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23 Fashion Disasters People Actually Paid Money For

The fashion world is a weird one. Sometimes, edgy and risky designs work out for the best. That's why we have things like crop tops and ripped jeans.

Sometimes, though, those designs are nothing but major flops that the public still buys anyway. Why? I honestly don't know.

1. Honestly, I hope this look becomes all the rage in the next few years.

Awkward Freya | Awkward Freya

Because then I can run around swinging my arms and everyone will be forced to stand at least five feet away from me, just the way I like it.

2. I can't tell if the design of these shirts was intentional or not.

Reddit | brendan_07

I mean, I swear I don't have a dirty mind — it's just really in your face, is it not?

I kind of love it, though.

3. They literally could have used the school's logo to replace the "C" in "Central", but instead, they just tossed it in there without a second thought.

Reddit | xFly1ngPengu1nx

Come on, the solution is literally so in your face. How could anyone have missed this?

4. Besides the fact that this shirt is tacky as hell, the text is nothing but a pink hot mess.

Reddit | FiredDionysus

I'm trying to figure out where the word "girls" fits in here, and it doesn't at all, right? Or am I crazy?

5. So, did a darker color come along or what?

Reddit | SoldWifeForRp

Because I don't know if it's just me, but this shirt is definitely not black, so what's going on here?

6. Have you ever wanted to own a shirt that looks like you had to pull it away from an angry dog?

Gilt | Gilt

Well, now you can! And look, it's on sale for the low price of just $1,046!

7. Honestly, I wouldn't even be mad if I saw someone wearing this shirt out in public.

Awkward Freya | Awkward Freya

That would take some serious bravery to look like you got mauled by a hole punch.

8. Now this on the other hand...

Awkward Freya | Awkward Freya

I have no words. I hope this is just some form of artistic expression and we'll never, ever see these on store shelves.

9. Nike just came out with new slides that feature a fanny pack.

Twitter | @evilpez4

I'm trying to decide how I feel about them, but Twitter has already made up it's mind: it's no bueno.

10. The warm weather is finally here!

Reddit | gollygeewillykins

This means that it's time to "enjoy mevery loment sof jummer"! Right, guys?

It's a shame because I'm loving the aesthetic of this bag, but you'd literally have to pay me to wear it anywhere in public.

Even Mario Lopez has thoughts on the new shoe look.

Twitter | @MarioLopezExtra

And if Mario Lopez feels like he could get beat up wearing these, then maybe none of us should be wearing them.

11. I think putting people's faces so high up on shirts is always going to be a bad call.

Reddit | iPhone-Jailbreak

Or a good call, depending how developed your sense of humor is.

12. Now I know Target didn't make a mistake in the clothing warehouse, this shirt is supposed to look like this.

Reddit | kvnmahan

Buy my question is why. Why can't we just have regular striped shirts without any extra and unnecessary flare?

13. I would honestly pay actual money for this shirt and wear it every single day.

Reddit | Buiamil

What does it mean? What's its hidden message? It doesn't matter. I feel at least five times more empowered just looking at it.

14. This shirt left the image file name on it.

Reddit | Dradicus100

I won't even pretend to be an expert in clothing design or fashion, but I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to be there.

15. This shirt is being sold in what looks like a professional athletics store, and I'm honestly blown away.

Reddit | razrsharp007

I mean, just look at it. Some of the symbols are there just for looks, and some of them are a part of the text. It's chaos.

16. If you look on the bright side, at least you have a bunch of extra denim that you didn't pay for.

Imgur | mhoa

So really, can we roll up the cuffs and call this one a win?

17. Let this hilarious disaster be a lesson to all of you.

Twitter | @Sallamandersal

Always check the sizing of what you're about to buy online.

And it probably wouldn't hurt to read a review or two.

18. Whichever fashion designer thought to put this warning inside a pair of tights has been sadly misled.

Reddit | [deleted]

Because we all know that tights are the most versatile item of clothing in our wardrobes, and no label is going to tell me otherwise.

19. This poor tourist drastically underestimated the clothing size differences between China and America.

Reddit | iBigBoyBrian

But to be fair, you'd think that 2XL would do the trick. It makes you wonder what an XS would look like.

20. This guy was telling his friends that there's a lot of nonsense English written on clothing in Japan.

Reddit | ThePeoplesBard

This is the perfect example of that. And people actually pay for it, and wear it!

21. I honestly just have so many questions.

Twitter | @mysticphonk

Never, in my years of shopping, have I stumbled across an outfit like this, either in-store or online. Where do you buy this sort of ensemble, and how much does it cost?

22. Okay, yes, women do want pockets on their dresses.

Reddit | orionsbelt05

But we don't want them on our backs, thanks very much.

This makes me so irrationally angry. Who thought this was a smart idea?

23. Printing characters on socks never seems to be a good idea.

Reddit | VipoxGames

Do designers not realize that fabric stretches?

But to be truthful, if I had these socks, I would still wear them everywhere I went.

24. When the flies on your shirt are gettin' buzzy.


Bad pun, for an even worse shirt.

25. Not to assume any cartoon's gender, or anything...

Reddit | weirdBatt

But we're pretty sure Minnie goes by Mrs., and Mickey goes by Mr.

We could be wrong though.

26. We're not entirely sure that "real men" love bowhunting ANYONE...


But Jesus? Doesn't seem likely.

27. Perfect example of expectation versus reality.

Reddit | Psilan

At least she does't look that upset?