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This Blockbuster Board Game Is Pure '90s Nostalgia

Okay, so I don't miss going to a physical movie rental store.

It's really hard to argue that the experience was more efficient or practical than services like Netflix , even before streaming became a thing. Once I could just line-up DVDs in a queue and have them delivered to my door, that's what I did.

Still, I can't deny that there is a deep well of nostalgia that bubbles up when I think about childhood trips to Blockbuster.

My family didn't have a ton of money, so getting to go pick out a movie to rent was an event.

We weren't allowed to pick anything on the more expensive new release shelves, but we had full reign of the kids' movie section. Since our time limit for choosing a video and a snack was "until Mum and Dad pick theirs" it became a fun race between siblings to pick something first.

That sense of competition between me and my sister, complete with a time limit, is probably why I need this Blockbuster board game in my life.

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It's a party game meant to be played in teams.

Each team is trying to collect one movie from each of eight major genres.

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They are action, classic, comedy, horror, sci-fi, drama, animation, and family. You win the movies by correctly quoting, acting out, or through other trivia about the film.

There is even a game board made to look like a store parking lot.

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You know the one. It was always awkward and too small to handle a Friday night rental crowd, leaving the family to circle until a spot was free.

The game is currently available at Target in the US.

While that's mostly exclusive right now, there is one other place you can get your hands on it: the last U.S. Blockbuster.

Yes, if you live in or around Bend, Oregon, you can go buy the Blockbuster game from an actual Blockbuster. Which is totally rad!

Otherwise, you're stuck going to Target. Sorry.