ASOS Is Bringing Back Men's Crop Tops Whether You Like It Or Not

Summer has unofficially arrived and that means you can expect to see a lot more ladies in crop tops and also a lot more men in crop tops? Well, at least if ASOS has anything to do with it.

Men wearing crop tops isn't exactly a new thing.

Back in the 80s, Prince bared his belly button and instantly made it cool for men to wear crop tops.

His gender-bending style started a crop top trend, and soon enough everyone from Johnny Depp to Will Smith were seen wearing half shirts.

Then, in 2016 NFL player Ezekiel Elliott decided to bare his midriff in a bold way.

When Elliott hit the red carpet on draft day with his parents, he wore a buttoned-down cropped shirt with his suit.

"I'm known as the hero in the half-shirt, so I had to go out on the red carpet with a crop top," he told Sports Day.

Now ASOS is bringing men's crop tops back for summer 2019!


The online fashion retailer is selling the Reclaimed Vintage extreme crop top for just 15 British Pounds.

On the site, the shirt is described as being a go-with-everything shirt and that you can just pair with some jeans and you're good to go.

There are even tube tops!


They're selling these for the same price as the crop tops which is a pretty good deal. That way if you want to get both you can just put them together and make one whole shirt.

Of course, once Twitter learned about this re-emerging trend, they lost their damn minds.

A lot of people seemed to dislike the men's crop top trend with one person tweeting, "If my husband ever wore this he better not come home."

Meanwhile, another person tweeted"If I start seeing Men in crop tops this summer I'm done."

A few people even questioned if ASOS was trolling their customers.

"I think they must do things like this for the shock factor, so they get free advertising by people talking about it," one person wrote.

I don't completely blame people for thinking that. Especially since fashion brands seem to be selling a lot more questionable clothing that seems almost comical.

ASOS addressed the mocking and doubled down on their "moob tubes" as some people are calling them.

The company took to their Twitter account and shared a screenshot of an article about the crop tops being mocked and wrote, "Proudly breaking down fashion norms since 2000."

Are you a fan of men's crop tops?

Personally, I say if you're a man and you want to wear a crop top then do it and don't let anyone deter you.

It's 2019 and gender norms are becoming a thing of the past so why should we care about what men wear?