13+ Viral Memes About The Trump Family UK Visit

Welcome to the third day of Trump Family UK visit 'celebrations'.

Though the President's trip will soon be coming to an end, there are a whole host of shenanigans left to participate in before his Trexit.

At this point, I don't even think the Trumps are trying to appear normal anymore.

It's one thing to nitpick subtle actions of celebrities and make fun of them, but it is something else entirely when a family is so flipping odd that the jokes are just too easy.

The Kid's Section

Seriously though, who let him walk out of a dressing room looking like this?

Someone on the right side of history, that's who.


I mean, I won't say that the comparison is ridiculously accurate...

Okay, I'll say it.

Real Life Photoshop

Uh Oh, somebody forgot to fully transform back into their human form before taking a photo.

Snow White

This would be true, you know, if any of the Trump hotels were actually considered "grand".

Every Breath You Take

There's always that one kid in class—the one who has a collection of used Band-Aids and gives himself a graphite tattoo using pencil and asks if he can have the crusts of your Pop Tarts when you're done with them so he can bring them home to feed his snakes.

My Lip Gloss Is Poppin'

I'm not normally one to judge people's glam attempts, but when you have that much money, you can put your hair extensions in correctly.

The Truth Tea


Exclusive unedited pics of the Queen's outfit. Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.

Teacher's Pet

Every other awkward prom photo attempt has been defeated. This one claims the crown.

Who's The Whitest Of Them All?

If they're trying to up their Disney villain status, they're doing a pretty good job!

What's Up Doc?

Somebody please explain to me why on earth this man thought it was okay to wear a suit this ill-fitting. This isn't even a joke anymore. I need to know for my personal sanity.

Street Smart

Twitter | @Elistokols

Come on, that one's a little unfair. Trump he reads...hold on...I know there's an example's on the tip of my tongue...


Again, I'm just...speechless...he is visiting the queen.

Coming Soon

Jared and Ivanka's window pic is more terrifying than anything to be released in theaters in the last ten years. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

Royal Fan Club

Twitter | @MonarchyUK

Tag Yourself: I'm "Exasperated Prince William."


Was this jacket not even his? Was it some lowly butler boy's and he just grabbed it because he forgot his own?

Where's Johnny?!

We thought the movie 2012 was scary, just wait for the newest horror flick: 2020.

Extra Self-Absorbent


This savage double burn deserves a standing ovation.

What A Steal

Twitter | @andrewhunterm

I feel like we're passing Trump back and forth like a game of patty cake. We don't want him—just ask the popular vote.

Strike A Pose

The vibes I'm getting here are like, "Crap, I think that they're onto the fact that I'm an alien hiding in a skin suit—quick, act natural!"

Goodnight Not-So-Sweet Prince

Twitter | @MikeDrucker

This whole UK trip has felt 50 acts long with no sign of an intermission.

Downtown Shabby


He's never going to live this suit down.

The High School Play

This highkey looks like a murder mystery dinner theater.

A Warm Welcome

This person just went full out critique mode. This is less meme and more savage burn.

Even More Terrifying Than The Original

What section of Madame Tussaud's is this?

Gothic Classic

Twitter | @GaryLegum

I was suspicious when I saw Jarred turn into a bat and aggressively hunt fruit flies...

Life Imitates Art


This is one of those moments in which I really wish that the royals could break etiquette and tell us what they're thinking. I would pay so much money for that Duchess of Cambridge smack talk.

What A Whopper


Pictured Above: The Queen Of England and her Skip The Dishes delivery guy.

Knock Knock


You gotta give it Lizzie—she's got stone cold composure in the face of idiocy.

Privilege On The Wind

This one made me laugh a little too hard. It could literally be the novel cover.

Big Happy Family

See? Told you. Creepy blonde family commits crimes in big house—it fits so well.

h/t: Daily Dot