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16+ Amazing Things That Can Happen When You Leave Stuff Alone

As much as a lot of us wanted our toys come alive like they did in Toy Story, we all knew that this was simply not to be. Granted, some of us learned this after a series of unsuccessful experiments where we tried to catch our toys by surprise, but at least we learned it.

However, anyone who has ever explored an abandoned building knows that the world doesn't stop turning for things once people leave them behind.

And as you'll soon see, the way that they can shift, decay, or even transform can be pretty amazing to behold.

It's unknown how long this could have taken, but this river in Oklahoma eventually took an awesome form.

Reddit | thortman

Look closely enough and you can probably make out an impressive silver dragon. For extra cool points, that last inlet on the right makes it look like it's roaring.

Most things don't have the capacity to care when we leave them alone, but this automated serving cart is a big exception.

Reddit | sealion7

When the uploader declined its snacks while they were in China, this robot protected a crying face onto the little screen at the top.

Apparently, this cloud is cosplaying as something else we can often see in the sky.

Reddit | Zulu_x

Naturally, this is purely a coincidence, but it's hard to remember ever seeing a cloud that so perfectly resembled a helicopter.

Sunsets are breathtaking to behold no matter where you're seeing them.

Reddit | drsleep007

If you've ever worried that the effect of seeing one is lost on those floating in space, worry no more because they're just as incredible when you can somehow see them from above.

If you suddenly turned towards to see this, you may wonder how long a monkey was sitting there and staring at you.

Reddit | Lunauyt

It turns out, however, that the answer in this case would be zero seconds. That's because this isn't a monkey at all, but rather a tree root that happened to sprout out of the ground in an unusual shape.

We all now that bugs are attracted to lights, but many of us aren't used to seeing so many at once.

Reddit | ashtraxk

While it's true that there are people around in this shot, those bugs would probably do this whether they were there or not.

And based on the size of this swarm, the folks below probably feel pretty lucky.

It may be hard to tell what stands out in this picture, but it would be much harder to miss in real life.

Reddit | Skitspel

Way in the background, there's a large tree that looks a lot like a chicken.

Unless someone had the resources to turn this neighborhood into the world's most ambitious botanical gardens, that probably wasn't on purpose.

This pool's owners had good reason to leave when this flood came rushing in, but they may be surprised by what they see if they come back.

Reddit | Wooooooooooooooo0sh

That's right, the flood waters somehow managed to avoid getting into the pool, which left its own waters oddly crystal clear against this murky, brown backdrop.

This area seems to be getting all the weather at once and the results are incredible.

Reddit | Al-Andalusia

Seeing a rainbow surrounded by lightning is already a pretty incredible sight, but how often do we see that lighting going sideways?

This may not be such a wild concept for dog owners, but this is what a litter of puppies looks like before they're born.

Reddit | harrisonisdead

It seems crowded enough in the womb when a person has triplets, so I doubt most people would even want to imagine giving birth in the double digits like this.

Not only is this tree under perfectly normal conditions, but those growths are actually edible.

Reddit | 1lousylay

According to Atlas Obscura, this is a Jaboticaba tree from Brazil and all of its flowers and fruits grow directly from its trunk.

The fruits have tough skin, so the favorite way to eat them is to poke a hole through and suck in the innards.

Tiger lotuses are known for changing color in a couple of ways.

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

According to Tropical Fish Magazine, it can be hard to tell green tiger lotuses from red ones, because both are known to change the colors of the top part of their leaves to the opposite.

They're also known for their purple undersides, although those can sometimes change as well.

If you had to guess what this was, there's a good chance that ground-up glass wouldn't be your first pick.

Reddit | mcw15

However, it only looks like this after it's been left to dry, whereupon it apparently gets the consistency of chalk.

Unfortunately, the results of leaving things alone aren't always good.

Reddit | harrisonisdead

Rosie the great white shark, for instance, languished in Autralia's abandoned Wildlife Wonderland Park at the mercy of vandals for about seven years before she was finally moved to another park.

As The Daily Mail [reported](Wildlife Wonderland Park), however, she didn't feel lonely as she was already dead by the time Wildlife Wonderland Park closed down. She died when she was caught in tuna nets back in 1998.

This may seem like a shocking act of vandalism, but it's business as usual in Germany.

Reddit | Andreias36

Unlike in many other countries, bodies don't lie in burial plots forever, but rather a period that Spiegel reported lasts about 15 to 25 years.

At that point, the body has already decayed as much as it's going to and the grave is then recycled.

I'm sorry to say, but this photo doesn't prove that we've discovered the lost city of Atlantis.

Reddit | Kioto_

Indeed, the scene captured here is actually pretty ordinary. The uploader's friend just took a picture of the view from their apartment during a rainstorm.

I'm making a wild generalization here, but I'm sure most of us have never seen a watermelon cut in half to reveal this kind of pattern.

Reddit | UnicornMasturbator

This is what happens when a watermelon is underwatered in the growing process.

No tree-carving hooligans to report over here, folks.

Reddit | fudgedundee

This surprised face marked in this tree bark is the product of Mother Nature herself. She is her own tree-marking hooligan.

Although this drop of water doesn't have a whole ecosystem inside of it, it's doing something about as impressive.

Reddit | BaronHarkonnen81

It's somehow managing to get the right refraction of light that it's reflecting the image of the very forest it's in back to us.

This snake somehow knows the shape of the grooves marked in this couch.

Reddit | [deleted]

Maybe this is how snakes get to have some fun outside of their enclosure.

Just because a building is abandoned doesn't mean nature has to leave it to rot.

Reddit | EmrysTheBlue

Here's a great example of nature adding some life to an abandoned building.

Green thumbs everywhere must be wondering what kind of fertilizer this woman used.

Reddit | Verryfastdoggo

I knew sunflowers grew tall, but I didn't realize they could grow this tall!

It's like having a Christmas tree, but a summer version.

During the fall and winter months, it is common for frost to make its mark in the mornings.

Reddit | darkaotik

But this is a frost pattern fit for a designer runway. The design is beautiful!

But first, let me take a selfie.

Reddit | GallowBoob

These gorillas don't want to miss out on all the Instagram selfie fun. They stopped for a photo op with the anti-poachers who raised them.

It's interesting what shapes the mind can see when looking at nature.

Reddit | mcspecies

This snow pattern on top of a mountain looks like the Geico gecko. I'm sure this was accidental marketing on its part, but we can't confirm.

Under the right conditions, this flag can find a way to change the very ground surrounding it.

Reddit | dbach2007

After a lightning bolt was attracted by this flag, it apparently left its mark on the green. It's hard to tell whether any of its "contributions" would actually affect your game, though.

After this person set their drink down, a spider found a very effective way to enforce the "finders keepers" rule.

Reddit | yalliamsosad

Namely, by laying eggs in it so this person was treated to their drink being invaded by a bunch of tiny spiders when they came back.

I doubt they were too eager to drink it after this.

Usually deer are pretty scared of humans out in the woods, but not on campus, apparently.

Reddit | Ericborth

This buck decided to chill out for a bit next to a school window and didn't even budge when this person sat down next to him.

It looks like something bad is growing in this can.

Reddit | Kids_Jelly

This is actually what paint looks like before it's all mixed together to create your dream color.

I can't tell if I'm grossed out or intrigued by all the patterns and textures.