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31 Brilliant Ways To Take Your Home From 'Meh' To Magnificent On The Cheap

Diply 19 Mar 2018

Who doesn't want to take their home up another level and make it look fly as hell? Seriously, we're all royalty and deserve to live in palaces fit for a queen.

But, unfortunately, we don't all have the funds to make that happen. Luckily for us, there are some pretty cheap (and actually kind of easy!) ways to make our homes just a little bit better.

I, for one, can't wait to give my home a little extra love. An added benefit is surprising all my friends with the "luxuries" I pretend I can afford.

1. Use your leftover champagne bottles as a jewelry holder.

I Spy DIY | I Spy DIY

While you might think this would look totally trashy, if you have some trendy jewelry and some other fun accessories, this looks totally chic.

I'm super into this.

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2. Hanging things in your home is a total pain in the ass.

I Heart Nap Time | I Heart Nap Time

But it actually makes your place look 100 times better, so let's make it easier on us!

This hack makes putting things up on the wall super easy, so you have absolutely no excuses now.

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3. A little bit of essential oil on a roll of toilet paper makes your bathroom smell fresh.

Yldist | Yldist

Every time someone uses some toilet paper it will release a little bit of the essential oil's scent, keeping your bathroom smelling nice and clean.

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4. Add some life to your home with plants and a DIY floating shelf.

Place Of My Taste | Place Of My Taste

Floating shelves are surprisingly easy to make. Even I can use a drill and some yarn to make one.

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5. Make your bathroom look like a spa with a pebble bath mat.

Curbly | Curbly

It might feel a bit funny on your feet at first, but trust me, once you get used to it you'll feel like you're at the spa every damn day.

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6. Upgrade those ugly air grates with something a little more sophisticated.

Friendly Home | Friendly Home

This DIY actually seems pretty easy to do, and it will definitely take your home to the next level.

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7. Keep your home clutter-free and super trendy with a woven ombre basket.

Lydi Out Loud | Lydi Out Loud

It's kind of surprising how a basket filled with blankets and pillows can somehow make your home look more polished, but I swear it definitely does.

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8. Painted Stainless Steel Fridge 

DIY Network | DIY Network

Give your boring old fridge a modern upgrade by painting it with stainless steel! You can buy liquid stainless steel to paint appliances and give them a new shine, who knew?!

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9. Marble contact paper instantly takes everything to the next level.

Poppy Talk | Poppy Talk

This upcycled table looks super expensive compared to its "before" counterpart.

I'm going to cover everything I own in marble paper.

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10. Swap out the stock legs on Ikea furniture for something a little more grown-up.

The Blissful Bee | The Blissful Bee

Changing up stock legs makes your furniture seem less college dorm and more luxury home instantly.

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11. It takes a certain kind of person to be comfortable with this in their home, and I really hope that's you.

The Chic Site | The Chic Site

I'd probably spray paint it gold, just like the crown I wear on my head.

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12. Hide your router behind some "books."

DIY Real | DIY Real

Internet routers are one of the ugliest things we need in our homes. This DIY is the perfect way to keep them hidden in plain sight.

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13. Turn your home into a green oasis with a succulent garden.

The Blondie Locks | The Blondie Locks

You can even use a bowl or container you already have at home. Just don't forget to add a drainage hole!

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14. Add electrical or washi tape to your washer and dryer to give them a modern look.

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

When you get bored of the pattern or want to switch it up, this makes it super easy!

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15. Create your own Roman numeral clock.

Handmade-Haven | Handmade-Haven

Clocks are actually super easy to make! You can use a clock-making kit, or take apart an old one you don't want anymore.

Plus, the roman numerals make you look so much more dignified than the average bear.

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16. Make a bunch of pompoms and turn them into a super cozy (and cute!) rug.

Make And Do Crew | Make And Do Crew

I actually pulled this one from my own Pinterest board because I love it so much! I can't wait to give it a try.

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17. Upcycle a piece of furniture that you already have.

Poppy Talk | Poppy Talk

Upcycling is actually a lot easier than people think. It didn't take much to turn this shabby piece of furniture into something stunning!

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18. Display your artwork in a unique way with just a stick and some string.

BlogLovin' | Cocorrina

It is amazing how simple and cheap this DIY is, yet how gorgeous is the result?!

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19. Flip a funky trash can or wire basket on its head and use it as a side table instead.

Pinterest | Pinterest

If you can't find one you love in a color that matches your home, spray paint is definitely your best friend.

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20. Get creative and try your hand at some abstract art.

Lolly Jane | Lolly Jane

Abstract art is the best because there are no wrong answers! Even if you don't have a creative bone in your body, you're still going to have a masterpiece at the end.

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21. Make some shelves using popsicle sticks!

Make And Do Crew | Make And Do Crew

I'm as shocked as anyone that popsicle sticks could be the foundation of a truly gorgeous shelving project.

This is definitely on my weekend to-do list. These are absolutely stunning.

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22. This shutter bench upcycle is surprisingly more rustic vintage than it is country chic.

Liz Marie Blog | Liz Marie Blog

If you have old shutters laying around or can pick one up on the curb, this could definitely be super cheap!

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23. You can make an underground BBQ and feed literally your whole street.

Simple And Seasonal  | Simple And Seasonal 

And if that doesn't scream "I'm an adult, I've made it," I really don't know what else does.

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24. Spray paint exposed sink pipes and legs.

Lovely Indeed | Lovely Indeed

Here is another perfect example of how gold spray paint can instantly make a room appear more expensive. Ugly exposed piping can be turned into a beautiful accent.

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25. Cover a coffee or side table with marble contact paper.

Poppytalk | Poppytalk

This DIY makes any basic table look ten times more expensive. But before taking this project on, remember the adage: measure twice and cut once!

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26. Use old mason jars to make a gorgeous chandelier. 

East Coast Creative | East Coast Creative

Pottery Barn vibes on a dollar store budget. Light fixtures are costly, but this fancy chandelier will cost you less than $100. Save those jam jars and brighten up your life!

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27. Painted Floor Tiles

Remington Avenue | Remington Avenue

I have super ugly gray-ish brown tiles in my bathroom and kitchen, but I sadly am too broke to rip them up and add something new.

Painting them makes so much more sense, and it's totally unique too!

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28. Update your bathroom faucets with a little bit of matte black paint.

Blesser House | Blesser House

There's not much a bottle of spray paint can't fix, and this project upgrades your bathroom to the throne room it deserves to be.

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29. Want to make a huge statement in your home? Add some glitter to one of your walls.

YouTube | Best Craft

At first glance, it might look a little tacky, but search "glitter walls" on Pinterest and you will quickly disagree.

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30. DIY Farmhouse Table 

YouTube | The Rehab Life

Farmhouse style is definitely trendy right now, probably because it mixes rustic, polished, AND chic so darn well. PLUS, a table for under $50? Sign me up!

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31. Hide wire clutter from a mounted TV with a shower curtain rod.

Fresh Crush | Fresh Crush

Don't you hate the look of tangled cords? This simple DIY uses a shower curtain rod to contain dangling wires. It could also be used with pendant lamps.

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Who is ready to turn their homes into the palaces they deserve to be?!

Giphy | Giphy

COMMENT to let us know which DIY you are itching to try, and don't forget to SHARE!

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