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16 Of The Savagest Savages To Ever Savage

Diply 13 Feb 2018

Sometimes, life just isn't fair. It's tough to know how to react when you've been wronged, but sometimes the best response is a clapback so savage that it's felt halfway across the world.

Of course, this isn't always possible — but perhaps these examples can serve as inspiration.

1. Maybe she needed help...

Reddit | Blestoch

Take it at face value: If you don't have a shower brush, sometimes it's tough to adequately soap up your back. Hygiene is important, you know.

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2. When you're absolutely rekt by a compact disc.

Reddit | The1stMrkenney

This is absolutely freakin' incredible. I wanted to offer a counter-burn, but it turns out this game actually got decent reviews, so I've got nothing.

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3. Oh Elon...

Reddit | AngusTheNerd

Elon Musk is some kind of special space alien that's been sent here to save humanity, provide flamethrowers, and shoot cars into orbit. But between all of these important responsibilities, he fits in the time to burn automakers (no flamethrower required).

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4. Deal with it.

Reddit | arianvm

Oh yeah, you're smarter than me? Guess that makes

Am I doing this right? I'm just trying to match the savagery.

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5. If you live in glass houses...

Reddit | LAMamba24

I love this burn, but I think it's necessary to point out that the Cleveland baseball team last won a championship in 1948, during the Truman administration.

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6. America's still proud of that 1776 championship trophy.

Reddit | mazgrog

Let's not forget that England was on a hot streak at the time, and for them to be brought down by a gang of scrappy upstarts was obviously the upset of the millennium.

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7. Now I know why Campbell's Chicken Noodle is so salty.

Reddit | fifuro

Turns out there's a good reason for there being so much sodium in one of those red and white cans.

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8. Sometimes, you just need to vent.

Reddit | Tiger-meat

When your bike's obviously been stolen, you know deep down that you're never getting it back. That turns this missing poster into an act of catharsis, not to mention a savage, savage burn for one anonymous thief.

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9. When historians get savage.

Reddit | whicketywack

Most of us experience all of our burns during our lifetime. But if there's an afterlife, "Mountain" Tom Clark is getting burned even in the hereafter, thanks to this sign. Now that's what I call bringing his boast to nought.

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10. There's no McNuggets emoji?

Reddit | TheLunaLunatic

Pfft, who cares if the ice cream machine is broken? Who even comes to McD's just for the soft serve, anyway? Burger and fries all day.

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11. The burns are as fiery as Wendy's hair.

Reddit | MartinD_Schmuurf

Wendy's used to be known as a fast food restaurant, but has pivoted to become the internet's number one source of savage clapback content.

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12. Don't need to rub it in, dad.

Imgur | Deadlyspinner

I'm thinking about this, and who would have posted this to the internet but her dad? Way to exploit your daughter's punishment for upvotes, daddio.

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13. Absolutely rekt.

Imgur | OohWopDaBam

The payoff comes at the end, but you can kind of see where this one was going to wind up. May as well title it: "I don't like my girlfriend."

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14. This burn rips spacetime itself.

Reddit | still_futile

In a broader sense, the universe is more than 90 billion light years across. That means the ripple made by NDT's Twitter quips is almost indistinguishable from silence anyway.

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15. Oof.

Reddit | Shark_Bot

The dating world is so savage that it's easy to go from bi-curious to bi-despondent to, finally, bi-yourself. I think it's time for Facebook to expand its "Relationship Status" options.

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16. Whatever works, I guess.

Reddit | dubious_alliance

This might not seem savage at first glance, but honestly, if this person feels good about what they feel is a savage clapback, more power to them.

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