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14 Sneaky Times Grocery Stores Tried To Pull One Over On Us

Diply 12 Jun 2018

I love the grocery store — we've got a solid relationship. I spend way more money than I ever need to, and it feeds me for a solid week. Then, I go back and do it all again. It's probably the most committed relationship in my life.

So, imagine how I felt when I realized the grocery store was basically just stabbing me in the back. It felt like it was cheating on me with all its sly and sneaky moves.

But then it pulls me back, because it knows I have nowhere else to go. Here are some sneaky tricks that grocery stores just can't seem to stop playing on us.

1. I'm not sure if this grocery store thinks this is funny, but as someone who loves cucumbers and can't take the heat, I'm not laughing.

Reddit | I_poop_in_10_seconds

They say if you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

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2. "If only nature could provide some packaging for oranges so that we didn't have to waste plastic." 

Reddit | kneeco28

Wait a minute...

How much extra do you think you have to pay to have your orange pre-peeled?

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3. "My local grocery store had a deal on a family pack of NY Strips... but I have a sneaky suspicion that they snuck a rib eye in there."

Reddit | HTTR_21

Poor guy thought he was getting a great deal. Turns out both of these babies are rib eyes.

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4. Does Lays really know what the word "bigger" means?

Imgur | Imgur

I know that bigger doesn't always mean better, but in this case, I think a few extra chips would have been the right call.

How the hell do people get away with such robbery?!

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5. "Buy one get one free" might sound great, but lots of places are sneaky with their pricing.

Pixabay | itkannan4u

They'll raise the original price so you're barely saving anything at all.

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6. I'm not sure if this store is hiding something from us, or if they've got our backs.

Reddit | adrienlatapie

They've covered the calorie count on these cans, but 90 calories for a drink really isn't that bad.

Do they know something we don't?!

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7. This looks like any ordinary shrimp package, until you take a closer look.

Reddit | TheSoulOfTheRose

For some reason, they've removed the heads, inched them up a bit, and pretended these guys are the jumbo shrimp you paid for.

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8. We all know that "Crispy Hexagons" are the poor man's version of Crispix.

Imgur | JoshDefibaugh

They both taste like total crap to me, but at least I know what I'm getting into.

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9. Did you know grocery stores put the produce first so that you don't feel as guilty when you load up on sugary crap later?

Pixabay | Photo-Mix

If you're now thinking about how much crap goes into your cart later on, you aren't the only one.

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I know, I'm totally shook too.

Giphy | Giphy

I give the grocery store so much love, and this is what they do to me?!

I feel like they've stabbed me right in the back.

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10. Is it still a value if you aren't even getting three supersized toothpastes?

Reddit | orangenotebook

I guess there was no promise of a supersized 3-pack, but I'd still be pretty disappointed too.

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11. Apparently, this is actually pretty common in Russia.

Reddit | ilushkin

Buy a pack and get two bonus sausages seems like a great deal.

Until you realize the original pack is actually missing two dogs to begin with. WTF?!

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12. You would think there's nothing sneaky that could be done to an orange, but boy are we wrong.

Imgur | Imgur

Apparently, oranges go in red bags so that the oranges look even more orange.

Does an oranger orange impact your orange buying decisions?!

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13. This seems like a pretty normal pack of cheese.

Imgur | unclemachete

Until you realize they're trying to sell you one single slice of cheese for a whopping $0.92.

What am I even going to do with one slice of cheese?

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14. Sometimes buying in bulk is a great idea, other times you're just being conned. 

Imgur | Kataklysmyk

If you just bought them at regular price, you'd get more bang for your buck. How stupid do they think we are?!

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Honestly, this explains exactly how I feel about grocery shopping now. I'm #OverIt.

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