Unsplash | Toa Heftiba

9+ Women Who Prove A Short Haircut Can Completely Transform You

I've been growing my hair now for a few years and I admit, the thought of cutting it short really scares me. I'm sure any girl who's in my situation can relate to that.

But even I have been contemplating getting a new, shorter hairdo. Why? Because we all need change. And sometimes, as these photos show, change is good!

1. Oh my gosh, look at these long beautiful locks.

They're almost as long as mine. Although, while they look lovely, this shorter 'do makes her look so fun and fabulous.

2. This girl has a similar long style to mine right now.

So I can totally relate. It's so easy to just leave it alone. But the short one rocks!

3. You don't even have to go for a dramatic change in length but this shorter version looks a lot more stylish to me than the longer one.

I love it! Especially the color!

4. Wow, talk about really going for it here.

This combination of a buzzcut and funky hair is giving me serious second thoughts here. This look is simply stunning.

5. Oh my, this long hair must've taken some time to grow.

So yes, it's sad to see it go but I bet she was so ready for the change.

6. I'm not too crazy about this lady's original long hairdo, because I think it looks a bit raggedy.

But this new awesome style works wonders for her.

7. Talk about a super dramatic change here in both length and hairstyle.

This lady looks like she's a new woman who's ready to take on the world. Amazing!

8. Long hair when just left alone can make you look a bit plain.

But a clever short cut styled right do can almost give you a new identity.

9. Having very long hair can sometimes weigh your look down.

So this super cute transformation from long frocks to short sassy locks is definitely my kinda vibe. Loving it.

10. A buzzcut is something we don't often see on too many girls but if you're bold enough like this pretty lady why not just go for it?

Wow, cool.

11. When you're a stunning lady, pretty much any look will do.

But this long look was a bit dated so I definitely like this new shorter style.

12. Long hair can be really pretty, but sometimes there's a need for a shorter style to bring some more sophistication to your look.

Case in point here. Very lovely.

13. This woman completely changed her look.

Not only did she chop her hair shorter and get bangs, but she also dyed it the coolest faded red color.

I might need to head to the salon after work!

14. Sometimes you have to amp up the drama.

It's wild what simply dying your hair can do to bring out your natural features.

Her new pixie cut totally brings out the bone structure of her face.

15. From beauty queen to bombshell babe.

This woman had Cindy Crawford hair to die for — but sometimes, you need to just go for the big chop.

She can really pull off both styles so well!

16. Rapunzel, Rapunzel let's cut your hair.

Having hair that long is seriously an accomplishment. Do you know how long that must have taken to grow out?

Now her hair has some extra body and bounce to it.

17. Once you go short, you want to go even shorter.

When cutting your hair short, they say it's easier to go in stages to get used to it.

But when your hair is already short, sometimes you just know what you want.

18. This lady looks a bit like a bookworm or a librarian with her long hair.

But the short style suits her face so much better. Don't you think?

Okay, so looking at these super cute, fun and stylish looks is giving me some serious short cut envy here.

Maybe I should consider getting a haircut after all.