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16 Times Done Was Better Than Nothing

Diply 14 Jun 2018

"Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time."

Yeeaaahhhhh, that sounds nice. But also, have you tried phoning it in so as to give yourself more time to maybe, like, not do anything? Or at the very least, binge watch some Netflix?

Take a page from the unfinished book of the following 16 people. It ain't pretty, but at least it's done. And really, isn't that all that matters?

1. Somebody is not a fan of bicyclists. 

Reddit | pvs_pvs

It's fair to say whoever created this bike lane might have some issue they wanna work through with a good therapist. Or it's possible they're just a jerk.

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2. Seems legit. 

Reddit | nitengale329

I'm sure this is totally street legal. Doesn't look like trailer trash at all. I'm sure BMW is considering a similar hood ornament on some of their soon-to-be-released luxury models.

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3. Duct tape is just so last decade.

Reddit | EntPatroll

Electrical tape is totally where it's at, especially when you're making repairs to an electric pole. Duh. They have, like, the same name even.

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4. Seems completely safe and totally up to code. 

Reddit | awkwardbegetsawkward

Forget all that "in case of fire, break glass" nonsense. Any time there's a whiff of smoke or the tiniest flame, just flip this switch! Firefighters will arrive shortly to serve you a big fine.

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5. Straight out of the middle of the 20th century. 

Reddit | fej057

In the 1950s, Jell-O casseroles were all the rage. Then again, so was racism and sexism. It'd be nice if all three could just fade away.

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6. Go home, line painter. You're drunk.

Reddit | bre79

Not sure what the traffic law is here. Pretty sure I can't pass, but I might also have to jerk my steering wheel around like I'm having a psychotic episode.

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7. Ah, good ol' fourd grade.

Reddit | NateArcher

Definitely fun and cool. Often the best year of your elementary school life. How old are you in fourd grade, ninest or tenteen?

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8. Transparency isn't always a good thing.

Reddit | tcinn

I don't know about you, but I just don't enjoy making eye contact with the person in the stall next to me. Yeah, I'm weird that way.

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9. The job site called for steel-toed shoes.

Reddit | bigbaumer

Really, if construction sites are going to be so anal about "safety" and "lawsuits," they really should be more specific about allowable footwear.

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10. Yep, seems totally safe.

Reddit | YayuHNR

He's obviously well secured to one of about 18 ladders on the site. Plus, if he falls, there's at least seven more ladders to break his fall.

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11. Pickup trucks are for sissies. 

Reddit | Antonismac

You don't need no four-wheel-drive gas guzzler when you're doing home improvement projects. A bicycle will suffice if you've got enough gumption and grip strength.

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12. Really, guys? What could possibly go wrong? 

Reddit | Thetapewaster

I mean, you're painting a wall. What better use of the tools you have on hand than the paint can itself? I'm pretty sure this is how they do it on Property Brothers.

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13. Let there be light. All the lights. All together.

Reddit | jewishjihad

Why install one of those switch panels when you can cram three single switches on top of each other. This is much more aesthetically pleasing, don't you think?

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14. Modern art? Extra storage? Really stupid home-improvement project?

Imgur | Deceneu21

Maybe this is one of those functional art pieces that double as useful space. Yep, that totally makes this project worth it and not at all ridiculous.

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15. Horror movie idea: The Pizza Dough That Came Out Of The Dumpster.

Reddit | qwerty-confirmed

It's a working title. But it seems pretty fitting, no? Think of it like Jaws but with raw dough and marinara sauce. It's terrifying.

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16. No, those are lights hanging from the ceiling and not anything else that you might be thinking. 

Instagram | @suzysnest

What a great pair...of lights, amirite? Just feels like the room is embracing you to its bosom, no?

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