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11 Car Hacks That Work (And Some We Would Never Try)

Diply 12 Mar 2018

I drove some pretty old cars for a number of years before I finally bit the bullet and bought my very first new car.

Those old cars were well loved, but certainly had their fair share of issues. I remember using duct tape several times to make sure things stayed on, including taping a side mirror onto the car.

I'll admit that some of the hacks I tried probably weren't that great, but some of them actually were! And even now with a new car, there are quite a few hacks that I use to keep the car clean and organized.

Here's a list of some not-so-great hacks, as well as some you should definitely try!

1. Fancy cars come with cameras and sensors for backing up in parking lots, but they're expensive.

Reddit | [deleted]

But then, if a rubber chicken is your solution, maybe it's worth shelling out a little more.

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2. Like I said, some hacks are pretty great, and this hack might be my absolute favorite one of all! 

Pinterest | Pinterest

I hate that cars don't come with a console for keeping my massive McDonald's meal in check while I'm cruising around town.

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3. Apparently, coffee filters are great for cleaning up dust and dirt around your car's dashboard.

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

I wonder if they'd be better than using a Swiffer Duster around the house, too!

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4. This is a hack that I can't possibly see working for very long.

Ajorbahman | Ajorbahman

Overall, I'll give them props for their creativity and ingenuity, but in terms of feasibility and long-lasting potential, it's pretty darn bad.

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5. This might be the most redneck car hack I've seen to date.

Cheezburger | Cheezburger

You certainly need to have the right tools to make this happen, so they definitely thought it was an excellent idea.

I can't say I agree.

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6. If you score your registration sticker with a razor after you put it on your license plate, thieves will have a much harder time stealing it.

Reddit | Ransacked

I really wish hacks like this one weren't necessary.

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7. This one might be the most ridiculous mirror hack of them all.

Cheez Burger | Cheez Burger

I guess if all you've got on hand are a bunch of bandages, I can give you a break. But seriously, who thinks of these things?!

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8. This hack could end in disaster, but it'll be hack gold if it works for you!

Kick Vick | Kick Vick

This might actually work better than a phone holder. All of mine fall off the dashboard anyway.

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9. I get it. If I owned a convertible, I'd probably want to drive it all the time too. 

Cheezburger | Cheezburger

But guys, if there's a storm a brewin', maybe leave it in the garage for once, okay?

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10. The interior of a car can get pretty gross, but this hack will help with the stench. 

Pinterest | Pinterest

When you think about all the butts that sit on your seats, you'll be rushing home to give this one a shot!

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11. When you want a camper attachment badly but you only have a few buckets of flex seal, you make do.

Reddit | Reddit

Or at least this guy does. Bonus points for creative use of the tailgate.

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12. Winter is tough enough even when your heater is working, but this fix seems a bit extreme.

Reddit | PNWCatDad

Not sure I would want to stop suddenly with a roaring fire next to me, let alone get in a fender bender.

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13. Conversely, in the summer, I definitely want air conditioning.

Reddit | thinrwazhere

I just don't know if I want it badly enough to install a window unit with its own dedicated generator hanging off the back.

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14. And this one comes in a close second for craziest redneck car hack.

Cheezburger | Cheezburger

I wonder what happened to their original door that made it so they desperately needed to use this interesting contraption instead.

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15. If you've ever been stuck trying to get out of your driveway on a snow day, you know how key this hack will be.

eBay | eBay

I've never tried it, but I'll certainly be giving it a go next time I get stuck.

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16. I cannot figure out why anyone would think this would be a good car hack.

Reddit | What_u_say

The pennies do not help the car in any way, and you probably could have used the $30 in coins to buy yourself something much cooler than this.

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17. Some hacks are pretty great, like this one to get the sticker off your windshield.

Motoring About | Motoring About

All you need to do is wet a piece of newspaper in warm water and place it on the sticker for 10 minutes to help it come off!

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18. Dish soap can get grime off nearly anything.

Men Clean | Men Clean

Dish soap is created to cut through grease, making it easier to wipe off all the nasty stuff that builds up and is tough to get off.

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19. See, when I said I used duct tape to keep my mirror from falling off, I meant the original mirror. 

Reddit | ref5022

This would probably be a half decent short-term solution, but I wouldn't recommend using it in the long run.

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20. If you don't have a funnel, you can pour oil into your car along a screwdriver instead.

Reddit | thetechhunter

It'll guide the oil quite nicely, and it's much preferred to cleaning up an oil spill on your engine.

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21. If you want to look super fly, give this hack a try.

Reddit | Reddit

I'll certainly give it an "A" for effort, but honestly, a sunroof does not make you cool, and this is probably a waste of your hard-earned money.

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22. This person had to park in a tight spot next to some careless people every day, so to keep their doors from getting dinged too often, they turned to a pool noodle and some bungees.

Reddit | Boots_n_cat

Not the prettiest solution, but better than dents and scrapes.

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23. A plastic cereal container doubles as a garbage can for your car.

Reddit | JiveMonkey

And it's much easier to keep your ride clean when trash isn't rolling around all over the place.

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There you have it! Some totally useful hacks, and some I highly recommend not doing anytime soon.

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