16+ People Thinking Outside Of The Box In The Best Ways

When you think about it, human ingenuity is almost limitless. Our brains are capable of making minute adjustments and working through countless calculations every minute. So if you ever doubt yourself, draw some inspiration from those who dared to think differently.

She's about to drop the hottest album.

Reddit | DLReads

I doubt this lady set out to look like the baddest grandma alive, but sometimes things just line up perfectly: random pallets on fire, a car with no doors and a chilled-out doggo who just doesn't care.

Have some fun with it.

Reddit | finnathan

Anyone who's ever grown out their hair and/or beard knows it can be a jarring experience to chop it all off. To ease this transition, why not go through a series of transformations along the way?

Best teacher ever.

Reddit | xdddddxdxdxx

Man, how many of you are reading this and wishing you had this teacher as a kid? I mean, when you're eight years old, it probably makes more sense to run around and have fun than work on math problems.

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Reddit | Jrnelson34

Being named the groom's best man isn't usually as involved as the bride's maid of honor, but it still carries a few responsibilities. One of these is looking as good as possible in the wedding pics.

One dog becomes two.


If you've ever brushed a furry dog — one of those brushes where more and more fur just keeps coming off — you've probably thought you could sculpt a whole new dog out of this fur. As it turns out, yes. Yes you can.

Ooh, exotic.

Reddit | MrBrianWeldon

Sure, seeing zebras and elephants and all that is par for the course when you visit the zoo, but how often do you get to see the elusive construction worker in their natural habitat?

It's just too nice to sit in.

Reddit | Mackenzierosee

This guy is completely enraptured by a simple camp chair. If we're setting life goals, we should all try to find someone who looks at us the way this guy looks at his chair.

Good taste knows good taste.

Reddit | brneraccnt323

When your family has just sprung for a set of banana-themed clothes, then you see another family that had the same idea, you kinda have to pose for a picture together.

This is how you train.

Reddit | Nazulle

Taking Amtrak is a bit like going deeper and deeper into the various circles of hell, but Japanese trains look pretty nice. Simply rotating the seats towards the windows makes a huge difference.

Good guy Trebek.

Reddit | sgtjayp

The Redditor who posted this says their grandma was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Given that her idol, Alex Trebek, had the same diagnosis, they reached out — and Trebek totally delivered.

Catching rays.

Reddit | maruchanboy

This pic is exactly what it looks like: a dude sunbathing on one of the support beams of London's iconic Tower Bridge. Please don't sunbathe on the support beams of London's iconic Tower Bridge.

Life goals

Reddit | sweetbambidoll

"It's my neighbors first day of retirement," explained the person who posted this. "He set up a Nerf gun turret in his garage waiting for neighbors to walk by. He looked so proud."

Sometimes it helps to be extra clear.

Reddit | TotesOfGoats

The manager of this Arby's probably didn't think they'd need to tell drivers to park outside, rather than inside. But after one such driver made a mistake, Arby's made things right with their sign.

Parents understand.

Reddit | kyle47382919

It's a cute idea, especially because it gives parents an expert-level way to troll their kids. The next time they whine while you're ordering dinner, just take their whine as their order.

The hero we need.

Reddit | rightcoastguy

This invention, the Infinity Saucelet, is unfortunately not a real thing that you can buy. It's a real shame, because it provides a god-tier way to enjoy Chicken McNuggets.


Reddit | justmadnex

Any longterm friendship is bound to produce a million assorted memories, stories and photos. In some cases, they may revolve around one friend constantly passing out. But they're memories nonetheless.

This kid gets it.

Reddit | MisterSpeck

"My daughter asked me if I could Photoshop an old pic of her to make it look better," wrote the Redditor who posted this. Who wouldn't rather be associated with thug life than...jump?

Meal planning.

Reddit | humbledad

Have you ever looked at those meal planing kits and thought they just didn't look deep-fried enough for your liking? If so, here's your solution. It might not be healthy, but it sure is delicious.

Don't even think about it.

Reddit | aktivate74

Some places might want a big, scary dog to act as a guard dog. But as they say, it's not the size of the dog guarding, it's the size of the guard in the dog.


Reddit | TheSecondGuard

It can be tough to get a nice pic of your pet, particularly if they're a hyperactive little dog. But there's a better way, and all it costs is one slice of pepperoni.

No more tears.

Reddit | LordNoddy

If you've ever been to a show or festival that involved getting one of these wristbands, you know how much it can hurt to take off if the adhesive has stuck to your arm hairs. Well, this is a wristband that tapers so the sticky part only touches the band, not your sensitive arm hairs.

Designed the way it looks.

Reddit | NapkinTheBatDad

No more mixing up which seat is which — this sign shows the row in perspective, so you know exactly where you're supposed to sit.

Have button, must press.

Reddit | Hextech_Avenger

Kids are notorious for pressing buttons regardless of what they're for, so this zoo found a way to satisfy their need to press without bothering their keepers with endless buzzing.

An age-old problem finally solved.

Reddit | will_zaragoza

This fry container has a corner you can fold out to create a pocket for your ketchup (or anything else you want to dip your fries into). No more soggy fries or sticky fingers!

Now, which suitcase is mine again?

This woman will never have to waste a minute wondering which suitcase is hers at the airport. Unless she has a twin or a doppelganger out there somewhere.

D-I-Why not?

This little girl managed to get around her parents telling her "no," which is no small feat. And these nails look pretty good, actually!

She did end up getting a set of press-ons, though, don't worry.

Literally, stay outside the box.

Reddit | -purdy

Some people just need their personal space, and this person has it down to a science. Nobody's getting up in their business, and they don't have to worry about it.

The best way to eat on the water.


Soggy food? Delicate balance? Having to wait to eat until you're on the shore again? None of these are problems for these geniuses.

I wonder if they broke up because they were too sneaky.

Imgur | somethingsomethingyeah

This is genius, but it does raise a couple questions about the level of trust that would be involved in a relationship with this person. Sometimes the most clever people make the worst exes.

No iron? No problem.

Reddit | sarinshards

All you really need to iron is a smooth, heavy, hot surface, and a pot that's been sitting on the stove top is a perfect substitution in a wrinkle emergency.

What time is it? Problem solving time.


When your clock breaks and you have no time (haaa) to buy a new one, you can improvise just like this. As long as the hands work, you're in business.

I hate doing dishes.

This way, you don't have to clean one of your plates before you chow down on some delicious nuggets. We all have empty ice trays we keep forgetting to refill we can turn into a nugget bus, right?

A pant-suit.

Reddit | urs_sarcastically

Sometimes, you just need a nice suit for a nice head shot for your LinkedIn. What do you if you don't have a suit? You ask your friends for some help and you improvise.

Finally! A loophole!

Reddit | CyanogenHacker

Try and get me now, Mr. Mailman! You'll be climbing that pole for days and I'll be living my bill-free best life. What's that? An installation fee for the tall mailbox? Well, you know where to put it.