Mike Ross Is Returning For The Final Season Of 'Suits'

Suits was a show that surprised quite a few people with how long it was able to last.

But now, it is coming to an end in its ninth season. We're sad to say goodbye to Harvey Spector and company

'Suits' centered around fake lawyer Mike Ross and his mentor Harvey Specter.


Between the drama and the love stories, fans ate every storyline up.

When Meghan Markle got married, fans were curious to see how she would leave the show.


But luckily, she went out in a very good way.

Rachel and Mike were offered new jobs.


They hesitated at first, but eventually, they both decided it was the right move for them.

They got married, and made their way to their new future.


Fans were very sad to see them go, but they knew the real reason behind their departure.

So who will be returning?


Are you ready to see this person again?

Are you ready to say goodbye officially to them and the rest of the cast?

Mike Ross is coming back to us!


EW reported that he will appear in a midseason episode.

He'll be going up against Harvey himself on a case.

Does that mean Meghan Markle will also be coming back?


Honestly, probably not.

Now that she's a royal, her entertainment days are long gone.

Will you be watching the final season?


Fans are very curious to see if the show ends how they want.

Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments!