY a shot.

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9. Thrifty Lamp Revamp

Thrift Diving | Thrift Diving

Breathing new life into a thrift store find is always fun and exciting because you never know what you're going to end up with. Doesn't this revamped lamp look amazing?

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10. Portable Lego Table

Craft Your Happiness | Craft Your Happiness

I loved playing with Lego when I was a kid, so this portable table would have been perfect for me. If you or someone you know has a Lego fanatic in their life, you need to make them one of these.

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11. DIY Personalized Doormats

Something Turquoise | Something Turquoise

Nothing says, "Come on in!" better than a welcoming doormat. And even though this crafty blogger used a Cricut machine to make her stencils, that doesn't mean you have to. Experiment with different things and see what you can come up with.

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12. Paneled Bi-Fold Closet Door DIY

Room For Tuesday | Room For Tuesday

A set of closet doors like this would cost an arm and a leg if you bought them at a store. However, as long as you have access to a few power tools and a hardware store, you can DIY them for next to nothing.

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13. Geode Bath Bombs

The Makeup Dummy | The Makeup Dummy

Treat yourself to some R&R by whipping up a batch of gorgeous geode bath bombs. And if you're not a fan of baths, feel free to make some of these for friends and family who are.

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14. DIY Modern Gold Ring Wreath

Making Joy And Pretty Things | Making Joy And Pretty Things

If you already have a doormat that greets your guests at the front door but want to amp up that welcoming feeling even more, give this chic ring wreath a shot.

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15. DIY Scrapbook Embellishments

Mod Podge Rocks | Mod Podge Rocks

Colorful hot glue sticks and a silicone mould are all it takes to make a collection of scrapbook embellishments that'll take your favorite memories to the next level.

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16. Tissue Paper Transfer Art

It's Always Autumn | It's Always Autumn

To create this whimsical effect, simply spray a blank canvas with water, place pieces of tissue paper on top of it, and then spritz everything with a bit more water. After about 20 minutes, remove the paper and allow the canvas to dry.

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17. MacKenzie Childs Courtly Check Knockoff

Refunk My Junk | Refunk My Junk

If you haven't fallen in love with the work of MacKenzie Childs, you're missing out. However, while her creations are beautiful, they most certainly are not cheap. But don't fret, that's what knockoff projects are for!

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18. Pastel Candlestick Birdhouses

Crafts Unleashed | Crafts Unleashed

Nothing screams "SPRING!" louder than a pretty little birdhouse. For Easter, I'm painting birdhouses with my nephew, and I think I'm going to steal some design inspiration from these dreamy examples.

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19. DIY Balloon Garden

The House That Lars Built | The House That Lars Built

I've always wanted to learn how to create animals and other things out of balloons. Perhaps this easy-to-follow flower tutorial would be the perfect place to start!

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20. DIY Colorful Camp Oars

I Spy DIY | I Spy DIY

I have the perfect spot in our home for a set of pretty decorative accents like these. I don't know about you, but I see an Amazon order of oars in my near future.

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21. Packing Tape Labels

A Piece Of Rainbow | A Piece Of Rainbow

You don't need any fancy equipment or materials to make pretty labels. All it really takes is some clear packing tape, a spoon, and a bowl of water.

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22. License Plate Box DIY

The Cavender Diary | The Cavender Diary

OK, shut the front door! These are the coolest little boxes I've ever seen. Honestly, it's taking everything in me to not grab my keys so I can drive to the nearest antique shop and buy some secondhand license plates.

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23. DIY Disco Ball Hanging Planter

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

Lastly, for those of you who are looking forward to spring and all of the lovely greenery that comes with it, this disco ball hanging planter is just the project you need to get you through these last few chilly weeks.

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How many of these DIY projects did you just add to your to-do list? Which one are you going to try first?


Let us know in the COMMENTS, and don't forget to SHARE this collection of ideas with all of the makers in your life!

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