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23 Savvy DIYs That'll Make You Want To Upcycle All The Things

Diply 6 Feb 2018

Upcycling is a great way to save money while also being good to the environment. Basically, the less waste we produce, the happier and healthier the planet will be — who doesn't want that?

If you're an avid DIYer who loves saving money and also tries your hardest to be a friend to the environment, the collection of upcycling projects below will put a smile on your face and spark a flame of creative inspiration in your heart.

1. DIY Stoplight Night-Light

By The Stand | By The Stand

It's amazing what you can find on the side of the road! And if you know what you're doing, you can transform someone else's junk into your very own treasure — which is exactly what this amazing crafter did.

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2. Pottery Barn Mirror Hack

Amy Ogden-Paparone | Hometalk

True DIYers know how to get that expensive look on a shoestring budget. This savvy maker could have bit the bullet and dropped a bunch of money on the Pottery Barn version of this large mirror, but she decided to get crafty and make one for a fraction of the price instead!

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3. Dollar Store Planter Hack

Engineer Mommy | Engineer Mommy

Large planters are notorious for being overpriced, but don't let that soil your green front porch dreams — see what I did there? All it takes is a bit of homemade chalk paint and a couple of cheap plastic trash cans to give your home some seriously awesome curb appeal.

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4. Coffee Pod Confetti Poppers

The TipToe Fairy | The TipToe Fairy

K-Cups are terrible for the environment because they aren't recyclable, but that doesn't mean you can't do your part and upcycle them into something epic! Take a page out of this mama's creative book and turn your leftover pods into fun confetti poppers.

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5. Marquee Sign Alternative

Ali's Wood Be Rescues | Hometalk

Marquee signs and letters can be quite pricey, which means it isn't always in the budget for decorating or wedding plans. If you want the look of a marquee sign without the financial burden of purchasing one, take inspiration from this tutorial that uses empty coffee pods and string lights.

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6. K-Cup Easter Bunnies

Pitter And Glink | Pitter And Glink

And the coffee pod hacks just keep on coming! These things are super versatile, so there's no reason for filling up our landfills with them. Aren't these Easter Bunny friends just the cutest?

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7. Green Pepper Shamrocks

Learn Play Imagine | Learn Play Imagine

Keep this year's St. Paddy's Day festivities G-rated and family-friendly by turning tasty green peppers into adorable shamrock stamps. Just make sure you pick peppers with four bumps on the bottom so your stamped creations are extra lucky!

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8. Candlestick Makeover

Purple Hues And Me | Purple Hues And Me

Do these candlesticks remind anyone else of rock candy? They look good enough to eat! And while it's a bit disappointing that these accents aren't actually made of candy, the look this collection of dollar store jewels has created is still super fun.

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9. Cake Pan Captain's Mirrors

Organized And Simplified | Organized And Simplified

A lot of people are loving captain's mirrors right now — you can find variations of them in pretty much every home decor store you can think of. However, if you're not into spending a bunch of money for something as simple as a mirror, this is the hack for you.

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10. Hammered Flower Napkins

Jan B. | Hometalk

Create gorgeous, vibrant designs on cloth napkins, shirts, or any type of linen by using a hammer to pound flowers covered with plastic wrap! The shapes and colors from the flowers will transfer to the fabric, leaving you with a one-of-a-kind result.

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11. Simple Customized Stained Glass

Kara S. | Hometalk

All it takes is some Elmer's glue, acrylic paint, and a bit of imagination to turn any piece of glass into a gorgeous work of art that you'll be able to proudly display in your home.

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12. Miniature Trash To Treasure

My Small Obsession | My Small Obsession

If you put your mind to it, pretty much anything can become a doll house accessory. For example, you can upcycle metal trays from makeup kits into baking pans, or empty coffee creamers into lamp shades or trash cans.

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13. DIY Decorative Bee Hive

Confessions Of A New Old Home Owner | Confessions Of A New Old Home Owner

Add a hint of farmhouse charm to your home or garden by making one of these decorative bee houses out of a secondhand mixing bowl and some rope. Oh, and to make it look like there's a real door for the bees to use without actually giving them one, simply color in a small, circular portion of the rope with a black marker.

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14. Nightstand Transformation

Bubblestitch Quilts | Bubblestitch Quilts

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? What kid wouldn't want to play with this? The love and creativity that went into this transformation is too precious.

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15. Cute Denim Dog Toys

Pilar Box Blue | Pilar Box Blue

When you're on the hunt for your next upcycling venture, don't forget about your furbaby! You can easily take an old pair of jeans and turn them into these cute chew toys in no time.

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16. Vintage Colander Hanging Planter 

Sadie Seasongoods | Sadie Seasongoods

Not only am I in love with the color of this colander, but I also can't get enough of how amazing and vibrant it looks with flowers in it.

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17. Cassette Succulent Planter

Creative Green Living | Creative Green Living

You don't see many cassette tapes these days, but that doesn't mean they aren't useful anymore. Just look at what this crafty blogger decided to do with a set of them!

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18. DIY Guitar Shelf

YouTube | BillSin Workshop

If you're looking for a fun, out-of-the-box way to add personality and charm to your living space, I think a guitar shelf is a good place to start.

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19. Camera Desk Lamp

Instructables | RobertI24

DIYers of the world are on a roll with their creative upcycles! First a nightstand kitchen, then a guitar shelf, and now a camera desk lamp. What will they come up with next?

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20. Upcycled K-Cup Planters

Far From Normal | Far From Normal

Hey, look! Another K-Cup upcycle! It turns out that these plastic coffee pods are the perfect size for small air plants and succulents. It's safe to say that the color, design, and plant possibilities are endless with this one.

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21. Upcycled Globe Stand

Lovely Etc. | Lovely Etc.

If any of you happen to have an old globe stand lying around, may I suggest turning it into a paper towel holder for your kitchen? This is such a great idea!

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22. DIY Book Clutch

See Kate Sew | See Kate Sew

While I'm not usually one to support the destruction of books, especially old ones, I'm going to allow this DIY idea to squeak through because it's super cool! But try to avoid ripping really good books, okay?

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23. 5-Minute Designer Knobs

A Piece Of Rainbow | A Piece Of Rainbow

Finally, spruce up a set of wooden drawer pulls in a matter of minutes by following this creative DIYers tutorial. This project will definitely take any piece of furniture from drab to fab in no time.

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Which of these DIY ideas did you like the most? Are you going to try any of them?


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