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People Can't Get Enough Of This Pic Of A Man Carrying Three Guns

Every now and then, a particular pic will come along that just captures the spirit of the moment perfectly and folks just can't stop talking about bit.

We were recently graced with such a pic. Behold.

If there is an ideal number of handguns to carry around in public, it seems folks largely agree that three is too many.

Twitter | @thoughtsofcop

This gunslinger, spotted walking out of a store with three guns on his waist and wearing a shirt that reads "Due To The High Cost Of Ammo, Do Not Expect A Warning Shot," caught the interest of the internet recently — and yeah, it was basically the whole internet as the pic was shared around social media platforms.

On Twitter, people were happy to dissect what was going on in the pic.

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The @thoughtsofcop account shared the pic, saying "Someone come get their dad." Folks started riffing from there, with comments about the keys in his hands and his purchase, and most could agree that it was a bit of overkill to take so many guns shopping.

"I understand you need to be prepared, but that is a little excessive even for Walmart," wrote @eglesnestof3.

They pointed out plenty of issues with the guy's setup.

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But really, the attitude behind it all was what most folks responded to.

Country singer Steve Brack also posted it on his Facebook, saying "Damn dude, save some of that Second Amendment for the rest of us."

The pic also made its way to Reddit, the land of insightful, incisive snark and sass.

And again, the psychology behind the need to carry three handguns to go shopping really had folks theorizing.

One person imagined an inner monologue saying "God somebody please notice my guns. Please please ask me about them. Mention them to me pretty please I desperately need to talk to them to somebody now. NOTICE THEM!!!!"

The more troubling idea than merely looking for attention is what else he might be looking for.

"It is truly tragic that we have not advanced past the 17th century ammunition capacity-wise and that this poor hero-in-waiting must shoulder the burden of so many firearms, that he may protect us all from the roaming ISIS-Mexicans terrorizing this great nation," wrote another person, suggesting that maybe this guy has hero fantasies. "Surely his weird inflexibility and clamorous gait are but a small price for the security of our homeland."

"This guy is what makes gun owners look bad," another person agreed.

The other reason he might be carrying three handguns, of course, is paranoia.

"Imagine being 6'3" or whatever this dude is and being so terrified of going to the store to buy your ground chuck and frozen pizzas or whatever that you have to gear up for war just to make it through the day," someone wrote. "Great job man, you really showed those guys working in the produce section that you are nothing to f*** with."

Many people had a problem with carrying a gun in the back of your pants.

That third gun was a real issue for a lot of people. "How easy would it be for someone to grab that one in the back that he can’t keep his eyes on?" asked one person.

And, not to put too fine a point on it, "Having to poop must be such an adventure," wrote another.

So what do you think?

Twitter | @thoughtsofcop

Is this guy carrying too many handguns even for open carry? Is he overdoing it a bit?

Let us know!