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12+ Terrible Wedding Proposals That Aren't Feeling The Love

A marriage proposal can be such a special moment in someone's life. If it comes as a surprise that's, even better. And if it's carefully planned and thought out, that can put it over the top.

But what happens when someone's idea of a perfect proposal isn't exactly what the person being proposed to had in mind? That can become a tricky or even hilarious situation.

1. Jumbotron Failure

Reddit | billyg210218

So you have the big moment all ready and set, and you're both on the Jumbotron while it happens. And then this idiot spoils it for you. Yikes.

2. Kid Ruins A Proposal

YouTube | Kevin Przytula

Everything seemed to go super smooth here during this cute and romantic proposal until the kid took his pants off and started peeing. Classic!

3. A Diamond Or Bust

Reddit | Cokkey

Wow, this girl got the surprise of her life but not in the way she expected. What do you think of this rejected proposal?

4. Chewing Tobacco Proposal

Reddit | halosfan27

OMG, I think this is the grossest wedding proposal I've ever seen. Why would anyone think putting a wedding ring in chewing tobacco was cool?

5. The S****iest Proposal Ever

Reddit | prlswabbie

Just when I thought I've seen some crappy proposals, I stumble upon this one. This girl is literally on the crapper for crying out loud.

6. A Porta Potty Proposal

Reddit | Gennieo

I guess this guy ran out of ideas of where to put his proposal sign, so he just did it on some porta potties. Smooth.

7. Text Message Proposal

Reddit | Lontology

I have one advice to guys out there, please don't propose via text message. That's just really awkward and then he says, "Ok". Weird!

8. Roadkill Proposal

Reddit | SockFullofCocaine

Maybe certain people can appreciate this kind of proposal but for an animal lover like me, this is simply crazy and so cruel. To each its own, I guess.

9. Pizza Proposal

Reddit | AmbitiousAnteater

Maybe this guy just got very hungry right before proposing to his lady or maybe he's just that sloppy. I would take the pizza though.

10. Beer Proposal

Reddit | Apex2113

Not only did this girl have to go fetch her man a beer but she got proposed to via beer can. Wow, the nerve of some guys.

11. Roadside Proposal

Reddit | eyedontnowutimdoing

Nothing's trashier than a roadside barrier graffiti proposal. I guess this guy didn't want to splurge on getting a proper sign or I dunno, maybe some balloons at least?

12. A Diaper Proposal

Reddit | DeadliestWookie

I dunno if this should be considered very clever so just plain stupid. Proposing on a child's diaper could've gotten very messy. How romantic..?

13. Keep It Classy

Reddit | readball

I dunno about this bride-to-be, but if my boyfriend proposed to me with a ring in a hotdog I would probably just make him eat it.

Now not everyone can predict how they're going to get proposed to, but I sincerely hope that your proposal is much better than these examples.

I mean, anything has to be better than these. ANYTHING!

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