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14 Things Doing The Exact Opposite Of What They Should

Diply 2 Feb 2018

Everyone fails at some things and that's not being pessimistic my friends, that's just keeping it real. But it's especially disheartening when something fails at exactly what it's made for. Disheartening, and also very amusing for anyone who doesn't have to deal with it personally.

1. It's either the door or the stairs that are a major mistake

Reddit | racecarjohnny2825

Not sure which was built first, but it was a mistake either way. The railing is supposed to be helpful, but I think it's just going to cause a bunch of issues.

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2. The point of buying ice cream in this package is to not have to worry about how you'll eat it  

Reddit | Luca_117

It's all about convenience. Unless the stick is missing, and then it's still yummy but such a pain.

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3. I don't get why labels have to be liars

Reddit | BitiumRibbon

Why add that in? Why make false promises? I will never understand. But this is certainly broken, and you know what else is broken? Our trust.

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4. Points for trying to be accessible, but that's about it

Reddit | TinyTino

Having the button at the top of the staircase is the exact opposite of helpful, and also leaves us to wonder what the heck it's for.

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5. Apparently, you can't judge a movie by it's cover either

Reddit | GoldenTogepi

"Covers are just for fun and are not supposed to tell you what's inside," said no one ever. At least, in my books, this was an upgrade.

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6. A handle that's not going to let you in anytime soon

Reddit | _xXDeXXoNXx_

A car has a lot of parts and really the handle has the most simple job of all. But without it, you are truly out of luck.

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7. All it needs to do is dispense the drinks and that's all it didn't do

Reddit | gamrman

A craving for Dr Pepper was not satisfied in this moment, and my heart truly aches for the poor soul.

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8. Shovels are only needed for one season, but for that one season, they are all you need 

Reddit | shanipants420

And yet this one couldn't even last through a fresh, light snowfall.

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9. This is what happens when you need to fuel up and your car is not feeling it

Reddit | dbspeltwrong4r

I didn't know a car could be like "Nope, not today," but this car totally did that.

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I'm not a car person, so there could totally be an easy way to fix this


But my reaction would be a solid "Yikes!" followed by a call to Dad to see what you do next because if not, I would be stranded.

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10. Signs are meant to help clear up what's going on 

Reddit | niels87

Not lead to more accidents because drivers are trying to figure out if the sign means go left or go right. I would honestly just go home.

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11. A mouse that went from useful to useless real quick 

Reddit | TacoHut_PizzaBell

That's one way to get yourself into that wireless mouse life, but it's not a smart way. The opposite of smart, if I do say so myself.

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12. A Newton's cradle turned into Newton's nightmare

Reddit | SeaOtter_

You've seen these on desks, and you've probably tapped one of those little silver balls. It's all about gravity and velocity, and apparently, tangled disasters.

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These basically have the sole purpose of being predictable because of science and yet, I don't think anyone could have predicted that hot mess. It literally makes no sense. At. All.

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13. A pizza cutter that doesn't cut has to be a curse or something 

Reddit | Diarrhea_Dispenser

It doesn't have an overly clever name to live up to, and yet it didn't even live up to that. It tried.

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14. And this puzzle, that will never be finished 

Reddit | Jennifer_2002

The pieces are the right shape, but that's only half the battle with this one — they're completely the wrong color for where they're supposed to fit.

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